Celebrates Hispanic and Latinx Designers In New Editorial For Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

POTRO: Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt $22.00

By Joseph DeAcetis Published: September 26, 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes the cultural impact and history of Hispanic Americans from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15 — a celebration of the community’s contributions to the U.S. The contributions and significance of Spanish influence on the America’s have been and continue to be monumental. Beginning in 1492 with the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean and continuing control of vast territory that spanned for over three centuries, The Spanish Empire would expand across the Caribbean Islands, half of South America, most of Central America and much of North America (including present day Mexico, Florida and the Southwestern and Pacific Coastal regions of the United States).

Now in its 35th year, then-President Ronald Reagan signed into law the 30-day celebration after it was originally established as Hispanic Week in 1968. Along with federal recognition, over the years brands have incorporated messaging in products and campaigns as a way to honor the achievements of Hispanic Americans. Here, highlights some of the collections with empowering messages of pride and community.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, has teamed up with inspiring fashion leaders from Hispanic and Latinx American communities for a roundup.

Menswear brand POTRO tapped super welterweight boxer Brian Ceballo for the brand’s 2023 advertising campaign, which spotlights apparel for Hispanic and Latinx consumers -available to purchase on POTRO.COM

Among the designer labels that are featured here include, BURAK, Founded in Mexico by Nathan Burak. The brand believes that people have an emotional bond with jewelry when there’s an element of a story or personal memory within the piece–creating a much stronger connection, Luli Fama, a Latin-owned women’s luxury swim and resort wear brand, globally recognized for its universally flattering fit, immaculate designs, and eclectic mix of vibrant hues and ETICA, founded by Agustin Ramirez in 2018, one of the largest premium denim manufacturers in Mexico.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by supporting the below Hispanic-owned businesses! From unique jewelry, fashionable sunnies, and sexy swimwear, we have the full rundown of Latin-owned brands below


Image Courtesy of BURAK

The Derrumbe 5 MM Ring$1,099

Not only is this product a great way to support Hispanic and Latino Americans, but it’s also a unique and special piece of jewelry to own. Created by sound waves, this ring inspires emotion and individualism. 

Founded in Mexico by Nathan Burak, BURAK, believes that people have an emotional bond with jewelry when there’s an element of a story or personal memory within the piece–creating a much stronger connection. Originally Nathan’s university thesis, BURAK, is a brand that seeks to give a three-dimensional shape to emotions, memories, and moments through users’ audios, thus creating a curated collection of jewelry pieces that are customizable, individualized, and unique!


POTRO: Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt $22.00

POTRO: Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt $22.00

The probity of Potro menswear resides in its almost classic balance between tradition and innovation. Elements of Latino heritage appear again and again in a manner as demonstrative of preservation as of innovation. It is much more simple to become an icon when you’re a revolutions leading figure. Potro inc arises from everyday needs to cultural phenomena.

Leland Francis:


NOTES: Top notes of bergamot and sage evolve to a heart of velvety rose and geranium, while a base accord of precious labdanum and patchouli add warmth and depth. SCENT PROFILE: Warm, Herbal, Rose

Leland Francis

“My Hispanic heritage is a source of inspiration for me. During Hispanic Heritage Month, I take the opportunity to honor the enduring legacy of my Mexican ancestors, with a special focus on my grandma, Maria Reyna Peña, whose grace and wisdom continue to be my guiding lights. Her signature fragrance was always rose, and in her memory, I crafted La Reina Eau De Parfum & Bougie Parfumée, encapsulating the essence of her cherished scent. This month serves as a heartfelt celebration of my roots, my cherished family, and a profound respect for the enduring love and legacy of those who paved the way before me.” – Dillon Peña

Giant Vintage:

At just 22 years old, Annabelle Gonzalez, creator of Giant Vintage, is redefining eyewear. Giant Vintage offers authentic vintage and deadstock eyewear spanning the ’60s to the early 2000s, alongside reimagined vintage-inspired designs. A devoted single mom and fashion enthusiast since childhood, Annabelle curates every pair of sunglasses, infusing her keen eye for style into each piece. More than a thriving businesswoman, she lives purposefully, radiating positivity and gratitude to motivate those around her.

Luli Fama:

 Ring Bandeau Top – $98.  Brazilian Bottom – $98

Luli Fama is a Latin-owned women’s luxury swim and resort wear brand, globally recognized for its universally flattering fit, immaculate designs, and eclectic mix of vibrant hues. Empowering women to feel confident, sexy, and strong in their swimwear has been a driving force for the brand. Celebrating a passionate lifestyle one bikini at a time is their motto. Their designers create each piece with their Luli Babes in mind, with great fit as the key element, while always staying true to the brand’s philosophy. After over 30 years of experience, the brand knows that fit is the most essential and challenging part of finding the right swimsuit. That is why they have perfected their patterns to fit different types of bodies. Luli Fama works to create the perfect silhouettes and styles to provide their customers with the ideal fit, and they debut new fashion-forward looks and trendsetting styles season after season.

