The Greenpoint Film Festival Is Returning For Their 12th Year With 40+ Film Screenings

The Greenpoint Film Festival is an American film festival that takes place annually in Brooklyn, NY. With a rising number of attendees in 2022, the festival is projected to increase in size and scope.

The Greenpoint Film Festival is an American film festival annually in Brooklyn, NY. With a rising number of attendees in 2022, the festival is projected to increase in size and scope. The way I see it, there’s so much to learn and experience at this film festival. Since its inception, the Film Festival has grown into one of the most prestigious film festivals in the New York area. Today, the Festival includes a range of separate events. It is a place where cinephiles, filmmakers, and movie critics gather around to discuss the latest storytelling ideas and creative strategies in modern times. 

People recognize Greenpoint as one of America’s most influential film festivals because it prioritizes independent movies with a strong sense of community. Like most film festivals, attendees and presenters alike watch screenings, mingle, and listen to experts on panels. But, The Greenpoint Film Festival has a competitive advantage in connecting to the heart and soul of its people. This festival aims to give a voice to the creators in the filmmaking industry while also expanding the local film network in North Brooklyn. 

*So if you’ve finished that film and you’re considering entering it in a film festival. But with so many film festivals out there, view The Greenpoint Film Festival. It offers an opportunity to determine a particular creative design of its cinema and generally fosters the notion that cinema is “art” cinema. And it is this one-on-one connection that accelerates the heart and soul of the community. 

Brooklyn is an incubator for cultural trends. That being said, anyone wanting to make or present a film for consideration should consider visiting the festival to find inspiration, funding, or helpful critiques. Today, the movie industry has received endless criticism due to the rise of high-budget films with very little substance for the viewer. On the contrary, The Greenpoint Film Festival is one of America’s most in-touch film festivals because it turns those criticisms into action. It prioritizes movies by emerging voices that platform innovative stories and underrepresented characters.

Held in Greenpoint, the festival showcases new work from American and international independent filmmakers. The featured films range from as short as 4 minutes to as long as 102 minutes. More to my point, it comprises competitive sections for American and international dramatic and documentary films, both feature-length films and short films, and a group of out-of-competition sections, including: 

  • Art 
  • Technology 
  • Commerce 
  • Global Media Attention 

At high-profile feature film premieres, movie stars and celebrities are present on the red carpet. The Greenpoint Film Festival has established an independent character by integrating art, technology, commerce, and global media attention- arguably the best-known events.

Style Lujo recently had the privilege to speak with The Greenpoint Film Festival director Anthony Argento about how he aims to enhance the developmental process, the importance of community and the near future anticipation of having a presenter win an Oscar !

Greenpoint Film Festival director Anthony Argento

Joseph DeAcetis/ Agata Drogowaska How did the idea of a Greenpoint Film Festival come about three years ago, and what was your inspiration? 

Anthony Argento: Being a part of a festival has always pondered my mind. The inspiration was when I first got my films into specific festivals. I saw and felt what being a part of a festival was all about. I knew I just wanted more of that.

JD/AD: What was your biggest challenge in launching the idea, and how long did it take from start to finish to develop the film festival? 

AA: GreenPoint festival Idea was created by Rosa Valado. However, I was so attached to this particular festival because of the love and care I and my family put into this community. Making and transferring over rights is never an easy task. It took nearly a year to take over everything. In terms of the creation, even though I volunteered and participated early on, I couldn’t tell you how the development was for Rosa.

JD/AD: How did you get the funding to launch the Greenpoint Film Festival, and what did you learn in the developmental process? 

AA: Funding is a different battle every year. Friends and family only go so far. The community speaks about whether they want us around here or not. We are still developing our brand and reaching out to our community. I am constantly learning about the development process. What I learned most is looking back and seeing what people want before asking what Greenpoint festival intends to do.

JD/AD: In your words, what is the main objective of the Greenpoint Film Festival, where can young film directors learn more to submit their films, and do you have any advice you can share with filmmakers interested in presenting their films at the festival?

AA: Greenpoint Film Festival is a living organism constantly developing and enhancing our message toward filmmakers of all ages and levels of experience. We hope to one day become an Oscar-qualified festival. The best advice I can give any Filmmaker is to keep trying if, at first, you don’t succeed…

JD/AD: In your opinion, what is the essential quality of an up-and-coming film director and their creative team?  

AA: Time is one of the most crucial parts of making any film. The more time you put into something, the better it will be.

JD/AD: Describe a time when you made a mistake in your duties and what you learned from the error.

AA: One of my most significant learning curves was when I was late on set for oversleeping. I was responsible for opening the facility; sometimes, you see the obligation until it happens. I not only learned to be on time but always have a backup plan to avoid any delays.

JD/AD: Overall, who is your favorite film director, and why?

AA: This is always a hard one to say for filmmakers. One of my favorite war movies is “Gladiator” by Ridley Scott. It’s on my mind because the second one started production. It is the story that catches me. A man that had everything at his fingertips, that lost everything and became a slave. He found the strength within to regain his title.

JD/AD: Define your future goals for the Greenpoint Film Festival and how can film directors, creative crews, and local communities support these goals.

AA: We plan to do many more community activities tying filmmakers to non-film Makers. 

The Greenpoint Film Festival will soon be produced by Woven Spaces, Inc, a Brooklyn-based non-profit arts organization designed to create art/community projects. Founded in 2011, the festival is inspired by the regenerative opportunities in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, once labeled one of the most polluted places in the United States. Greenpoint is the northernmost neighborhood in Brooklyn. The neighborhood has a large Polish-American community containing many Polish restaurants, markets, and businesses, and it is often referred to as Little Poland.

It’s hard to get more grassroots than selling house plants at your film festival, yet that is precisely what set the vibe for our visit to the Greenpoint Film Festival. It was already bound to be an offbeat experience, considering the hybrid model of attendance—half drive-in, half sitting at socially-distanced tables—and yet the bar continued to rise.

We found ourselves sitting in a parking lot in the middle of industrial Brooklyn, only adding to the eccentric character the festival had developed.

Starting in 2011, the Greenpoint Film Festival had to shift their screenings to a drive-in model during the pandemic, and this year they’ve locked in the venue to provide drive-in, bike-in, and walk-in screenings! From Thursday (9/15) through Sunday (9/18), 40+ films will be screened, with each day being broken down into themes, which include:

For the full schedule of screenings and to snag tickets, head to the festival’s website.

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