Holiday Gift Guide 2023: The Best Tech Gifts To Buy In 2023

Oceanic+ Dive Housing - $489.95 The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is the first of its kind to take full advantage of your iPhone underwater for the best in underwater photography, dive computers, and sharing capabilities so now anyone can share their underwater adventures and stories. Designed for rugged underwater use, the Oceanic+ Dive Housing is depth rated to 60 meters (196 feet)

By Joseph DeAcetis Published: September 24, 2023

This year’s best gadgets make for easy gifting wins.

By Joseph DeAcetis Published: September 25, 2023

It’s never too early to start planning Holiday 2023 gift ideas. Early planning is key to getting the perfect presents on your gift list. will help you spark some inspiration as you plan for the best season of joy. From stocking stuffers to secret Santa, Hanukkah gifts and Kwanzaa gifts and more… our team of editors has you covered.

Just as the 2023 tech-enthusiasts predicted, the upcoming season will revolve around tech 3.0 and beyond. At this point, it’s easier to count the times when we’re not using tech, versus when we are. From smart phones to our homes and vehicles, it’s everywhere. And that’s a good thing- given how it’s improving our lives.

But when you see that finding the most advanced tech gifts is how to surprise the gift recipient, it is a shopping hunt that requires serious attention. To really surprise the heck out of the people on your Holiday gift-giving list, new underwater camera’s and hybrid goggles – might just do the trick.

For other suggestions, went ahead and found the best tech gifts for anyone on your list.

Expect to see tech-grills and apparel and great kitchen counter items and so much more! Our aim is to help you get the right gifts that will make the recipient experience that felling of awe and wonder when they see what’s under the tree and beneath the wrapping paper.

Attending a party and need a present for the host? tech home gifts, never fails to bring the smiles and gratitude. We’re always introducing much needed gifts filled with treats in to our repertoire of advice and suggestions.

We’re dropping the latest & greatest new generation of tech this season, so it’s worth it to keep an eye out for every new launch.

Most people today have just dipped their toes in the water when it comes gifting tech items. In the coming year, tech products will be front of thought for most consumers as people shift inwards by prioritising their personal growth, and their career

There is a precious light that is hidden in tech gifts that lluminates our days. To celebrate, the team curated a selection of tech products in which leisure spirit is paired with stylistic sophistication and ease of use. Each item embodies the idea of advancements in technology, which people are longing for this holiday season.


Our cards range from $4.99 to $139 (metal card) – currently it’s $4.99 to $69 due to the sale period. Images courtesy of Mobilo

Gift of Networking – Mobilo Smart Business Card

Holiday gifting is a big part of the season checklist. Picking gifts for friends and family more often is not an easy task. A lot of thought goes into the selection of gifts. While you may find this in many tech gift guides, it’s still a gift to surprise your loved ones. Mobilo smart business card is an NFC and QR code powered business card. That enables you to share your contact details and other information with a Tap.
Here’s how you can benefit by carrying one Mobilo instead of a stack of Business cards:

-A great first impression, you can wow your connections by the swift contact exchange.

– Never run out of Business cards again, all you need is one card

– Stand out from Others while networking, be in your connections phone within a tap. Never be forgotten again
– Instant follow ups, you can connect your card to a CRM of your choice, slack, salesforce, google docs, etc(5000+ apps). Your connection’s info gets automatically entered into your CRM system.You can also benefit from the QR code feature of this card. You can use this card during your online meetings, just hold up your card to the camera for a quick scan. You can now share any information you want during the meetings.

With Mobilo, you’re not only giving a smart tech gift but also an environmentally conscious one. Making the switch from paper business cards to Mobilo saves money and trees. Every year 2 million trees are cut to manufacture Paper Business cards, 88% of those cards end up in the Bin within a week.

