The Newest Wellness Products For An Ideal Life In 2024

If warmer weather and travels have you searching for new swimwear, India Blake has you covered with an artistic flair unlike anything else on the market. Each fabulous design is based on original artwork digitally printed on the fabric that reduces overall waste. The choices are as stunning as they are sustainable, bringing much-needed attention to consumers' role in protecting and preserving our oceans. They make it easy to choose better, environmentally-friendly swimwear.

This Spring-Summer 2024 season is a great time to build healthy habits, practice calming remedies, and embrace the slow-living of long summer days. Our editors at have selected some of the best products and services to help you plan your path to wellness. We’re sharing premium wellness products the team can’t live without and why to help you level up the precious time you spend with yourself.

The latest World Happiness Report shows a significant shift, with the United States falling outside the top 20 for the first time since 2012. This highlights the need to reassess our approach to personal happiness.

Self-development expert and best-selling author of “The Ideal Life,” Mark R. Congdon, says the reason is our traditional belief that happiness stems solely from achieving goals and acquiring material possessions. In reality, the pursuit of more stuff often leads to increased stress and dissatisfaction. 

He suggests cultivating inner contentment through practical steps like setting achievable goals, celebrating all achievements, and simplifying our lives. These strategies are keys to rediscovering genuine happiness and fulfillment.

Mark R. Congdon is the author of The Ideal Life: 7 Steps To Harness Your Stress, Discover Your Purpose, And Achieve Your Goals. He is the founder and CEO of Into the Ideal, an organization helping individuals find their purpose, joy, and the career they deserve. He earned a Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the Harvard Extension School and spent ten years leading operations, sales, and strategic leadership in the transportation logistics industry.

In 2024, more and more Americans are focusing on healthy habits in their daily lives. The perfect health and wellness tools and procedures, enhanced beauty, and fresh activewear are the ingredients for your curated self-care routine. 


OrthoLite is the world’s leading supplier of open-cell foam technology, and the innovator and creator of Cirql

Cirql, a subsidiary of OrthoLite, has launched its revolutionary midsole innovation, Cirql rTPU30. The midsole will be fully recyclable, representing a massive step forward in addressing the issue of waste that has served as a long term challenge for the footwear industry and its manufacturers.

This brand new patented innovation is made with 30-percent post-consumer recycled TPU material and manufactured through a chemical-free, supercritical foaming process. With 16 granted patents and additional patents pending worldwide for its 30% recycled injection foam, Cirql rTPU30 is a scalable and fully recyclable midsole solution that helps footwear brands to reach their climate and sustainability product goals.

OrthoLite Subsidiary Cirql™ Launches Fully Recyclable Cirql rTPU30 Midsole Innovation Made with 30% Recycled TPU for the Global Footwear Industry
Cirql rTPU30 is patented, scalable, and manufactured through a chemical-free supercritical foaming process 

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of footwear developers searching for advanced, sustainable footwear materials designed with consideration for their end-of-life,” said Glenn Barrett, founder and CEO of OrthoLite. “OrthoLite is proud to meet the staggering demand from our 550+ brand partners for more trusted solutions with Cirql rTPU30.”

Here is’s roundup of the best wellness products. In pursuing holistic wellbeing, 2024 brings many cutting-edge products across various categories to support your wellness goals. From an innovative estrogen-based, prescription, anti-aging cream that plumps the skin to The Aging Repair Cream from Musely. cutting-edge exfoliating treatment by Lalais, here’s a comprehensive guide to the best wellness products that can redefine your health journey.

With Spring and Summer comes new goals, priorities, and the chance to better yourself in the coming months. When you think of well-being, you might eat healthily and go to the gym. Both are fantastic, but many products are designed to elevate your wellbeing. From mood boosters to fitness apparel to mind-blowing matcha, we’ve covered you this January and beyond.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare:

Vitamin C Lactic Creamy Cleansing Oil 

Vitamin C Lactic Creamy Cleansing Oil

This creamy cleanser transitions from a cream to oil to foam as it washes away all makeup, SPF and impurities to deliver clean, hydrated and radiant skin in 1 simple step. Packed with two forms of potent vitamin C to brighten and firm, a 7-oil complex to nourish and lock in moisture and colloidal oatmeal to deeply soothe. This innovative cleanser eliminates the need for a double cleanse, and will leave your skin looking and feeling soft and balanced morning and night.  