AS by DF:

Photo courtesy of AS by DF

Dallas Recycled Leather Blazer (Retail Price: $750) is a classic blazer silhouette, paired with our soft and supple Raspberry recycled leather. With gorgeous thin silver buttons and silky lining, you’ll feel brand new every time you put it on. 

“Ecuadorian-born Latina designer Denise Focil embarked on a singular mission: to craft the perfect leather jacket sustainably. Her obsession with the timeless elegance of leather gave birth to AS by DF, an esteemed brand celebrated for its masterful leather craftsmanship and elevated contemporary designs. AS by DF transcends being a mere label; it is committed to creating environmentally conscious fashion. Our mission is to bestow upon the world an enduring legacy of beauty and responsibility, leaving this planet that we call home in a better state than we found it.” -AS by DF founder, Denise Focil


UNOde50 Based in Spain, UNOde50 is a cult-favorite demi-fine jewelry brand with celebrity fans such as Winnie Harlow and Jordyn Woods. Each jewelry piece is carefully handcrafted, making each piece have its own voice. Each collection surrounds a theme, such as independence, joy, and light, to transmit energy into those who wear each piece. With flagship stores in Madrid and New York City, UNOde50 is sold at, Bloomingdales, and on Amazon. Prices range from under $100 to $1,500. 



The brand was founded by Agustin Ramirez in 2018, one of the largest premium denim manufacturers in Mexico. A Puebla native, Agustin was running his own factory and denim laundry by the age of 24. Designed in Los Angeles, produced in Mexico, ETICA is a sustainable lifestyle brand focused on premium denim and knits.  ETICA is rooted in the ideals of fair labor, environmentally conscious manufacturing and social responsibility. ETICA offers truly special pieces with premium fabrics and refined fits, proving that fashion and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

LOVE Binetti:

LOVE Binetti was founded by Argentina-born designer, Diego Binetti. The recently established LOVE Binetti line caters to the traveler and nomad by heart; the modern girl with that city-slicker edge. Binetti is cutting back on typical volume of clothes for a more conscious approach and aims to “educate others that our mother earth is the only one and we need to take serious action to see how we can preserve it for future generations ahead of us.” With Mother Earth at a forefront for the brand the AW23 collection, in collaboration with Brazilian artist Lolo Bonfanti, comes with dreamy botanical prints using flowers and plants from her native continent.

Melie Bianco:

Melie Bianco 

Founded by Melissa Song, raised Buenos Aires, Argentina – Melie Bianco is a vegan leather handbag company that is woman-founded, designing and producing vegan leather handbags since 2003. Using only non-toxic cruelty-free vegan leather and hardware. They are an eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and ethically made brand. They offer quality, craftsmanship, and affordable luxury to the everyday woman. Creating pieces that are trendy yet classic and can transition from season to season. They had the honor of being awarded a UK PETA-Vogue award for “Best Animal-Friendly Accessories Company.” 

Sarah O Jewelry:

Sarah O Jewelry Sarah’s love for jewelry and design started at a very young age. Her mother owns a boutique jewelry store in the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico where Sarah was lucky enough to grow her passion for jewelry; being by her mother’s side and learning every aspect of the business. While they are deep in the jewelry world, Sarah’s father works tirelessly in law defending Mexican immigrants injured on the job. His endless pursuit for fairness and equality is something she has always admired and has worked hard to incorporate into her business.


PDPAOLA Siblings Paola and Humbert made a life-changing decision back in 2014: quitting their jobs in Architecture and Finance to fulfill their vision of creating an industry-changing jewelry brand. Spanish jewelry brand, PDPAOLA, is the result of a balanced combination of the creative and business worlds, working together towards the disruption of the jewelry industry. Headquartered in Barcelona, PDPAOLA is currently available in more than 2000 points of sale worldwide and has become an internationally recognized brand.


FILLMORE Steel/Rose.

A Giant Vintage Luxe Design. Timeless fashion. Chic influence. Effortless style. FILLMORE is infused with a seventies vibe. This style was, and still is, a symbol of non-conformity and independence. Its contrasting straight brow bar and rounded bridge, unique square shape, with antique colorways adds a truly retro feel. $69.00

Annabelle Gonzalez, creator of Giant Vintage, is celebrated for redefining eyewear during Hispanic Heritage Month. The Fillmore Steel sunglasses from Giant Vintage’s Luxe Line are essential for nailing Fall ’23 style as they combine a classic aviator shape with a modern, edgy twist


DELOSANTOS: A brand that redefines Peruvian design under its own codes.


DE LORETA: The brand that explores identity and migration through a journey through Latin America.


ANNAISS YUCRA Redefining Latin American Fashion through “Artivism” and innovation.


SAKE: the Peruvian brand that takes ancient techniques to the laboratory to reformulate them in a more sustainable manner

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