Head to Mobilo now and pick from your choice of smart business cards and accessories.
Happy Networking


Oceanic+ Dive Housing - $489.95 The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is the first of its kind to take full advantage of your iPhone underwater for the best in underwater photography, dive computers, and sharing capabilities so now anyone can share their underwater adventures and stories. Designed for rugged underwater use, the Oceanic+ Dive Housing is depth rated to 60 meters (196 feet)

Oceanic+ Dive Housing $489.95

The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is the first of its kind to take full advantage of your iPhone underwater for the best in underwater photography, dive computers, and sharing capabilities so now anyone can share their underwater adventures and stories. Designed for rugged underwater use, the Oceanic+ Dive Housing is depth rated to 60 meters (196 feet). It features an automatic vacuum pump for air removal along with universal mounting points to accommodate various underwater photo accessories. The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is equipped with a depth and temperature sensor to enable the Oceanic+ app to transform the diver’s iPhone into a fully functional dive computer. It works with iPhones starting from SE 2nd generation to the latest version using iOS16 and above. Its battery provides a full week of diving and is fully rechargeable in 45 minutes with a standard USB-C cable. The Oceanic+ app is the heart of the ecosystem for diving with Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone using the Oceanic+ Dive Housing. The new capabilities of the Oceanic+ app allow divers to use both the Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone with Oceanic+ Dive Housing concurrently on the same subscription, giving them the ability to run both dive computers independently at the same time. The cutting-edge Oceanic+ app empowers photographers to capture media files in both compressed and RAW formats, each offering unique benefits to cater to diverse preferences and needs. 

The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is an essential item for those aiming to achieve good style for fall 2023 because it offers a groundbreaking combination of underwater photography, dive computing, and sharing capabilities. Its rugged design, with a depth rating of 60 meters (196 feet) and an automatic vacuum pump for air removal, ensures durability and reliability during fall adventures. This housing, compatible with iPhones from the SE 2nd generation to the latest iOS16 devices, transforms your iPhone into a fully functional dive computer, enhancing both safety and style. With a week-long battery life and rapid recharge capability, its features, such as the simultaneous use of Apple Watch ultra and iPhone, and media capture options in both compressed and RAW formats, make it a versatile and stylish accessory for capturing and sharing underwater stories during Fall 2023. 

Side Trak:

Swivel Pro 13.3” Price: $549.99

Great for the family member that works from home, this ultra-sleek attachable monitor with a patented swivel hinge creates an expansive dual-screen viewing experience. This full HD 13.3” attachable portable monitor features a unique 360° swivel and 270° rotation for customizable configurations. It has freestanding functionality with a built-in kickstand for maximum productivity, anywhere. Its equipped with a lightweight aluminum frame and tempered glass display for added durability. It seamlessly folds against laptops for on-the-go travel. It also mirrors, extends, and auto-rotates for ultimate viewing versatility.  

Available on Amazon


NWM, the future of audio technology refined by Japanese craftsmanship, introducing an exciting NEW launch with the NWM neckband available for purchase on Amazon today!

NWM prides itself on the use of their proprietary personalized sound zone innovation in their state-of-the-art headphones allowing users to stay connected to the world while wearing headphones. NWM’s innovative, research-backed products offers security and safety so users can stay alert to their surroundings while still listening to their favorite songs, or having a work call. 


These Smart eyewear glasses are ChatGPT-enabled via audio command and are one of the hottest AI glasses on the market. ALL Photos owned/provided by Lucyd(R) Eyewear and Innovative Eyewear Inc.

Lucyd Eclipse Smart Glasses

Get the best of both worlds with the Lucyd Eclipse Smart Glasses from the Lyte 2.0 collection. Perfectly combining timeless eyewear design with cutting-edge technology, these glasses offer immersive four-speaker audio, intuitive touch controls, and 12 hours of music and calls per charge. Lucyd Smart eyewear works with ChatGPT, making the smartest AI platform hand-less and audio based.

Currently 34% OFF for a limited time during Lucyd’s early Black Friday online sale. Whether you are shopping for mom, dad, your girlfriend or bestfriend, Lucyd Smart Glasses offer the perfect cutting edge and sleek style.

