Pisterzi: Best Professional And Business Hairstyles For Men In 2022

Pisterzi best professional and business hairstyles for men  in 2022

It should be noted, though, the drastic and far-reaching changes in menswear, and the cultural rethinking of impressions of masculinity that it reflects, is what has created a full-on style revolution. It’s no coincidence that the “dress for success” mantra goes beyond apparel. In addition to having a tailored suit and high-quality shoes, it will be necessary to maintain a clean-cut hairstyle and healthy grooming regiment on the path to corporate ascension.

It is clear to me that men’s grooming is not merely a daily chore but is becoming a highly important subject for professionals, with specific brands catering to specific needs for men. Today, men are free to dress how they like during office hours—as long as they exercise good judgement. Nevertheless, it can be challenging to find the right business haircut to suit your personality both in and out of the office.

In my opinion, getting the right business professional haircut matters just as much as the suit, tie and shoes you wear. While the rules of office grooming were once rigid, today’s workplaces are a little more flexible. And the best business men’s hairstyles can help boost self-confidence that your boss and CEO will undoubtedly recognize. Whether you’re a conservative or free-style type of gentleman, a side part, slick back, quiff, hard part, taper, and comb over are all great options that combine business-appropriate length with on-trend styling elements. Although, a clean side-part is one of the most stylish and low-maintenance hairstyles for men – which is why it’s ideal for professionals. More to my point, it will exude a look of strength and self-confidence – not to mention debonair.

In my opinion, getting the right business professional haircut matters just as much as the suit, tie and shoes you wear. While the rules of office grooming were once rigid, today’s workplaces are a little more flexible. And the best business men’s hairstyles can help boost self-confidence that your boss and CEO will undoubtedly recognize.

Pisterzi: Professional & Business  Hairstyles For Men
Pisterzi: Professional & Business Hairstyles For Men. Model: Sergio Acevedo. PHOTOGRAPH: MACRAE MARRAN

Gian Antonio Pisterzi was born in 1986 in Frosinone, a small rural center in central Italy. Since he was a child, he has had a particular interest in the village barbershop, where he spent hours on Sunday mornings with his grandfather Antonio. His grandfather would push him to emancipate himself from his roots by studying and training at the Steiner Academy in London, where he learned and deepened the ancient art of shaving.

Daily Cleanser and Sculpting Shaving - Pisterzi Italian Grooming
Daily Cleanser and Sculpting Shaving – Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art COURTESY OF PISTERZI

How The Ukraine Invasion Will Impact Upcoming EU TravelIn 2011, Gian Antonio arrived in Milan, where he worked as an international master barber in prestigious brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Acqua di Parma. The “Gian Antonio Pisterzi Barbers for Connoisseurs” based in via Montenapoleone 17 in Milan. But is wasn’t until 2021 that he decided to embark on his entrepreneurial project kick-started his eponymous brand in the United States which helped usher in a new vision in men’s hair and grooming. Gian Antonio opened his first atelier in New York at 55 Wall Street inside the Cipriani Club 55 in the heart of the Financial District. And before you knew it, Pisterzi decided to create a work team to develop a line of products and fragrances that reflects his modus operandi and his values.

This same year, he also decided to deepen his entrepreneurial training by enrolling for an EMBA at NYU Stern. In 2021, PISTERZI ITALIAN GROOMING ART was established. A line of treatment products and fragrances with a high content of innovation, sustainability, quality, and aesthetic value, formulated and produced in Italy to reinforce the brand and expand it in the name of an Italian lifestyle known worldwide for its elegance and sophistication. Just last November, Pisterzi opened his second New York location, this time in the heart of Soho, at 367 West Broadway. It was at this location that I had the chance to meet and have a hair and grooming treatment by the Master Barber himself.

Upon entering, I noticed the rigid and polished standards —made for an idealized masculine setting of etiquette and luxury. In a word, Pisterzi understands the ability to reflect character. Equally welcome is the individual service rooms where the Master Barber enters to discuss what will best fit your personal needs. His confidence and knowledge made me feel so comfortable to get my haircut, shave and grooming treatments. Full disclosure. It was the best haircut and grooming experience that I ever experienced.

Face and Eye Guard Treatment Phase packaging - Pisterzi Italian Grooming A
Face and Eye Guard Treatment Phase packaging – Pisterzi Italian Grooming COURTESY OF PISTERZI

I recently had the privilege to speak with Master Barber Gian Antonio Pisterzi about his recently launched grooming and beauty product line, the unique and personal experience he offers to clients and why he firmly believes that with the right haircut, any man can make a perfect impression!


Joseph DeAcetis: Talk to Forbes about what makes the Pisterzi experience unique to customers? 

GIAN ANTONIO PISTERZI: I like to think that one added value is the fact that for us it is not about the quantity of customers that can come in throughout the day, it is about making each client’s experience personal and unique. We want to give our clients the proper time and attention, without being disturbed or rushed. An excuse to take a break from the outside world, recharge and enjoy a moment for themselves; a concept we also wanted to highlight with the two private rooms we have at the new atelier in Soho.

To this, we add the recently launched grooming and beauty product line: Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art. The line was created to take into consideration our clients’ needs in mind so that they could also include the products in their daily routines at home. The range that we have formulated comes from the idea that each product can be used in several stages of one’s beauty routine and integrate with each other to cover different needs.    

Daily Cleanser and Sculpture Shaving packaging 2- Pisterzi Italian Grooming.
Daily Cleanser and Sculpture Shaving packaging. Pisterzi Italian Grooming PISTERZI

JD: If a client is aiming to groom for success and doesn’t know what hairstyle they want; The client asks you for professional advice, how will you proceed? 

