Valmont Overturns The Codes Of Cosmetics In 2021

Valmonts cosmetics overturns the codes of cosmetics in 2021


Valmont Cosmetics, launches their finest line to date during the year of “self-care”

During a trying time of potential deprivation and defeat, in an industry with a lucrative force of development, the world of skincare is proving to hold its own; and then some. In fact, many businesses in various industries have seemingly been forced to succumb to loss. After a vicious fight of survival -once COVID-19 hit hard in early 2020, many have closed their doors for good. But then again, the law of nature holds true that the strong survive.

In my recent research, here, I present to you an intimate look into how the highly-praised cosmetic company Valmont has paved the way in skincare excellence for over 30 years. More to the point. how this brand would remain standing with a tour-de-force status of pride as the world went into isolation.

As business carried on in a remote setting, social media and virtual events were an incentive to continue interconnectivity of their devoted audience while simultaneously gaining newcomers to the brand. And they did just that by means of a tasteful delivery of fresh standards. The broadening spectrum of skincare progressed its fast and furious nature to embark on continued success to lift the burden of daunting demise while ploughing through with an extended achievement of victory!

Valmonts cosmetics overturns the codes of cosmetics in 2021
“Venetian Love, at the Palazzo Bonvicini” Courtesy of Valmont

Following the nurtured expansion of the multibillion-dollar market sector, many doctors and scientists have taken center stage and presented forthcoming products that honor the acquaintances which not only surround them but also attempt to forge ahead to further limits of a nouveau stance.

While embracing new additions to a world of sublime excellence, one cannot deny the fundamental basis of an industry. An industry that has talked-the-talk and walked-the-walk with years of success and accomplishment– absorbing knowledge that can only be inherited over time.

Valmont is continuously breaking barriers with groundbreaking techniques, not only aligning them with new comers in the market but gallantly leading the way with their iconic status and revolutionary growth.

Dating back to the early 20th century, Valmont was originally a clinic inaugurated by Dr. Henri Auguste Widmer and was perched in the tranquil environment of scenic Switzerland, hovering just above Montreux and Lake Geneva where a precise focus on organic healing rituals was practiced for their private clients. Fast forward to the 1980’s, Valmont discovers a new pathway of development with endorsing plastic surgery as an added offering to their prestigious clientele, gaining sublime and worldwide accolades. Here marks the birth of what became a rapidly developing skincare line, incorporating knowledge of their past and adjacently injecting futuristic solutions.

Home to the elite devotees of echelon status with celebrated and adorned clientele such as Grace Kelly and Coco Chanel that were known to endure the company, Valmont has well rooted veins in an industry that is a competitive stage of performance.

Immortal youth is what lies at the soul of the historic company with deserved verification as their products contain the most concentrated levels of anti-aging on the market. With ingredients derived from natural resources in Switzerland such as glacial spring water and elements from their photo-alpine garden, the scientific research that is labored to create each product is a journey of detailed attention to produce a purified result of sufficient produce. Known for its patented triple DNA molecules and RNA liposomes extracted from salmon, distinct remedies are concocted to present a unique cocktail of replenishing materials.

Valmonts cosmetics overturns the codes of cosmetics in 2021
“Fluide Merveilleux” Courtesy of Valmont 

Two recently launched products are the newest inclusion to the reputable range the company has to offer that is titled the l’Elixir des Glaciers, with an extended variant labeled the Essence of Gold Sturgeon. They exude eloquence and richness with its quality undeniably incomparable to others in keeping with the opulent prestige that is ingrained in its blood. Staying in tune with its sleek packaging, Valmont describes the collection as one that “bridges fantasy and opulence, illuminating the skin from the inside-out.” Considered the “marvelous line,” they extended their lengths to new variants of nature. Valmont Cosmetics CEO Sophie Guillon shares intimate feelings on the new line stating,“We wanted to overturn the codes of cosmetics using the privileged resources of Switzerland. Valmont came out from salmon DNA, I wanted to go further, further in terms of research, further in the rarity and the elements that we were putting in this ultimate line,” referring to the sturgeon derived product. Considering its rare existence as a species, Sophie states that the company “Uses every part of the sturgeon and nothing goes to waste,” keeping in tune with their environmental awareness.

Valmonts cosmetics overturns the codes of cosmetics in 2021
“CEO Valmont Cosmetics, Sophie Guillon” –Courtesy of Valmont 

Furthering their anti-aging objective, presented in their new collection is Fluide Merveilleux, a face essence to illuminate one’s skin as an extended tangent on their quest to ageless beauty. With mineral complex and sturgeon DNA, the gel like pre serum acts as a translucent base to purified skin. Influenced by the Korean culture that is rapidly progressive in the industry, this product is what “creates your morning glow,” and when applied you feel the gentle texture “gliding on your skin so you can feel every cell is infused with the minerals immediately,” Sophie continues.

Valmonts cosmetics overturns the codes of cosmetics in 2021
“Creme Merveilleuse” Courtesy of Valmont 

Additionally, Creme Merveilleuse is the ultimate hydration fixture for swift rejuvenation, providing a balanced cast of tightened skin and replenished radiance, acceptingly aimed at all age ranges. Commenting on the cream that is the company’s highest level of concentration as well as the highest priced product Sophie explains that it has, The power of a rich cream but it is lightweight as an emulsion. It is going to replenish all of your cells with long-term hydration and a crystal-clear glow immediately.” Both products are a desirable incorporation to one’s daily routine, next level skincare to perfection.

Valmonts cosmetics overturns the codes of cosmetics in 2021
“Venetian Love, at the Palazzo Bonvicini” Courtesy of Valmont

The luxury Swiss brand has the art industry at the forefront of the company’s homeopathic nature with their motto being, ’When Art Meets Beauty’, exuding an essence that compliments the all-rounded umbrella of refinement that they graciously strive for, and intelligibly so. Owner and Creative Director, Didier Guillen founded Foundation Valmont with the trajectory of catapulting his curated art exhibits that have taken display to many cities around the globe, with Venice Italy being where the foundation resides and continuously rotates exhibitions of elite artists. Valmont proves that it is not just a singular pathway as an independent entity of beauty, but a thoughtful lifestyle brand that contributes to society and the development of arts and culture, a quality that gives the company refined praise and international respect. 

Keeping current is an essential factor to withhold Valmont’s business in its full stride, though they must not lose their true identity and heritage that has catapulted them into glory. With consistent growth in the company, hallmark products are forever preserved as well as progressive creations to allow them to harmonize its elegant past with an independent variation of additional new products. Portraying an aloof sense of sartorial tradition and a contributing beating heart to the skincare evolution, Valmont has a focus that projects youth and ease allowing one’s inner beauty to be organically enhanced, proving to be a veteran in the industry, and a true backbone to surely acclimate eternal existence with expertise not to be reckoned with.

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