Price: $40; available at


baebody encourages everyone to elevate the everyday.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, “self-care means taking the time to do things that help you live well and improve both your physical health and mental health. Even small acts of self-care in your daily life can have a big impact.”  baebody makes small self-care acts easy and enjoyable. 


Vitamin-C Serum:

Goodal Green Tangerine Vitamin C Serum ($20.20)

The #1 best-selling Vitamin C Serum in Korea, this clean and safe for sensitive skin Green Tangerine Vitamin C Serum is packed with a powerful blend of 70% fresh green tangerine extract, 4% niacinamide, and arbutin and infused with calming ingredients like Centella Asiatica (Tiger Grass). This Vita C is made using mindfully harvested organic tangerines (hand-picked during a small window in July, 4 weeks out of the entire year, when levels of vitamin C are the highest) and this restorative serum soothes skin, inhibits inflammation, and improves your skin barrier hydration. 

Quiet Mind:

Mother’s Day is on the horizon, and it’s the time of year to praise the influential women in our lives and offer our gratitude for everything they do. For their tireless efforts, why not give them the hug that never leaves them? (retail from $179 and up depending on size). 

Weighted Pillow

California-based inventor Mikey Goldman, founder of Quiet Mind, created the weighted pillow to provide anxiety sufferers relief through deep pressure stimulation. The simple act of hugging the pillow causes oxytocin to release and soothe the hugger. The company has found its biggest fans in parents of children with ADHD as well as insomnia sufferers. 


 Multitasking balancing milk firms and tones the look of skin. Courtesy of Albion


Albion’s INFINESSE Derma Pump Milk S

This milky emulsion helps firm the look of skin. Its unique, full-bodied texture helps plump and strengthen the skin tone, resulting in a bouncy texture. This vital step in your skincare ritual creates optimal conditions for the skin to absorb subsequent skincare. The entire INFINESSE series is infused with our proprietary ingredient OSK9, a high-performance peptide specifically designed to revitalize the skin.


Citrus Therapy Prebiotic Bath Salts (3oz, $15.00 & 11oz, $40.00)

Transform your “me time” into an indulgent ritual with probiotic bioferment and plant-based skincare brand Nuebiome’s NEW Citrus Therapy Prebiotic Bath Soaks!

Transport yourself to a rejuvenating escape with this exquisite blend that marries mineral rich salts, prebiotics and bioferments. Tailored to refresh, detoxify, and condition your skin’s natural flora, it offers an unparalleled bathing experience. So, dim the lights, add a scoop of these bath salts to your tub, and immerse yourself in a revitalizing experience that both your body and mind will thank you for!


Photo courtesy of Musely.

The Aging Repair Cream from Musely.

An estrogen-based, prescription, anti-aging cream that plumps the skin, restores elasticity, shrinks pores, and improves dryness and dullness.

The National Institute of Health details that menopause, specifically estrogen deficiency, causes skin changes such as wrinkles, hydration, poor wound healing/barrier function, and even decline in perceived facial attractiveness. To help battle those symptoms, Musely introduced The Aging Repair Cream which uses one of the causes of those conditions, a type of Estrogen called Estriol, as its key ingredient. Estriol helps the skin increase collagen production, retain moisture, and improve skin elasticity.

Herbal Zen:

Time for some major R&R! Our lavender trio is what sweet, soft, peaceful dreams are made of. Courtesy of The Herbal Zen

The Herbal Zen’s Lavender Trio stands out as a unique wellness item for women in the spring season of 2024 due to its carefully curated blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils. Lavender has long been revered for its calming and soothing properties, making it an ideal companion for moments of relaxation and self-care.

