Lingerie: Intimissimi Announces Jennifer Lopez as Global Brand Ambassador

Intimissimi Announces Jennifer Lopez as Global Brand Ambassador --

The lingerie trends you will see everywhere in 2023:

Lingerie is one of the deepest forms of self-expression. In addition to improving your comfort and sense of beauty, lingerie boosts your self-esteem and sense of self-love. The connection between fashion and inner clothing seems to be stronger than ever. The way I see it, lingerie is a component of attire that contributes significantly to the aesthetic appeal of fashionable outerwear.

2023 brings along new fashion trends and sensations. And if you curious in keeping up with the latest trends in lingerie, then take a look at Intimissimi new collection for Spring-Summer 2023. The brand recently announced Jennifer Lopez as Global Brand Ambassador.

Sofia Bra col. Valentine Pink $69.00
Silk Kimono col. Valentine Pink $159.00

Underwear-as-Outerwear Trend:

The fashion trends for 2023 are very distinct from those of the past. People want to be comfortable, and rightly so. When it comes to lingerie trends in 2023, the colors and materials that are popular right now are bright hues, geometric patterns, pastel tints, cotton fabric, and charming lace or adorable bow accents. For example, vivid magenta has been named the Pantone colour of the year for 2023. Magenta, a variation of the color red, signifies energy and passion and positive predictions into the future.

Intimissimi’s bra with a satin finish will give it a little more sophistication. This full-cup, wire-free bra with a satin finish and detailed adornment provides your bust excellent shape and support.

Like fashion, the approach to lingerie has had a major change in the last few years. For example, comfort has been a key trend since the pandemic. And today, underwear as outerwear is, found in abundance. For spring 2023 runways, some version of lingerie-as-fashion was present. From babydoll nighties to silky slips with intricate detailing, underpinnings and outerwear prove to be on trend. In fact, the new concept at the runway shows highlighted the sheerest of shirts revealing the outline of bras.

Gioia Bra col. Digital Turquoise $69.00
Silk Mannish-Cut Jacket col. Digital Turquoise Silk Mannish-Cut Jacket $139.00
Silk Pajama Pants col. Digital Turquoise $119.00

The Italian lingerie and intimate apparel brand confirmed the news to coincide with the release of their Spring/Summer 2023 campaign. The campaign, featuring Lopez, celebrates women and empowers them to feel confident and valued in all their roles. Lopez brings a strong and modern sexiness to the brand and communicates its core values.

“When looking for a brand partner who embodies the spirit of all our iconic customers, we immediately looked to Jennifer Lopez. We want women to live the most fulfilling life and feel empowered every day,”said Matteo Veronesi, Chief Executive Officer of Intimissimi.

The campaign aims to capture the essence of a vibrant Italian summer using cinematic imagery to transform the colors of Positano in the new Spring/Summer 2023 campaign. Hues of fuchsia representing the bougainvillea, orange for the glowing sun, and turquoise symbolizing the Mediterranean Sea are weaved throughout the new range.

Sofia Bra col. Flame Scarlet $69.00
Silk Mannish-Cut Jacket col. Talco $139.00
Silk Pajama Pants col. Talco $119.00

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