Tips For Men’s Office Dressing In 2024

The Best Corporate Workwear Advice To Elevate Your Work Style:

Corneliani AW 24 Dress For Success

The Best Corporate Workwear Advice To Elevate Your Work Style:

In the coming year, the economic outlook for most of the world looks set to be challenging, with retail presumably one of the first industries to feel it.

“How you come across to others is too important to be left to chance!” So….the attention you pay to your appearance is definitely  important. However, I would say it’s less about “dressing for success”, and more about “dressing for impact”, which means first knowing what will create the right impact. Workplace culture expert Phil Geldart says.

Rising inflation has set the stage for price increases of both everyday necessities and luxury desirables. And, to make matters worse, supply chain disruption negatively impacts operations, encouraging some retailers to push prices even further.

The answer? Dress for success. Now is the time to leverage your power and potential by keeping your wardrobe up-to-date with new and exciting product offerings. Today, menswear has reached an intersection of technology, sustainability, and character customization. Not only will consumers have better control over how they look, but they will also gain territory in the marketplaces for profit.

56% of companies say they don’t celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. Workplace culture expert Phil Geldart says leaders are missing out on an opportunity to connect with their teams. 

 “As leaders, it’s important to think of appreciation not just as an ask you do but as a culture you and your leadership team live out.” He says leaders can foster this culture by personally connecting with their team members, ensuring consistent recognition, and celebrating achievementsPhil Geldart. (Geldart is the founder and CEO of Eagle’s Flight (, a company focused on improving individual and team productivity).

When aiming to increase leverage with your corporate identity, slim-fitting suits remain fashionable in 2024. Bold hues are returning in popularity. Textured textiles are an absolute must. And, the three-piece suit remains in style. Wearing a suit conveys an attitude of professionalism, respectability, and authority. In a business setting, a man wearing a suit is often seen as someone who takes his job seriously, is professional, and can be trusted. In social situations, a man wearing a suit may be perceived as stylish, and sophisticated.

And, let the record show, 80% of women surveyed found the man in the suit more attractive. Moreover, they found the man, on average, 6% more attractive in his suit than in his casual clothes.

Smartorial is the term that best defines the style needs of contemporary man. It combines the desire for relaxed garments and the newfound wish to dress refinedly. For example, tailored pieces such as blazers and suits find a new life, paired with shirt and tie or laid-back garments such as luxury sweaters, t-shirts, sporty pants, and racy shoes, creating modern looks that will always make you feel confident and at ease.

I often wonder why Americans shy away from power dressing. Both menswear retailers and consumers are not ready for the future of fashion. You see, digitalization is a massive driver in sales. However, many retailers need to gain the know-how of website metrics, and they can’t understand how to manage new technologies to enable customers to engage with their brands.

And, when we talk about apparel and sustainability, most menswear companies are beginning to figure out ways to grow more eco-friendly. Retailers will soon get a huge wake-up call when they realize that their Gen Z and Gen Alpha customer base is heavily influenced by its core values. 

Dressing for corporate ascension today has little in common with its traditional predecessor. For example, today’s apparel is available in a much more extensive range of colors and patterns; for another, it has become increasingly lightweight over time. Menswear apparel is now made with advanced technology to adapt to consumer needs. 

In a word, tech-savvy apparel and fabrications are more essential to consumers. Regarding office wear, today’s product offerings are the same; nothing could replace future apparel. This newly developed product may be the dawn of a new era in clothing – as most of the product has come to symbolize liberty, adventure, and a fresh start for men during office time.

The fall-winter 24/25 season offers the world’s newest menswear collections using forthright technological advancements. The technology is powerful enough for regular use and is equally well suited to people who work in offices and are more recreationally active, making it an everyday lifestyle solution. 

One thing is sure: the goal is to offer men a new way to look and feel during work hours. 



