Shane Duffy, Host of HGTV’s Build it Forward, Sports The Biggest Denim Trends For Fall-Winter 2023/24

Shane Duffy Wears POLO Ralph Lauren

By Joseph DeAcetis Published: September 20, 2023

Snaps Clothing Co.

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HGTV is once again teaming up with Lowe’s for Season 2 of Build It Forward, a series that celebrates Lowe’s generous initiative to give back to deserving organizations and individuals in communities all across the country. The makeovers from Build It ForwardSeason 2 are as inspiring as they are dramatic. HGTV’s Taniya Nayak and Shane Duffy join forces with Lowe’s to surprise five amazing individuals who give their all to their community with life-changing home makeovers!

About The Show:

Shane Duffy is a home renovation and design expert based in NYC. His unique approach to home repairs has given him a platform on many TV shows and magazines where he has shared his innovative DIY and home improvement skills. And this season, Shane R Duffy is the co-host of HGTV’s “Build It Forward,”

Former U.S. Army Veteran and Co-Owner of home renovation and design firm, SD Squared, Shane was just announced as one of the NEW co-hosts of HGTV’s ‘Build it Forward,’ where he surprises amazing individuals who give back to their communities with life-changing home makeovers. Thousands flock to Shane’s Instagram, where he showcases his latest projects, while sharing helpful insight on how he achieved them all. No stranger to the spotlight, Shane and his unique approach to home repairs has been featured on national network shows like The Today ShowThe Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonFox & FriendsThe Steve Harvey ShowStyle Network’s BUILT, and many more. 

Relatable, down to earth, and truly a master of his craft, the former US Army War Veteran’s unique approach to home repairs and rugged style, has landed him on the men’s fashion cover and editorial pages of

The Iconic Denim Story:

Denim is dedicated to a new generation of cultural pioneers. Denim brands aim to discover and champion the best American culture has to offer. Always ahead of the curve, the denim business is dedicated to discovering what’s next.

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There is an evolution in design that reflects a focus on its customers with meticulous attention to detail and using the most premium materials. Denim is designed around versatility, comfort and strength. New denim is designed with durable technical fabrics, clean minimal aesthetics, and offer a new range of convenient shapes and style solutions for consumers ranging from the workhorse to upper management – denim that easily moves from work to play. Denim today balances the contrasts called for by modern life: individuality versus adaptability, substance versus lightness, and exceptionality versus ease. For Fall-Winter 2023/24, denim reflects the contemporary culture of masculine dress codes in a quintessential proposal founded in the fabrics own genetics. Anchored in everyday wear, the fusion of contrasts that shapes authentic denim is relevant for today.


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Over the Fall-Winter season, in an exploration of the iconographic codes of denim – from the raw to reinvigorated in new artisanal manifestations. Rooted in reality but raised to a higher level, the styling denim is an exercise in the art of mixing: the mixing of fabrics and garments or accessories within the same pieces, as well as the simultaneous creation of wardrobe pieces made for mixing.

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Since it first originated in the United States, denim has undergone one major change that is probably unique in the history of clothing. Initially, brought to California gold miners with an aim to develop tent-like makeshift housing, Levi Strauss soon developed the product to be worn by the gold mine workers due to its outstanding durability.. With a vision in mind, this newly developed product soon became the dawn of a new era in apparel from the object of the rebellious young to sophisticated styles for businessmen, in short, denim has come to symbolize liberty, adventure and a new start. 

Today, the Californian spirit imbues heritage fabrics with new meaning- as denim manufacturers create an inherent sense of performance with denim, mirroring the fabrics metamorphic history. The new technology is powerful enough for regular use by a growing …. and is equally well suited to people who work in offices who are more recreationally active, making it an everyday, lifestyle solution. Over time with regular wear, users can expect an enhanced breathing. More to the point, this fall-winter 2023/24 season, an abundant number of denim brands offer a wide lineup of products for any application – shirts to wear on their own or over a tee-shirt, denim chambray for the weekends or golf course, or office attire. Today, denim designers have prioritized a natural look and feel to the product, without bulky fabric or constraining tightness. The goal of new denim is to give wearers a natural amount of range of motion, just like with activewear.

