Luxury Brands Team Up With 8 Pro-Athletes To Muscle Up Style For Fall/Winter 2023

Another example is how luxury watch brand ZENITH and Aaron Rodgers celebrated the unveiling of their new limited-edition collaboration- the Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers in New York City. The design- 15 months in the making- is Rodgers' first eponymous watch.

By Joseph DeAcetis Published: October 31 2023

Style Game:

The editors of Stye Lujo teamed up with sports and fashion experts to highlight the most stylish athletes in sports.

The impact pro-athletes have on menswear is important to the menswear industry.

For example;

Searches for ‘washed out denim’ skyrocket 133% as fashion experts reveal the six biggest men’s fashion trends for Fall.

  • Washed out denim is the most popular menswear trend of the season, surging 133% in searches after NFL tight end for the Kansas City Chief Travis Kelce is spotted in a double denim ensemble. 
  • Denim jackets are the second most popular menswear item for fall, with a 70% increase in Pinterest searches this past month. 
  • Trench coats are also popular, with a 60% increase in monthly searches. 

Research carried out by fashion experts at BoohooMAN has revealed the most popular fall fashion items for men, by examining the rise in monthly searches on Pinterest. When searching for the most popular menswear trends, 40 different search terms were used, which included various color variations of clothing items. 

Washed out denim – 133% in monthly Pinterest searches 

Pinterest searches have skyrocketed in the past three months, spiking at the end of September by 133% for washed out denim. Faded denim jackets and jeans have risen in popularity, in particular after Travis Kelce, NFL star and new boyfriend of Taylor Swift, was spotted wearing a double denim, blue and cream ensemble. 

Styling double denim can seem daunting, however a matching set has proven to be particularly popular in recent months. Starting out with more neutral colours, such a greys or blacks is a safer option however, a washed-out denim look can offer a vintage feel that is timeless. 

More than ever, the luxury apparel market curates celebrity collaborations—the more rare the piece, the higher the price. Many brands are developing minimal production runs to incite consumer interest. In today’s times, luxury brand collaborations have generously accelerated as they help brands further expand in a global market. Comparably, sports and style have enjoyed a long history of direct influence on each other. Both players and athletes have not only influenced fashion trends but have become style icons in their own right. When it comes to setting trends, high-end fashion brands laser-focus on collaborations to create fresh style and fashionable athletic wear 

Make no bones about it: Celebrity athletes give significant meaning to the term brand ambassador. For instance, take NBA Champion, entrepreneur, and style icon Kyle Kuzma, who is again making waves in the fashion world, this time by joining forces with multi-hyphenate Teyana Taylor to collaborate on his highly anticipated tunnel look.

Kyle represents a new era of athletes who understand how to harness the power of fashion for personal expression. This collaboration celebrates individuality and shows how fashion and creativity can transcend industries to create impactful cultural moments.” – Teyana Taylor.

These exclusive partnerships have facilitated brands to acquire new target markets and give loyal customers something new and different as the brand evolves into the future. In short, brands aim to keep their customer base as the brand accelerates forward to increase its market reach. 

Another example is how luxury watch brand ZENITH and Aaron Rodgers celebrated the unveiling of their new limited-edition collaboration- the Chronomaster Sport Aaron Rodgers in New York City. The design- 15 months in the making- is Rodgers’ first eponymous watch.

ZENITH CEO Julien Tornare shared, “It was great collaborating on the design of this beautiful timepiece. Aaron was very involved in the design process and has input his creativity. We are very proud of how it turned out.

Aaron Rodgers added, “Incredible teamwork with Zenith; I want to thank everyone who has supported me in making this vision come to life. The watch has been 15- months in the making, and I am happy that it turned out this great.”

The ZENITH Chronomaster Sports Aaron Rodgers is a limited edition of 250 pieces. It will be available for purchase via the Swiss brand’s physical and online boutiques worldwide starting November 2, 2023.   

What the editors at find interesting is the fact that collaborations provide an opportunity for luxury brands to reevaluate their brand DNA and brand heritage. More importantly, a strong brand/ celebrity collaboration can redefine product offerings to reflect a modern or on-trend consumer. Today, focusing on a consumer-centric brand aims to strengthen brand loyalty. 

Regarding exclusive partnerships to broaden a brand’s reach, ZEGNA introduced Oasi Cashmere as a creative platform through the newly launched exclusive collaboration with The Elder Statesman. Known for its free-spirited aesthetic, the Californian label’s psychedelic tie-dyed patterns and vibrant palette impart a playful feel to impeccably soft Oasi Cashmere: 

Data results prove that social media has become the foundation where brands can see the impact of star power. The data feed is instant – especially the bragging rights as the posts fly through multiple channels posted across the top social media platforms. Not only can a fashion brand witness immediate sales, but it also opens new markets by engaging millennials and Gen Z to afford a piece of luxury – albeit a fragrance or even to engage and aspire to purchase the brand one day in the future as they rise in the workforce. One thing is sure: whether a luxury brand inks a deal or styles a professional athlete, using entertainment marketing to communicate a brand message is critical to a luxury brand’s success. 

In the following examples, you’ll view the professional athletes and the powerful engine of fashion brands that stand beside them. 