GAP: Success is a concept whose meaning could vary from person to person, and that changes from work to personal. Communication is certainly the key element that connects us with the customer. We have Style and Consultation, a 10-minute service during which the client explains what he is looking for, his passions, desires, and aspirations, so that we can “build” his image. For example, if the client is in the artistic field, we will try to give him a clean look, obviously, but less attentive to details, more creative. If, on the other hand, he aspires to professional growth in the business world, the look we are going to recommend will be more attentive to details and neat. This service works especially for first timers, but also our regular clients occasionally use it to upgrade their look.

Pisterzi: Professional & Business  Hairstyles For Men
Gian started by applying the Solid Serum. He then proceeded with the Daily Cleansing and Sculpting … [+] PHOTOGRAPH: MACRAE MARRAN

JD: Talk to Forbes about your creative business strategy for a client’s individual space? 

GAP: For me it is very important that a client feels at ease during his appointments, almost as if he was at home and he was with a friend rather than a stranger.  At the ateliers in Milan and in Wall Street, we have always tried to have one customer at a time, where there are no distractions or interruptions. For this reason, when we found the new location in Soho, it was important for us to make sure to have 2 private rooms available to be able to give an even more special and refined service. It is a sophisticated, yet simple space where the protagonist is the customer and what matters is the one-to-one relationship between him and the Barber.

JD: If a client wants a certain haircut and it does not suit him, how do you proceed? explain in full detail with examples.

GAP: We are always honest with our customers, and this is because we want to create a family-style relationship, rather than a simple vendor-client one. No matter how trendy the haircut they are asking for is, if we think it will not suit them, we will let them know, as a friend would tell another friend. We care about our clients, and we want them to know it, even if it means not giving them the cut they want or losing them in the process. Luckily, we have established good relationships with our customers so far and they all trust us.

EXAMPLES: Each face has its proportions: the structure of the hair, its color, the beard, or mustache, all combined make a person unique. Often, hidden under wrong haircuts or beard trims, or even too long sideburns, there are beautiful faces and features or features that must be enhanced rather than covered up. I like to talk to my clients to make them aware and involved in what we are going to do; a person’s style can be maintained or corrected, and sometimes even created from scratch. And every time that I see the satisfaction in the eyes of a happy customer, I love this job more and more.

JD: Do men’s haircuts trend? If so, name a few trends in men’s haircuts and hairstyles for 2022

GAP: They might not have specific names, and be more personal to the person, but yes there are men’s haircut trends, as well. There could be more generic trends, like the ones linked to a soccer player, a singer, or actor, for example. And those that are more linked to personal taste and lifestyle, which is usually what our customers ask us for and what I have seen, so far, for 2022. Our clients ask for something more personal, to highlight their features and that is in balance with their professional and private life.

JD: On the path to dressing and grooming for success, how important is a good haircut?

GAP: It is fundamental! Hair is surely among the first things that can be noticed when you meet somebody; and I firmly believe that with the right haircut, any man can make a perfect impression. Whether it is for job interviews, work meetings or simply day by day at the office, a good haircut is always important. Yes, if you wear a nice suit, you have manicured hands and a good shave, you might already look good, but it can’t be complete until your hair looks great as well. And if it makes you look good, you will feel good and, therefore, definitely more confident and up to any task.

Pisterzi: Professional & Business  Hairstyles For Men
Pisterzi: Professional & Business Hairstyles For Men.Model: Sergio Acevedo. PHOTOGRAPH: MACRAE MARRAN

JD:  In your words, how is the Pisterzi shaving experience unique and customized differently than the competition 

GAP: Grooming is an ancient art and I think that nowadays we don’t always give it the proper attention. I feel that my team and I are traditional souls into modern barbers’ bodies because we prefer to use traditional Italian ways of shaving, products, and tools with a modern approach, which is what distinguishes us. It is not just about the service; it is the unique and personal experience that we want to offer our clients.     

Each client has their own need, type of skin and style. Our job is to listen and understand what is best for them to create the customized experience I mentioned before. For this reason, we offer different treatments, but always using natural products from the Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art line; during all treatments we apply a warm cloth which stimulates the absorption of the product and will induce relaxation. We then finish the service with a three-minute facial massage, a technique that helps the full relaxation and extension of the facial muscles.

JD: Talk to Forbes about Pisterzi hair-care line and why you believe it is the best hair regime on the market today? 

GAP: The Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art line boasts a range of products dedicated to shaving, hair, beard, and skin wellness. Italian, sustainable, and natural in a refined packaging with a strong identity in the exclusive tones of the brand. Developed and produced in Italy by our development team, the products have multifunctional characteristics that make them versatile in use and innovative in formulations and performance. A single product is, in fact, designed to have two or three functions. An example is our Shampoo and Conditioner for beard and hair, a 2 in 1 product that can be used on hair and beard to gently cleanse and nourish, removes dirt and impurities, strengthening both hair and beard. One product that not only cleans them then, but that also gives vigor and vitality, making them soft and shiny,

JD: Talk to Forbes viewers wishing to be well-groomed on the path to corporate ascension and professional disciplines, why do you think they need to come to Pisterzi’s to make the best impression on others and themselves?

GAP: I think that in addition to the services provided and the products used, our customer decides to come back to us because he trusts us, for the relationship we established and the attention we give to the details that then lead to the final result. It is possible that when they enter the atelier, they do not know what they want to have a successful look, but I like to believe that when they go out, they have those two or three inches more given by feeling more confident and aware of themselves.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Oscar Wilde

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