Grace Loves Lace Presents The Best Wedding Dress Styles Of 2024

The internationally renowned Australian brand, Grace Loves Lace, has mastered and authentically integrates these trends into its designs. Explore below for a glimpse of our favorite bridal trends of 2024 showcased by Grace Loves Lace. 

Bridal Trends:

The emergence of fresh trends sets the stage for an exciting year of bridal fashion in 2024. These trends, including bows, florals, pearls, drop waist silhouettes, and opulent lace, open up various captivating selections for the most important day of your life. 

Romantic shapes—such as corset bodices and dropped waists, princess-inspired trains, fabrics in subtle hues of pink, opulent lace and jacquard textures, and even glam mini-skirts are all expected to define the most extensive bridal looks of the year.

At, our bridal editors are especially impressed with the maximalist fashion trends and hallmark accessories to help create everlasting memories of true love. 

And, while traditional white remains a classic choice, wedding dress styles have diversified. For example, maximalist styles are gaining popularity. You can explore the latest trends and choose a style that resonates with your personality.

This season, Grace Loves Lace embraces these trends and develops them into a subtle yet ultra-chic style. The Australian brand integrates these trends into its designs. Please take a look below for a glimpse of our favorite bridal trends of 2024 showcased by Grace Loves Lace

Add a Bow To It:

The bow trend has become a focal point in the fashion scene as we transition from 2023 into 2024, even making its presence felt in the realm of bridal aesthetics. Bows are emerging as a delightful embellishment, offering the perfect opportunity to infuse a touch of sweetness or create a standout fashion statement.


The Martini Gown ($3,200) is the perfect bow moment with its daring low back and scoop neckline, the detachable bow adds a moment to the gown that is sure to be an eye-catcher.


The simple and sweet Valentina Gown ($2,800) achieves a sleek look with a thigh-high slit, flattering pleated bust, and a back tie that can be styled multiple different ways – embracing the bow trend in a beautifully understated way.

Mini Lace Twirl Dress And Hair Bow:

Who says bows have to be just for the bride? Not Grace Loves Lace. Want to incorporate the bow trend into the wedding but not necessarily in the bride’s dress? Pair the adorable Mini Lace Twirl Dress ($220) paired with the Mini Twirl Bow Hair Tie ($25) for the flower girl!

Pearly Long Veil:

Pearls Never Go Out Of Style:

While pearls have long been a staple in bridal trends, the 2024 approach involves a heightened presence of these timeless gems gracing the aisle in various forms—adorning gowns, veils, and accessories.

Whether opting for a simple touch or embracing a full-on mermaidcore, pearls offer a splendid means to infuse traditional and classy bridal elements into your ensemble.

The Pearly Long Veil ($350) is a striking long veil made to fall effortlessly over the dress’s train, featuring sheer ivory and pearl studded tulle to give the illusion of floating pearls. This veil is timeless and classic.

Lucine Backpiece:

Grace Loves Lace’s Lucine Backpiece ($360) stands as one of the most coveted jewelry masterpieces to date. With cascading layers of lustrous pearl strands intertwined with radiant sterling silver chains and a singular baroque pearl drop, this piece is designed for the woman who effortlessly commands the room.


Adding pearls to accessories to a  bridal look adds the perfect touch without feeling over the top. The Willa Earrings (Right, $120), Celeste Headband  (Middle, $80), and the Solene Earrings (Left, $110) are the ideal accessories to add that simple touch of pearl elegance you are looking for. 

Flower Power 

Floral appliqués have taken center stage, making a striking statement as they grace the aisle this year. The intricate beauty of floral details has woven its way into dresses, veils, and accessories, showcasing that florals can transcend the confines of the bridal bouquet and become exquisite embellishments throughout the entire ensemble.


Sexy, sweet, and full of life, the Carmen Gown ($2,500) is the go-to dress to incorporate florals into your wedding look.  The intricate lace details and floral elements are an absolute showstopper.

Pierlot Veil:

Grace Loves Lace’s Pierlot Veil ($450) is a stunning long train veil that features 68 romantic florals artfully placed. This veil is a simple yet stunning way to incorporate those small romantic details into your look.

Lace Lovers

No one has an affection for lace quite like Grace! Lace stands as a timeless wedding feature that defies the ebb and flow of trends. What we’re witnessing is a flourishing trend where lace not only endures but evolves, weaving itself into more intricate and detailed forms.

The newest addition to the Grace collection, Dahlia ($3,200), embodies truly feminine details and celebrates romance and passion. Grace Loves Lace recommends airing the Dahlia with the Lumi Veil ($440) – a bridal accessory that is both chic and sustainable.


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