Blends Included:
Sleepytime – lavender and roman chamomile essential oils
Stress Fighter – lavender and lemon essential oils
Recenter – lavender, eucalyptus, and patchouli essential oils

Contains: 10 steamer tablets per blend

Great For:
Caregivers – we all deserve a daily dose of self-case.  
Lavender Lovers – for those entranced by the florally soft aroma
Insomniacs – set the stage for a restful night’s sleep   


Image Courtesy of Lalais

Lalais The Perfecting Serum

This cutting edge exfoliating treatment corrects all major imperfections to deliver radiant skin that’s visibly clearer, smoother, more even thanks to the powerhouse formula of our proprietary Oil Control Complex (OCC3)™, an advanced 10% resurfacing blend, and potent anti-aging peptides. The name says it all. Its unparalleled results are clinically proven to dramatically transform oily~combination skin from greasy to glowing, with a resounding 100% reporting their skin looks and feels less oily after just 4 weeks.

Metro Vein Centers:

Submission: Metro Vein Centers: 

Metro Vein Centers combines clinical expertise and personalized, relationship-based care to deliver best-in-class outcomes in treating a variety of debilitating vein conditions with effective and empowering experiences. The team at Metro Vein Centers are dedicated to educating patients on Vein Care 101, offering treatments for a wide variety of vein diseases, also known as “chronic venous insufficiency.” Many symptoms include spider veinsvaricose veinscrampingheavy or achy legs, swelling, poor circulation and many others that can impact mobility and confidence. 

At Metro Vein Centers, patients receive guidance and support every step of the way. 

Treatments include: 

  • Excel V+ Laser: A vein treatment using pulsed light from a laser. 
  • Radiofrequency Ablation: A vein treatment using heat from radio waves. 
  • Sclerotherapy: A vein treatment using an injectable medicine (Asclera). 

Impact on Women: 

Family history and genetics play a significant role in the appearance of vein disorders. For example, most people who have varicose veins also know a family member with spider veins, varicose veins, or another form of vein disease. Women are more likely to develop vein-related complications than men – in fact, 2 out of 3 women and 1 out of 3 men will develop some form of vein disease during their lifetime. 

Vein health goes beyond vanity, especially for women. Metro Vein Centers are driving awareness and treating, with top vein treatment technology, methods that have improved people’s lives by removing pain and improving quality of life. 


According to our 2024 Muse Brain Health Report, millennials who meditated regularly showed a 24% higher brain health score. Regular practice with Muse has been shown to reduce stress, enhance emotional regulation, promote a sense of calm over time, and improve sleep quality by 20%.

A sale, offering 15% off on Muse 2 and Muse S headbands. This is an excellent opportunity for your readers to give the gift of well-being to the special women in their lives.


Smoky in its citron finish and layered with scents of both amber as well as spice, I wanted to follow-up with a closer look on MARLOWE.’s No. 102 Body Scrub Soap Bar in Santal Scent.

Available in various 3-12 packs, this warm scented and exfoliating bar is ideal for oneself or as a gift, made for men but perfect still for unisex use. As mentioned below, too, this specific soap bar has the stamp of approval from popular YouTube personality, Danny Duncan.

newgen science:

Enzyme Exfoliator

A gentle but powerful blend of fennel, pineapple and papaya fruit enzymes, with exfoliating mineral beads to enzymatically dissolve debris and promote cellular turnover for a bright, smooth, glowing look.
Why this wellness product is unique:This product is unique for using Biological emollients used for removal of dead skin cells, Bromelain (pineapple extract) and Papain (Papaya extract).

MyoLift™ Triwave:

MyoLift™ Triwave. Courtesy of 7e Wellness

MyoLift™ Triwave Device includes Forehead Mask, Lip Mask, Eye Mask, 2oz Replenish Spritzer, 4oz Renu Conductive Gel, Lead Wire, Charger and Applicator Probes to achieve and maintain a youthful, lifted appearance.

