Improve Your Health and Your Game with Pickleball: Match Tracker

Pickleball is the hottest "new" sport that actually dates back to 1965.

Picking up a new hobby or participating in a new physical activity can be an exciting way to improve our mental and physical health. However, one of the most intimidating aspects of taking on new challenges is our willingness to learn and accept our beginner abilities. Then there’s the foolish factor, giving in to a fear of looking stupid if we make mistakes or compare ourselves to more experienced participants.

Luckily for pickleball, a sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, little’s been deterring this paddle sport’s sudden rise in popularity. Due to its welcoming, low barrier to entry and high physical and social activity, the game’s fame continues escalating.

For wannabes, newbies, and experienced players looking to take their game to new heights, avid player and coach, Trey Sizemore has made it his mission to introduce and improve your pickleball play. After learning of the sport in 2017, Trey was instantly hooked and decided to set a vision of bringing the sport to the masses with his many pickleball-themed endeavors, including his new book, Pickleball: Match Tracker.

“Even though pickleball was easy to learn, I soon discovered it was much harder to master.” – Trey Sizemore

The book is a great way to learn the sport, receive equipment and playing guidance, and record scores and rating details to help improve your game. Despite the funny terminology that needs a glossary, and yes, the book has one, pickleball rules are relatively simple. The book contains details like court description, how to choose the right paddle based on its surface, and picking the right grip and shape. The detailed breakdown of equipment guidance is a nice tactical touch that is easy to understand and informative when gathering the necessary pieces to play. Record match details, game highlights and challenges to keep track of your progression!

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Pickleball Encourages a Wide Age Range, Fights Against a Sedentary Lifestyle

Players aged 55 and up were the largest age bracket of pickleball players in 2021, comprising 19.8% of total participants, according to the SFIA Single Sport Participation Report on Pickleball. With a growing number of retirees seeking active lifestyles, pickleball’s low-impact nature makes it an ideal sport for older adults.

A sedentary lifestyle poses significant health risks, particularly for the aging population. Prolonged inactivity is linked to various adverse health outcomes, such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, certain cancers, and increased mortality risk. Even among individuals who engage in regular physical activity, extended periods of sitting can negate many of the benefits of their exercise routines​ (BioMed Central)​​ (MDPI)​.

In 2022, according to and data from the Association of Pickleball Professionals,  there are estimated 36.5 million pickleball players in the U.S. Players aged 18 to 34 were the second largest age bracket, making up 18.5% of total participants. The average age of pickleball players was 38.1 years in 2021. Pickleball player growth in 2021 was the fastest among players under 24 years of age (21%).

Pickleball can be played both indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile sport suitable for various climates and seasons. Many community centers, gyms, and retirement communities have adopted pickleball as a key activity, further driving its popularity. Even less used tennis courts are being converted into pickleball courts, due to their low learning curve and more consistent volleys during the game among varied skill levels.

Unlike tennis or other high-impact sports, pickleball is easier on the joints. The court is smaller, and the ball moves slower, which reduces the risk of injury, while still providing a good cardiovascular workout. However, as with any new activity, it’s important to focus on safety and injury prevention. Therefore, the book offers preparation and recovery tips to guide you along the way.

More about the Author

Trey Sizemore became an IPTPA-certified instructor and launched the World Pickleball Summit in 2018, a groundbreaking online event bringing together top-tier pickleball players and coaches. The summit is a knowledge hub, offering enthusiasts a unique opportunity to refine their skills through expert-led instruction. At the heart of Trey’s commitment to player development is his brainchild,, the home of all things pickleball education using multi-format instruction. Trey also cofounded, a unique, game-changing online course leveraging the Blocker-Workhorse method, a strategy players use to have their greatest results on the court.

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