On October 30th, ZENITH unveiled a limited-edition watch designed by the 4-time MVP

ZENITH, the renowned LVMH-owned Swiss watch manufacture, and future Hall of Fame quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, unveiled a special limited-edition timepiece. Aaron Rodgers has been ZENITH’s brand ambassador since January 2021. Watchmaking and American football share many crucial attributes, including speed and the quest for precision. The quarterback must be absolutely accurate when passing the ball, and football is frequently called a game of inches. In games that come down to the wire, time takes on a new meaning: a quarterback has just seconds to find an open player and make a game winning throw.

Aaron Rodgers is the perfect ambassador for ZENITH. He is often seen wearing the Manufacturer’s CHRONOMASTER Sport, which features the latest generation of the renowned El Primero column-wheel chronograph calibre that’s able to measure and display 1/10th of a second. Every meticulous detail of this watch resonates with the profound connection that Rodgers shares with timekeeping and precision. The intricate design, the exquisite craftsmanship, and the carefully selected materials all bear witness to the profound journey of self-expression that Rodgers undertook in the design of this timepiece.

Aaron Rodgers has been a brand ambassador for ZENITH since January 2021. Over the course a 15-month period, Rodgers, alongside ZENITH watchmakers and CEO, Julien Tornare, collaborated to create a unique design inspired by Rodgers exemplary career.

The Elder Statesmen And Travis Kelce

Photo Credit: Mikayla Schmidt.


 Travis Kelce, NFL tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, wore a ZEGNA x The Elder Statesman FW23 vicuna striped cashmere and wool zip bomber jacket and green Oasi cashmere beanie

Louis Vuitton And Lionel Messi:

Lionel Messi wears custom Louis Vuitton and the new Tambour watch to win the 2023 Ballon d’Or® which is presented in the Louis Vuitton Official Trophy Trunk

Lionel Messi wears a custom single-breasted tuxedo in a printed black Damoflage wool with a white shirt, black bowtie and black derbies. The look is completed with the new Tambour watch in 18k yellow gold. Louis Vuitton became the Official Trophy Trunk Partner to the Ballon d’Or®️, the world’s most prestigious individual football player award. For more information:


SUPER WELTER BOXER BRAIN CEBALLO WEARS POTRO DEMIM. POTOR collaborated to create a unique design inspired by Ceballo’s exemplary career. Photography by Macrae Marran

POTRO WILL SPONSOR BOXER BRAND AMBASSADOR BRIAN CEBALLO for his upcoming event on November 9th 2023 at Madison Square Garden. This event is in partnership with UFC 295: Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic, which is anticipated to be the biggest UFC event of the year.

POTRO, the renowned LATINX activewear menswear brand and super welter boxer Brian Ceballo will unveil special limited-edition pieces for the event.

Brian Ceballo has been POTRO’s brand ambassador since 2021. Mens activewear and boxing have alot in common, including the importance of strength and resiliency. A boxer must be conscientious and accurate each second – hence the term- Sweet Science of strategizing and finding ways to defeat your opponent. In games that come down to the wire, boxing takes on a new meaning: a boxer like Ceballo has just seconds to find that sweet science – fists first.

Brian Ceballo is the perfect ambassador for POTRO. He is often seen wearing the Classic POLO shirts which features pima cotton harvested and made in Lima, Peru. Every meticulous detail of this polo shirt resonates with a profound LATINX connection that Ceballo shares with his Puerto Rican and Dominican heritage.

The masculine design, exquisite craftsmanship, and the carefully selected materials all bear witness to the profound journey of self-expression that Ceballo undertook in the design of this POLO


Photo Credit: Kiel Leggere.


Jalen Hurts, NFL quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, wore a ZEGNA vicuna cashmere and silk crewneck sweater, and ZEGNA x The Elder Statesman FW23 vicuna cashmere trousers with lilac pinstripes ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles game on Sunday.

AMIRI And Kyle Kuzma:

Jacket/Top: Amiri –Pants: Amiri-Shoes: Amiri-Sunglasses: Amiri
Timepiece: F.P. Journe Elegante (black/grey)
Bag: Amiri

NBA Champion, entrepreneur and style icon Kyle Kuzma is once again making waves in the fashion world, this time by joining forces with multi-hyphenate Teyana Taylor to collaborate on his highly anticipated tunnel look.

They narrowed down 5 look options and chose to work with their mutual friend Mike Amiri and  Amiri’s Fall 2023 Menswear Collection for Kuzma’s tunnel moment. Kuzma, who is known for his fearless style choices, is a leading figure in the intersection of sports and high fashion, and this collaboration with Taylor demonstrates how his forward-thinking approach to fashion is setting new standards for versatility and cultural impact beyond the court.

“It was an absolute honor to collaborate with Teyana on this tunnel look as I’ve always respected her style and influence on pop culture. We both share a love of taking risks and thinking outside of the box in fashion, so combining our creative energies and artistic visions to build out this moment with the Amiri team was an extraordinary experience.” – Kyle Kuzma 

Versace And Lewis Hamilton:

Lewis Hamilton wore Versace during the F1 Grand Prix of United States. The Formula One driver wore a cable knit sweater vest and chinos with signature Medusa buttons from the Resort 2024 collection. He completed the look with Medusa Biggie sunglasses.

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