Stefano Ricci: The cultural journey now continues internationally with the spirit of the Explorer. 

The fashion show at the Temple of Hatshepsut marked a moment of renewal for the STEFANO RICCI man. And after voyaging to experience the Great Beauty of Italy, the cultural journey now continues internationally with the spirit of the Explorer

Luxor became a cornerstone of our journey”, says Creative Director Filippo Ricci, “the celebration of STEFANO RICCI’s first fifty years was a dream of my father’s which came true. This new chapter marks a turning point and a transition to the New Wonders of the World”.

Stefano Ricci continues their global exploration with the first stop being Iceland. Northern Europe is home to “The Land of Fire and Ice”—also known as Iceland. Truth be told, ice only cover about 12 percent of the island nation- the rest is a true miracle of nature. The terrain is dramatic and breathtaking. Shared by both glaciers and volcanoes, as you navigate the countryside, you’ll witness a diverse topography including glaciers, waterfalls, hot springs, lava formations, lakes, rivers, mountains, and cliffs—all saturated with rich colors that evoke so much emotion upon viewing.

Armed with a fresh sense of adventure, travel trends are emerging once again. Overall, people are getting ready to explore the great outdoors in an off-grid unexpected way. For example, sustainable options, is important to travelers in 2023. And the travel sector continues to move full speed ahead when it comes to sustainability. In fact, the French airline company Flying Green recently announced that they will soon be launching the first zero net emissions airline in 2023.

With his finger on the pulse, creative director Filippo Ricci enlisted photographer Chris Rainier (National Geographic), to shoot the new campaign for the Florentine brand. The company aims to reach the traveller who is not only romantic but also courageous and fearless.

One things for sure, Iceland is magical and legendary. And so is the Stefano Ricci winter collection. The current product offerings include the timeless charm of a crocodile and cashmere shirt-jacket or a nylon coat with leather details and a pure cashmere lining, illuminated by ruthenium buttons. The reversible game is enriched with refined solutions, printed and embroidered logos, and a cashmere blouson in Everest-colored nubuck crocodile with a silk satin lining. It’s time to dare, to experiment while preserving absolute quality. 

The immense dichotomy of the collection rests between the strength and variety of the land and the soft yet structured collection. The images and video were captured between the Skógafoss waterfalls and the black sand of the Reynisfjara, the blue waters of the Glacier Lagoon and the glitter of icebergs: elements of a harsh nature are smoothed by the waves of the sea, giving strength to the colors of the Fall/Winter 2023-24 Collection, fused together as in the reflections of the Himalaya crocodile blouson, in the vicuña knit jacket in jersey, in the field jackets for winter, and in bold but at the same time very light shearlings. 

Tailoring is at its zenith, according to the rule of passionate and elevated work from the STEFANO RICCI atelier, with deconstructed jackets including the soft shoulders favoured by the Florentine brand. Sumptuous double cashmere coats, elegant jeans, knit polo shirts under blue suits with woven patterns. A new brown coat with a fisher fur collar adds a surprise touch to the most contemporary men’s wardrobe. Like the chenille velvet evening jacket or the double-breasted Fiesole jacket in Antico Setificio Fiorentino fabric with shawl lapels, which is enriched with a lining of hand-designed and hand-printed octagons on silk. 


“We enter 2023 with confidence. Our goal is to consolidate a growth that, in the year which just ended, has led us to exceed 150 million euros in sales, beyond the levels of 2019”. Niccolò Ricci, CEO of Stefano Ricci S.p.A., expresses rational optimism after the company recorded a +19% compared to 2021. “All in a complex year”, continues Ricci, “we cannot forget that after the pandemic crisis, we found ourselves facing serious critical issues in three out of the first four of our principal markets in terms of sales volume. Business in China, the leading market, was constrained by the closures due to Covid. Added to this, unfortunately, was the war in Ukraine, which was our fourth largest market. Considering that the relocated New York Flagship Store was inaugurated at the beginning of December 2022, today we have all the elements needed to look to the future with renewed hope”.

In this geopolitical context, Europe accounts for 27% of sales, followed by North America at 24%. A strategic growth plan foresees openings in Beijing with a new Flagship Store, a Madrid boutique, and a second Singapore boutique by the end of the first half of 2023. 

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