The 7E MyoLift™ Triwave Microcurrent Facial Device is an FDA-cleared, non-invasive, portable facial toning device intended for home use. The unique double-tipped probe applicators, designed for optimal contact with faces of all shapes and sizes, emits a gentle electrical current which continually alternates between the positive and negative spheres. The MyoLift™ Triwave allows you to adjust the current output from 175µA to 400µA based on your comfort level. The pre-calibrated MyoLift™ Triwave Treatment offers a 3-step system to lift, firm and tone facial muscles while improving circulation, texture and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



Canary is an amazing new personal and home care product line born to help purge the planet of plastics, declutter bathroom and kitchen counters in style, and bring something truly fresh (and refreshing) to cleanliness. Think concentrated formulas that reduce the carbon footprint and come to life in stylish reusable glass bottles, deliver fabulous flavors and scents and do their job effectively thanks to the best natural ingredients. Their Concentrated Foaming Hand Soap works by using plastic-free soap slices that get dropped in a glass bottle – then just fill it up with warm water, wait an hour and then start using the fluffiest clouds of foaming soap ever. This natural, sustainable solution dramatically reduces plastic waste in your home, as each compact 3 oz bar yields 12 bottles of invigorating foaming hand soap that smells amazing and contains no toxins or chemicals. Available in Cedar Mint and Fir Needle + Sage scent.

Guru Nandi:


nstead of swigging straight from a regular-sized plastic mouthwash bottle (and using up that bottle very quickly), just dilute a few drops of GuruNanda Concentrated Mouthwash into water and then swish. A single two-fluid oz. bottle has as many “servings” as ten 16-oz. bottles of conventional mouthwash. (The bottles are made of recycled plastic.) That means less waste and a smaller carbon footprint.  (Bonus:  it’s also super portable and TSA-friendly.) Designed by a team of Western and Ayurvedic oral care experts, GuruNanda Concentrated Mouthwash is formulated with seven purpose-driven, sustainably harvested, pure and natural essential oils. The product contains no alcohol, fluoride, preservatives, gluten, or toxic chemicals and it is not tested on animals. Launching exclusively at and Walmart stores nationwide.



Canary’s new and improved Toothpaste Tablets mean no more messy toothpaste tubes! Plastic-free Canary Tablets come in adorable, display-worthy petite glass jars and sustainable refill pouches! Just pop in mouth, chew, wet your toothbrush and brush! They’re sustainable, provide fresh breath and stain removal. Flavors include Peppermint, Wintergreen, Strawberry + Kiwi and Watermelon.

Guru Nanda:


GuruNanda Saltair Lamp & Essential Oil Diffuser does quadruple duty. Not only does it feature pure Himalayan salt, but it is also an essential oil diffuser, room humidifier, and a soft, soothing, color-changing night light all in one. With a 100 ml capacity, it runs for up to 2.5 hours at a time and has an auto shut-off feature so you can rest easier.  At only $19.99, it’s the essential sleep enhancer that every bedroom needs.



Silver Biotics Immune Support Vertical Sprayer is a natural, scientifically tested and doctor recommended way to boost immunity. This innovative product, which is safe for all ages and great for year-round use (not just during winter cold and flu season), features SilverSol TechnologyÒ, an advanced form of colloidal silver technology that is more efficient and easily absorbed by the body than previous generations. It employs multiple modes of action to help keep cells healthy and is made with nano silver particles that support immune function within the body. The formula is gluten free, vegan, pro-biotic friendly and contains no artificial ingredients, dyes or flavors, preservative or additives. Adults should administer 10 sprays up to three times daily.



For the beauty mama!

Biovanta’s Immunity Response Defense line was designed to support immunity. This line comes in throat spray and lozenge format and is recommended for protection against or preventive use or at the early onset of cold or flu symptoms. It helps boost the immune system and is great for winter cold and flu season or for travel or at larger gatherings. Biovanta Immunity Respiratory Defense Lozenges are sugar-free and contain a proprietary mucosal immune complex and are ideal for on-the-go situations! At first sign of symptoms, dissolve on lozenge slowly on your tongue and take as needed. It’s pure and natural, and backed by over a decade of science. (Sold on Amazon, Walmart and major drug stores!) They taste so good and also work wonders for throat tickles!

