The AMI Spring-Summer 2023 Destination Fashion Show In Seoul Is A Fashion Banger

AMI Presents In Seoul:


AMI presented an exclusive Spring- Summer 23 men’s and women’s collection in Seoul on October 11th, during Fashion Week:

In 2022, creativity is nothing without innovation.  And both phygital and destination shows are the buzzwords leading into 2023. More and more luxury labels are announcing their shows will be held in far-off destinations. This business strategy has generated a lot of enthusiasm within the fashion industry. 

AMI showcased its Spring-Summer 2023 collection as part of the official calendar of Seoul Fashion Week. The AMI Spring-Summer 2023 show in Seoul marks the first time the brand returns to hosting international fashion shows after the pandemic. The show  featured AMI’s Spring-Summer 2023 collection for Men and Women, completed for the occasion with exclusive additional pieces specially designed for the South Korean market.

During the epidemic, the fashion industry significantly changed how fashion companies would conduct their presentations. During that time, luxury brands developed digital fashion shows and films. The idea of presenting a fashion show has evolved into a modified version of itself. 

Since then, luxury titans like Ralph Lauren and Saint Laurent have returned to staging extravagant international events outside the fashion week calendar.

Despite the costs, destination shows provide opportunities to create outdoor locations that can better identify the brand than traditional runways offer. Plus, by staging shows outside of the metropolitan fashion weeks, brands can hone in on the audience they want to be present for the show. More to my point, it’s not just a simple 15-minute viewing but rather plush with experiences that can last a few days. 

“It is a great joy to return to Seoul and host AMI’s first international fashion show since 2019. This event is our way to thank the South Korean public for its unwavering support and enthusiasm ever since the  AMI  brand was launched in the country. With its genuine passion for fashion and style, avant-garde spirit, and cultural edginess, South Korea has a great understanding of our brand, its Parisian roots, and nature, which explain our decision — something that the show will celebrate on October 11th.“

Alexandre Mattiussi, AMI’s Founder and Creative Director

More importantly, ​​destination fashion shows target professionals who value their brands and top-spending clients to cement their customer relations and turn new clients into big spenders. These venues allow brands to enrich the storytelling of their fashion shows by highlighting local craftsmanship traditions and burnishing their cultural credibility. Brands typically focus on a broad spectrum of industry allies to help accelerate high-spending clients by staging a co-branded soirée alongside the event and launching the collection online.

And although the clothes and the creative genius behind them must outshine the flash of technological advancement, an incredible location adds a hefty dose of brand integrity. Recently, TikTok introduced TikTok Fashion Month to offer users a streamlined fashion experience. 

Recently, TikTok introduced fashion month, intending to consolidate and celebrate with the community. Ultimately, the solution seems to be a perennial fashion calendar dubbed around key Fashion Weeks but offering content all year round. That puts a lot of brand responsibility on keeping things interesting. You have to find a way to create that content and make it manageable.

Still, amid all this change, fashion shows remained a constant, proving that the fashion show remains the critical method of transmitting new ideas for brands large and small. The potential for experimentation here feels endless, and brands would be wise to harmonize their real and virtual approaches even in a post-vaccine world.

The AMI Spring-Summer 2023 show in Seoul follows the recent inauguration of the brand’s first flagship store in South Korea, located in the upscale shopping and art district of Garosu-Gil. South Korea remains to date among AMI’s Top 5 international markets

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