Smart eyewear brand LUCYD is hosting its Black Friday Sale early—–UP TO 40% OFF NOW:

Sweet Protection:



Image: Courtesy of Sweet Protection 

Sweet Protection Connor Rig Reflect Goggles. $220 

The Connor is the latest edition in our goggle line that stands out with its true frameless design. This model features a 2.8mm toric sculpted lens with our unique proprietary lens technology; RIG. Securing the maximum field of vision without increasing the size of the goggles was the number one priority. The strap is very close to the lens of the goggles, making sure you get a seamless fit with your helmet. This goggle includes superior anti-fog properties due to the Clear AF inner lens technology and Gore Protective Vent to equalize the pressure and avoid deformation of the inner lens – providing optimal working conditions for the eyes. All goggles are available with our revolutionary RIG lens technology, developed by Sweet Protection to provide superior contrast, minimum color distortion, and reduced eye fatigue.  

Answer to the question: The Connor Rig Reflect goggles are essential for those striving to attain a stylish look for Fall 2023 due to their innovative design and functional benefits. These goggles feature a unique reflective lens that not only adds a touch of modern flair to one’s outfit but also offers enhanced visibility and protection during changing light conditions. The combination of sleek aesthetics and cutting-edge lens technology ensures that wearers can effortlessly blend fashion with practicality. By choosing these goggles, individuals can make a fashion-forward statement while enjoying clear vision and eye safety, making them a must- have accessory for the upcoming fall season.  


1More Headphones Price: $69.99 – $149.99. Available on Amazon 

The cutting-edge audio company,1More, released two new earbuds for the fitness & sports enthusiasts. Listen up, 1More is committed to delivering superior sound quality and recently elevated the audio experience with the new s50 and s30 sports headphones. Featuring an innovative open air design, ergonomic design and high-quality sound, sports-minded individuals and video game lovers can engage in a dynamic new way to listen to audio. The 1MORE S50 and S30 sports headphones will be available on Amazon and the 1MORE website for $149.99 and $69.99 respectively.


Nokia XR21  $499.99

This smartphone cures ‘phone-xiety’ – the fear of dropping, damaging or not having a working phone – thanks to its certifiably tough durability and reassuring two


TickTalk4Price: $189.99

TickTalk4 is the advanced 4G/LTE children’s smartwatch phone for ages 5+ that combines video and voice calling, in-app messaging, location tracking, and more to stay connected to your child without a cellphone. It is the safest kids’ smartwatch phone that has all the positives of a cell phone to keep your family connected without sacrificing peace of mind. It does not have the distractions of the internet, games, or social media. Always know your child is safe with location tracking, Emergency SOS, 911 response & 20+ parental controls. With the TickTalk parent app, approve your child’s contacts, and block unknown numbers to keep you in the driver’s seat of your child’s first (non) cell phone. TickTalk 4 includes a free SIM card for an affordable, pay-as-you-go, no-contract plan starting at $9.99 per month.

Available on Amazon, Walmart, and


OtamatonePrice: $17.99- $89.99

Great for kids who are drawn to music, the Otamatone is a cute, quirky, and fun-to-play electronic musical toy. It is characterized by its eighth note-shaped body, adorable moving mouth, and silly, buzzing, amusingly off-key voice. Simply press and slide fingers up and down the touch-sensitive stem to play different notes. You can also squeeze the Otamatone’s “face” to create a “Wah” effect and shake the stem to add Vibrato. One of Japan’s BEST Selling Music Toys. Available on Amazon 


Google Pixel WatchPrice: $349.99

A gift that is sure to impress the tech savvy individual is the Google Pixel Watch! This advanced watch is equipped with turn-by-turn directions via Google Maps along with an interactive view to help lead the way. Featuring Google Wallet, Google Assistant and Google Calendar to help stay on track and keep organized! This amazing watch also packs some Fitbit features including heart rate tracking, sleep score, breathing rate, fall detection, emergency SOS and more! 6 months of these premium Fitbit features are included with the Google Pixel watch (available upon device activation). As the go-to source for everything SMART, Wellbots has sorted through the thousands of different product options and selected the very best in tech. Plus, their customer service is outstanding—customers can call (646-741-2067) to speak with a real person who will expertly aid them through the purchasing process and help to explain and advise the products that’ll best fit their needs (support available in five languages).