Louis Vuitton is pleased to introduce the second act of its “New Formal” menswear collection. A trans-seasonal Spring sequel to the elegant men’s wardrobe introduced for Fall-Winter 2024, this new chapter focuses on timeless businesswear, modern tailoring, and elevated staples for evening. Slim suiting cut in noble fabrics includes single-breasted jackets and fitted cigarette trousers in everyday shades of solid black and navy, plus white for evening. Reprising Louis Vuitton heritage, the agenda-setting Damier motif introduced by Pharrell Williams, the Maison’s Men’s Creative Director, now appears elegantly transposed onto formal occasion wear and footwear, which are complemented by a wavy motif or pinstripes cut on the bias. These pieces naturally pair with refined Oxford shirts with beveled collars and cuffs, or a double-faced, reversible bomber with one side in solid black and the other in gray Monogram. Tonal accessories — such as the sleek, functional LV Aerogram Pilot Briefcase — are accompanied by footwear styles like the Voltaire modern fashion derby in glazed calf leather with a gradient Damier finish, a nod to the signature introduced on the runway in June 2023; Sorbonne loafers in shades of tobacco and black, or the Varenne classic leather Chelsea boots and Richelieus. Complementary accessories, such as the ergonomic Fastline Messenger in black LV Aerogram, tonal neckties, and leather-handled key fobs complete the lineup. The season’s essential tailored outerwear includes an elegant blouson in soft navy suede leather, a beige peacoat with a shearling collar, and a versatile mid-season parka that works as a three-in-one. Iconic bag styles — the Keepall travel bag, the Aerogram Lock It tote, and the new Georges statement tote in Millésime grained leather — round off the collection.


Two button single-breasted jacket,unlined, in brushed twill cashmere with real horn buttons.
Long-sleeved turtleneck in heavyweight jersey. Single pleated trousers in high-density cotton gabardine, carrot fit. Nordic laced-up shoes in calfskin leather with lug rubber sole.

The artistry of tailoring is a key code and an essential style element rooted deep in the origins and soul of Corneliani. For the next Fall/Winter season, the heritage of the brand continues to evolve by intertwining the weft of tradition with the warp of contemporaneity. As today’s dynamic and versatile spirit is reflected in the shapes and fabrics of clothing, the significance of craftsmanship becomes immediately tangible in the presentation, and representation, of the new collection. The Corneliani showroom in Milan transforms into a bustling atelier, alive with Mantua’s tailors meticulously plying their craft: they showcase essential steps such as assembly, model making, and stitching on tables scattered with thread spools, scissors, and patterns – the primary tools of a culture steeped in mastery and excellence that transcends time.

This is a modern celebration of Corneliani’s DNA, immersed and interpreted in the present context through comfort, wearability, functionality, and purpose. Lightness and comfort take center stage, expressed in the progressive silhouettes and in a natural color palette of earthy tones – blacks, browns, and camel, spiced up with the bold charm of lavender and brandy.

Outerwear shapes play with short and long cuts, enhancing physicality through comfortable and voluminous lines. Trousers join the mood: narrow at the bottom or going all in with wide and flowing hems. Overshirts effortlessly slide into the overall look. Stitches, seams, and precise details distinguish and define the unlined constructions, crafted for layering and juxtaposition beyond the specific season.

Luxury meets laid-back in the choice of materials, with organic and low-impact fabrics, pure and plush wool and cashmere knits, and the cool vibe of glove-soft leather and teddy-effect shearlings. Nylon and cotton have a dry and crisp finish, perfectly in sync with the rhythm of the global lifestyle on the move. Italian savoir-faire, explored in all its dimensions, is more than just a way of dressing; it’s a way of being, a statement of a tailored leisure style.


Berluti’s newest leather goods collection of handbags, belts & shoes from SS24 – the B-Volute line.

First introduced in the mid-1990s as part of the belt offering, the B-Volute design takes its inspiration from an ornamental iron staircase from the historical Rue Marbeuf store. Rendered in metallic hardware mixing graphic edges with two curved shapes representing a mirrored view of the letter B, the design is an expression of Berluti’s singular sartorial attitude.

This season, the motif is reinterpreted to create a bag lock and a loafer saddle strap that, combined with a supple grained leather, showcase the Maison’s know-how at its finest.


BALLY Fall/Winter 2024 collection designed by Simone Bellotti respires with the tension of the sober and the wild.

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