My Chelle:


Franz Skincare’s Jet Plus Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask is a lightweight, fast-absorbing microcurrent facial mask that you can use before makeup and for a quick, yet powerful  hydration boost anytime to also lift, firm and reduce the look of pores. The Tissue X(R) microcurrent technology is clinically proven to tighten and tone skin while targeting puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines. The box contains 2 treatment sets (for 2 uses), which includes 2 Enriching (wet) Face Masks and 2 Empowering (dry) Face Masks. In just 20 minutes of use, you will feel the glow!  Also decreases acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and redness. $40 for the 2 pack. Also available here on Amazon. 

My Chelle:


Treat your favorite Beauty LOVER to the Renew Line from MyCHELLE Dermaceuticals. These powerhouse products are packed with Vitamin A and leave your skin healthy, youthful and glowing. This is an amazing gift not only because it is effective and affordable but there are NO TOXINS in the ingredients.  Plus, who doesn’t need retinol in their skincare routine?!

Guru Nanda:


GuruNanda’s Rechargeable Portable Water Flosser is an advanced water stream flossing system that helps healthier gums and a brighter smile in just 2 minutes a day. It’s a complete oral-care solution. With 1400-1800 times/minute of high pressure water pulse, it is efficient in promoting healthy teeth and gums by helping remove plaque and food particles in between the teeth. It not only effectively massages your gums but also aids in bad breath while helping reduce gingivitis, and is perfect for use on braces. It comes with a detachable water tank, that allows you to thoroughly clean the limescale and plaque deposits and prevent foul smell from the tank. Its compact design makes it easy to be used both at home and during travel. The 2000 mAh battery gets fully charged in just 4 hours and can last up to 21 days after continuous use, and is easily rechargeable with the USB cable that comes with the pack.



CRYSTAL’s Magnesium Enriched Deodorant Sticks are vegan, and feature Magnesium (a naturally occurring element used in their deodorants to create an easy transition from conventional anti-perspirants). They also offer 24-HOUR odor protection without the downsides of aluminum or drying irritants like baking soda. NO WHITE MARKS!!!!!! And… no stickiness! They are also the first and only natural deodorant brand to receive the prestigious Clean Label Project® Purity Award for every product in the company’s line. Clean Label Project, is a nonprofit organization focused on bringing truth and transparency to consumer product labeling. CRYSTAL also has a partnership with Susan G. Komen to help support breast cancer. 

Guru Nanda:


GuruNanda’s Vaporizing Shower Spray and Shower Steamers elevate your shower to new heights of relaxation! Made with 100% pure and natural essential oils, it offers you a soothing aroma, enhances your mood and provides long-lasting luxury! These spa-like sprays and steamers come in the delightful scents of Lavender (relaxation), Eucalyptus (breathe easy) and Orange (invigorating, awakening). This premium shower spray formula allows 4-5 sprays per shower, providing up to 75 showers per bottle. The steamers come in individual packs of 10 and do not leave residue/slippery floor. Cruelty-free and free from artificial fragrances, parabens and sulfates.



Advanced Healing Skin Cream from Silver Biotics is an all-purpose, gentle, clean skin cream that is safe and effective for both adults and children (even those with highly sensitive skin or with conditions like eczema). Fast-absorbing, non-greasy, pH balanced and vegan, this unique cream does it all – softens and moisturizes rough, dry winter skin, promotes natural healing, protects and beautifies. It is gentle enough for the youngest members of the family, yet powerful thanks to the pairing of SilverSolâ (a new generation that improved upon colloidal silver technology) with ingredients like hyaluronic coconut oil and vitamin E. This technology can help boost immunity, heal skin, and protect the body from damage and aging.

Blazy Susan:


For the cannabis mama!

Give those cannabis lovers something to talk about with Blazy Susan – a forward thinking and consumer focused brand, making some of the best rolling accessories out there! Their fun and vibrant packaging also makes them stand out from competitors. Their gorgeous, customizable Spinning Rolling Tray features an innovative design with small compartments for all different types of smoking accessories and supplies including lighters, pre rolls, bangers, your cell phone, and more. The Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray is truly revolutionary, and was built by smokers for smokers. Give it a spin – your coffee table will never be the same! The Blazy Susan is 15.5” in diameter and is constructed from high quality birch. It is hand finished with a fine Italian varnish to ensure a sleek and smooth rolling experience. Blazy’s make a perfect gift for any smoker, from casual to connoisseur.