Affiliate: ShareASale/Skimlinks 

Heirloom Video Books:

Heirloom Video BooksPrice: 10-Minute Book $49, 20-Minute Book $69, Add a gift box for $12!

Share the greatest gift of all, the gift of happy memories that you share together or those that are special to them! Heirloom video books fit up to 20 minutes of your personalized video. Fill it with your memories, and with special videos made by friends and family. Each video book features a 5” HD screen with a speaker wrapped in a hardcover book. Simply open the book to play the crisp, high-quality video. Heirloom video books do not require any special tech, wifi, or internet to use. Each one comes with a fully rechargeable battery and is made to last. 

Available on sendheirloom.comAmazonWalmart , The Paper Store and Etsy 

Affiliate: ShareASale


 SOUND+SLEEP Aquarius Price: $89.95 

This high-quality, travel-friendly water sound sleep machine provides them with the best sleep of their life by capturing the natural ecosystems with professional recordings reproduced in real-time using the latest advanced electronics. A team of sleep, audio, electronics, and software specialists is behind the development. With six natural sound categories (ocean, brook, waterfall, meadow, rain, whales) and three sound richness selections, there are 18 options for an enjoyable listening experience whether sleeping, reading, or relaxing during travel or at home.

The Fabricant:

“NVIDIA, renowned for their transformative role in AI and gaming over the past three decades, is a vital collaborator in our quest for innovation wit

“The described bodice with multi-arm lace gloves, featuring intricate beading and detailing, is essential for Fall 23 fashion, marking a fresh start in the new year. It embodies self-expression and authenticity, enabling individuals to convey their unique personality and style, akin to embracing one’s true self as they enter the year ahead. Its versatile design allows wearers to express different facets of their identity while remaining true to themselves, making it a practical choice for a distinctive and genuine look as they step into Fall 23 with renewed confidence and style.”

The Fabricant (, a pioneer and leader in the virtual fashion industry, revealed it will join NVIDIA‘s Inception program. This represents a significant opportunity for the fashion industry and a step forward in the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) within its digital-couture atelier.

By utilizing NVIDIA’s knowledge base, The Fabricant aims to transform the fashion design process through cutting-edge real-time rendering and AI technologies. Participation in Inception will bolster The Fabricant’s capabilities, helping enable swift integration of physical brands into the digital realm and better ensuring efficient and visually stunning processes in the rapidly evolving fashion industry.


If you’re looking for a holiday gift for the musician or aspiring musician in your life, look no further than Artiphon’s flagship products, Orba 2 and Chorda. Forget the days of needing a drum set, guitar, bass, or even a keyboard – what if all of those instruments were right at your fingertips on a single smart device? Easy to use, these everyday instruments allow anyone to create music despite musical ability. From kids looking to get started, to adults looking for a new creative outlet, Artiphon’s instruments are the way to go for making music on the go, allowing users to play any sound in the world, create their own instruments, and make songs in seconds.

Strumming and keys not your forte? Hold out your hands and meet the beloved Orba 2. Roughly the size of half an orange, Orba 2 users can record and play any sound imaginable with its unique sample engine. Take your creativity to new heights as you take Orba 2 anywhere you go.

Resembling the neck of a guitar mixed with the keys of a piano, no matter which way you flip it, Chorda users will discover a world of intuitive gestures like strumming and tapping that capture even the most subtle micro-movements. Just as you’d never play the same pluck on a banjo or the same beat on a drum set, Chorda lets you Tap, Press, Radiate, Tilt, and add Vibrato across its 12 musical pads to instantly express yourself with music. 


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