Måneskin And Gucci Rock Into The Future With Modern Flair

Måneskin wore a selection of Gucci pieces designed by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele for the video of their new song “THE LONELIEST”. Released on October 7th, “THE LONELIEST” is already the most listened to new song, globally. Image: Courtesy of GUCCI

Måneskin wearing Gucci for the video of their new song “THE LONELIEST

Måneskin wore a selection of Gucci pieces designed by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele for the video of their new song “THE LONELIEST”.  Recently released, “THE LONELIEST” is the most listened to new song, globally.

The way I see it, when it comes to dressing musicians, you have to find the link between and unique offerings and individual style. In my opinion, Rock & Roll style will keep you looking fly with a individual stylistic approach to call your own. As a fashion stylist, I’ve worked with musicians like Iggy Pop, A$AP Rocky, Playboy Carti, Justin Bieber, Halsey Katy Perry and Wiz Khalifa and many more. My decades of hands-on experience has provided me with great insight as to which clothing companies do it best. It is not as easy as one would think to pair up a group with a brand but in this case both band and brand fit together seamlessly.

This season, if your aim is to get on-trend with rock & roll style, It’s time to go all-in on flared pants, balaclavas, and big collars. The youth generations style-minded men and women have been wearing flared pants, silk scarves, velvet and thick chains.

Måneskin is one of the most talked about bands right now. After a year of success, Måneskin are the most listened to Italian artists in the world on Spotify. Back in 2015, the group got their start on the streets of Rome and, just a short time after, they became one of the most popular rock acts of their generation, reaching over 5 billion streams on all digital platforms.

Måneskin’s wardrobe includes dark formal suits, tailored evening shirts, patent leather pants, a lace bodysuit, a black chiffon cape with tulle and leather flower detail as well as leather and vinyl accessories.

With their brand-new video of “THE LONELIEST” ballad – directed by Tommaso Ottomano and where the dramatic and surreal mood is emphasized by sudden rain – Måneskin continue to assert themselves as one of the most exciting rock bands of our time.

Måneskin has previously worked with Gucci and creative director Alessandro Michele in the past, appearing in the design house’s Gucci Aria campaign last year. 

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