Versace Shoots For The Stars In 2023 With Hollywood Glam

Versace FW 2023

For Autumn/ Winter 2023 Hollywood Glamour is back. This style is elegant and show-stopping. And not everyone can pull it off with flair. It’s fit for people who wish to express themselves with attitude. The new codes range from poetic and dreamy to flirty and sexy I’ve noticed a handful of brands bringing forth elements from 1920′-50’s designs, and modifying them to your liking today.

Whether or not your aim is to look play the role with elegant flair, Versace has the selections for you. For the latest collection presented in Los Angeles, Hollywood’s energy, glamour, and power are the reference points for this collection.

The energy from clashing Golden Age glamour with a contemporary attitude, and the confident power felt from living your iconic moment in Versace LINE
Atelier Versace’s craftsmanship and construction inform the silhouette. Dresses with folded structural busts, fluted necklines, and rounded shoulders all reference the Atelier Versace Spring-Summer 1995 collection. Signature Versace straight-shouldered tailoring enhances an hourglass shape. Box-pleat A-line skirts and dresses show expertise in cut with frontal projected kick volumes—a deep understanding of the body’s results in body-sensitive cuts and cutaways.

“This collection starts from understanding and appreciating the body we have always had in
our hearts at Versace. We applied the lessons learned in the Atelier to ready-to-wear: the construction, the tailoring, and the beauty of the fabric. This is a celebration of our craftsmanship and understanding of true luxury to create a wardrobe for the innovators and changers of the world and the people who champion them.
Los Angeles is a natural home because we share the DNA of energy, power, creativity, and imagination. Together at this show we share those values around the globe.”
Donatella Versace

The collection focuses on texture, tactility, and hand-feel, with a series of bespoke Versace fabrics crafted in collaboration with archival suppliers. Bouclé wool, and double silk duchesse in material juxtaposition. Faux fur stoles and coats. Cracklé leather. Crocodile motif in semi-transparent silk devoré. Signature Barocco in jacquard wool and shirting poplin. Band and belt details in homage to House codes with archival ‘Nastro Gianni’ stitching and the Medusa ’95 hardware

Foundational colors of Black, Caramel, and Chocolate are timeless and versatile and align with the ambition of translating Atelier Versace quality, creativity, and craft into everyday ready-to-wear. Secondary Anthracite Gray, Dahlia Apricot, Turquoise, and Pink, reference Versace color palettes of the early 2000s
Animal: Animal prints from the Versace archive, including crocodile and dalmatian
Floral Silhouette: A graphic multi-floral motif with falling flowers.

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