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Denim cultivates attention to lightweight materials and lightness of construction. Perfectly dyed softly-structured denim in shades of blue refine an American classic. A denim shirt with matching jeans embody the ease of generational style.

Denim translates an autumnal trope into the language of Fall-Winter. This season, the signifiers are converted into fresh denim hybrids that embellish the new offerings.

Fall denim embraces a relaxed sensibility elevated through historical signatures. Cementing the sentiment, denim transforms by drawing on the codes of new stitching for added versatility constructed from principles of comfort. A cornerstone in the iconography of denim, graces a new functional style that is a comfortable as it gets.



I recently had the privilege to interview Shane Duffy in East Hampton, about his home renovation and design firm, SD Squared, how he was just announced as one of the NEW co-hosts of HGTV’s ‘Build it Forward and where he surprises amazing individuals who give back to their communities with life-changing home makeovers. 

Joseph DeAcetis: Talk to about how you prepare and what motivates you on an average workday as the co-host of HGTV’s ” Build It Forward” 

Shane Duffy: Great question, if you know me, you know that I am always very positive and outgoing.  While filming ‘Build It Forward’ it was easy to carry my positive attitude on set every day because we were genuinely helping people who have dedicated their lives to giving back to the community.  So, the real challenge was to try and match their generosity and direct it back towards them.   

JD: What do you think are your greatest professional strengths 

SD: My greatest strengths are my ability to listen to clients and anyone for that matter, patience, and always showing up. 

JD: What do you want to accomplish professionally? by the end of the year 

SD: Professionally, I would like to work on another restaurant or Hotel renovation.  I have a few residential projects going on but I am working to get a commercial project by the end of the year.

JD: How do you describe your working style as a co-owner of SD Squared, a home renovation and design firm

SD: I lead by example, so my work style is to get down in the trenches with my guys as much as possible.  My other attribute to success is the ability to divide and conquer with my business partner. We lean on each other’s strengths.

JD: When it comes to design, what do you feel most passionate about?

SD: Usually, I leave the design up to the architects/designers, but I do have an eye for certain things.  I am a big picture guy and love making spaces cohesive and united by putting touches of the same materials or colors in each space. Over the years I have developed the skill to maximize space and spaces.


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JD: Where did you grow up and what were you like as a kid? Did you build things?

SD: I grew up in a small town called Liberty Hill Texas.  I didn’t get into building until my junior year of high school; however, my father had a 1000sf shop that he used to work on cars and build small things.  He definitely rubbed off on me because I attribute a lot of my success to him and his work ethic.

JD: What do you think are your greatest personal strengths – being an American Army Veteran and an inspiration and a voice for the Latinx community in the US? 

SD: Being born in the Republic of Panama and my Spanish heritage has played a major role in who I am today. Having exposure to multiple cultures day in and out has helped me to understand and communicate with people better. My military background has taught me to appreciate life and that it’s important for everyone to give back to their country. 


MAVI JEANS. White Tank Top by POTRO
MAVI JEANS. White Tank Top by POTRO

JD: What’s your ultimate career goal and what message would you like to give to the Latinx community? 

SD: My ultimate career goal would be to manage multiple properties and own some sort of an eco-friendly bed and breakfast.  My message to the Latinx community is to love your heritage, be kind, and always choose a profession you are passionate about!

JD: How do you spend your free time? And what is on your near future bucket list?

SD: I spend my free time with my family. I have a beautiful partner, one son, and another on the way who all keep me grounded.  I am a bit of an adventurous and thrill seeker. So, my ultimate bucket list is to climb the 7 summits (the tallest mountains on each continent). 

JD: What advice do you have for someone new in this field? 

SD: This answer is easy to say, but not easy to do!  Keep at it, don’t give up. 

Snaps Clothing Co.The Denim Dan $119 USD
Snaps Clothing Co.The Denim Dan $119 USD

Denim continues to lose its rough and tumble reputation and goes even softer and dreamier this Fall-Winter 2023/24 season. Shane Duffy  gave his signature sexy workwear edge this season, with a utility pocket-detailed jeans.  Ralph Lauren’s denim is pale and minimal, master of craft techniques, used for an appealing fall collection.

Creative Style Director: Joseph DeAcetis

Photography by Macrae Marran

Grooming: Agata Drogowska

Location: East Hampton, NY.

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