Smartorial Menswear 2024: How Functionality And Form Work For All Occasions

The Summer Story 2024

Louis Vuitton Celebrates the Spring 2024 Men’s Capsule Collection by Tyler, The Creator in Los Angeles.

Smartorial is the word that best defines the style needs of contemporary man, reinvigorated in new artisanal manifestations. Rooted in reality but raised to a higher level, this season’s menswear offerings are an exercise in the art of mixing: mixing fabrics and textures native to either garments or accessories within the same pieces, as well as the simultaneous creation of wardrobe pieces made for mixing.

The reason is that the concept of smartorial combines the desire for relaxed garments and a new way to dress in a refined way. For instance, tailored pieces such as blazers and suits have evolved into a fresh and new bright life, paired with laid-back apparel, such as luxury t-shirts, tech-advanced trousers, and handsome footwear made with sporty soles. These product offerings create modern looks that help make you feel confident and, most importantly, at ease. 

And even though the economic outlook has been volatile, with retailers being the first industry to feel the pinch by rising inflation and supply chain disruption negatively impacting retail operations, it is still a new season to try and look and feel your best. With spring in full swing, it’s time to inject a fresh dose of style into your wardrobe for all the upcoming adventures with the season. is thrilled to present a selection of smartorial pieces designed to accompany you on your spring and summer escapades. Whether taking yourself to a physical office or taking time under the sun, our fashion editors have handpicked the items below that will elevate your season’s fashion experience! Spring is a great time to leverage your power and potential to unlock new and exciting experiences that reach and resonate with modern times. 

Today’s man is creative in attitude. Balancing the casual and the classic, traditional tailoring silhouettes are now relaxed and re-energized, encouraging aspects of self-styling that are audacious and refined. An American spirit imbues heritage fabrics with new meaning, enabling the creation of something exquisite from nothing – refined yet raw. Dreaming up ideas creates an inherent sense of performance. Memories mirroring the curling surf waves from Montauk to Malibu. Throughout, woven hats hybridize American Trucker caps.

Accessories and footwear expand the narrative. They are repurposed through open-weave beach bags, backpacks, and crossbody bags in leather, bouclé and raffia. On foot, sneakers evolve. Basketball soles combine with a boat shoe silhouette to form a hybrid iteration, reimagined modern design, redefining what an office shoe can be. This season, menswear is dedicated to the explorers, to those who see style in offerings and make it exceptional. For Spring-Summer 2024, the epitomic menswear wardrobe balances the contrasts called for by modern life: individuality versus adaptability, substance versus lightness, and exceptionality versus ease. 

Menswear today reflects the contemporary culture of masculine dress codes in a quintessential proposal founded in its genetics. Anchored in everyday savoir-faire, both pragmatically and figuratively – the fusion of contrasts seemingly shapes authentic garments and accessories relevant for today in an exploration of the iconographic codes of American style. 

The Iconic Summer story cultivates attention to lightweight materials and construction’s lightness into the summer language. A playful take on the fusion of garments and accessories composed of a relaxed sensibility elevated through historical signatures. Cementing the sentiment, sunglasses transform into a new sartorial style drawing on the codes of materials inspired by added versatility. A cornerstone in the iconography of menswear graces a new functional style. 

Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton Celebrates the Spring 2024 Men’s Capsule Collection by Tyler, The Creator in Los Angeles.


Berluti’s newest arrivals from the SS24 collection! 

Berluti Suede Military Bomber

SS24 collection has the perfect outerwear to add to any wardrobe. The collection perfects the mixing of fabrics and leathers to create beautifully unique pieces such as a military jacket that blends panels of suede and cotton and a water-resistant car-coat that is constructed with detailed leather accents.

Le Club Malo:

Navy style garments in the SS24 “Le Club Malo” collection

Malo Cashmere, for spring summer 2024, dedicates ample space to the nautical and sophisticated style, in which the classic stripes give way to uneven lines like the ripples of the sea waves.

The double-breasted jacket for her and the iconic double-breasted peacoat for him, in an elegant navy blue and with precious buttons carved with the classic effigy of the anchor.

From precious cashmere to organic cotton certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). From ribbed finishes, a process that embellishes the sweaters, to double cashmere, a technique that requires skill and experience, in which two fabrics unfold along the perimeters to then be folded and sewn by hand with invisible stitches to obtain an enveloping and unlined garment, perfectly finished inside too.

Del Toro:

Courtesy of Del Toro

Del Toro- Sardegna

This innovative take on Del Toro’s original Sardegna sneaker is enhanced with a sleek new design, additional cushion in the sole, and an advanced waterproofing treatment to keep that new suede exterior crisp.

Mango Man:

Mango Man renews its collaboration with Antoine Griezmann to present its Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

The footballer and ambassador of Mango Man is once again the image the brand has chosen to present its new products, and to continue the commitment to the ‘Move Forward’ slogan the line defends.

Mango Man is proud to continue its partnership with leading footballer Antoine Griezmann, who will once again be the face of the brand to present its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. The partnership highlights Griezmann’s authentic essence and exceptional style, consolidating him as the ideal ambassador for Mango Man and its ‘Move Forward’ vision of self-improvement. From his childhood in Macôn, his adolescence in Donosti, to the present day, Griezmann’s story is an inspirational tale of innate talent, perseverance and sacrifice. Mango Man, in collaboration with the footballer, presents a narrative that goes beyond fashion, immersing itself in the moments that have shaped this sporting icon. The Mango Man Spring/Summer 2024 collection accompanies this new concept. Created around versatile garments, the collection is aimed at the man who needs garments that adapt to his rhythm and provide style and comfort. Relaxed-silhouette tailoring and summer shirts make up the perfect look for the warmer season. Linen and knitwear are the main protagonists of the collection. As for colours, neutral tones, greys and browns predominate. Move Forward: the slogan that unites Mango Man with Antoine Griezmann


*Worn by Matthew McConaughey, Andy Cohen, Elizabeth Banks, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Garner*


A 4th-generation, family-run company, Peepers is continuously reinventing the spectacle. Peepers began with a quest to find upbeat eyewear, and that light-hearted spirit is embedded in everything Peepers does. From their unique designs to a caring customer experience, their family’s legacy is dedicated to the pursuit of fashion as its most fun. Today, they create stylish, optical quality reading glasses, blue light glasses, and sunglasses.

Samuel Hubbard:

Samuel Hubbard

Samuel Hubbard is a family-owned sustainable shoe brand that aims to combat fast-fashion and the overproduction resulting in excess inventory. The brand’s principle is ‘the fewer, the better’, and to only buy shoes you love, that are built for comfort and will remain stylish long after the season is over. This means less waste and extremely happy feet. The team is designing groundbreaking innovations that are leading the industry, each shoe hand-crafted with uncompromising excellence and meant to support all of life’s twists and turns. Samuel Hubbard aims to also help the community with their ‘Trade-Up’ program which allows you to donate old shoes to someone in need.

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