Cowboy Colostrum:

  • Cowboy Colostrum– Known as “liquid gold” and nature’s first food, colostrum is a buzzy superfood with nutrients and benefits that when combined with a healthy lifestyle, can bolster one’s wellness routine. Cowboy hit the ground running, when famed retailer Erewhon included the brand in their smoothie developed by influencer Sofia Richie. The brand is rooted in a farm boy/girl lifestyle. One that continues to move away from plant-based and toward animal proteins like butter, grass-fed beef and whole raw milk.
  • YayDay – Co-Founded by gastroenterologist, entrepreneur, YayDay is a digestive super supplement formulated with magnesium, fiber and enzymes designed to help those who don’t get enough fiber in their diet with better sleep and digestion. 90% of Americans suffer from lack of fiber and 65% suffer from constipation, bloating and more digestive issues. There has been a major boom in the past month for fiber supplements – Sakara Life, Love Wellness, WelliBelli Arrae and more….

Blazy Susan:


Pair the pink Spinning Rolling Tray with Blazy’s famous Pink Rolling Papers for the ultimate gift!  Their Rolling Papers are proudly vegan and non-GMO and made in France using premium materials that deliver a high quality slow burn with no aftertaste! Blazy also makes Pink Pre Rolled Cones which are the perfect option for anyone looking for a convenient and easy way to Smoke Pink! Blazy’s accessories are perfect for any smoker, from casual to connoisseur.  


A yellow container with a spoon in it

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Goodal’s Vita-C Serum ($20) and Vita- C Gel Eye Patches ($18)

  • The #1 best-selling Vitamin C Serum in Korea, this clean and safe for sensitive skin Green Tangerine Vitamin C Serum is packed with a powerful blend of 70% fresh green tangerine extract, 4% niacinamide, and arbutin and infused with calming ingredients like Centella Asiatica (Tiger Grass). This Vita C is made using mindfully harvested organic tangerines (hand-picked during a small window in July, 4 weeks out of the entire year, when levels of vitamin C are the highest) and this restorative serum soothes skin, inhibits inflammation, and improves your skin barrier hydration.
  • Gooda’sVita-C Gel Eye Patches are made using many of the same ingredients found in their viral, signature Green Tangerine Vitamin C Serum. Boosted by real fruit extract, the Vitamin C gets to work by brightening dark spots while Hyaluronic Acid draws moisture to the surface of the skin for revived under-eyes. These potent gel patches provide instant hydration and radiance in just5-minutes!

Sky Organics:

A bottle of eyelash serum and a box of brushes

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Sky Organics Organic Castor Oil Eyelash Serum ($15)

If you’re looking for a natural remedy to achieve longer, healthier lashes and brows, you need to try the Organic Castor Oil Eyelash Serum ($14.99) from #1 Castor Oil Brand in the U.S., Sky Organics. A natural source of nourishing fatty acids, this 100% pure, unrefined, organic, hexane free oil conditions and nourishes lashes and brows to promote a thicker, fuller-looking appearance.  Every night, simply apply 1-2 drops to your lash line using a clean eyeliner brush or cotton swab and 1-2 drops to your brows using a clean mascara brush or cotton swab and you’re good to go.

KISS Lashes:

A person with braids before and after

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KISS Lashes The New Natural Collection ($4.99 – $12.99

The New Natural Collection mimics the look of a real natural lash pattern for a “no makeup, makeup” aesthetic. The styles feature a clean and defined look with lifted lash effect to emphasize a longer and fuller lash look with uneven, sparsely distributed patterns. The collection includes single pack strip lash, 4-pair multipack strip lashes, trio clusters, and NEW to the KISS strip lash line, half-lashes, allowing for greater customization, self-expression and flexible comfort.


A close-up of two bottles of nail polish

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Zoya Naked Manicure Perfectors ($12)

  • Choose from 5 different perfectors to customize the look of your natural nail! Use with the entire Naked Manicure System for stronger, brighter and to achieve the “your nails but better” look.

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