French Football Icon Kylian Mbappé Scores As Hublot’s New Ambassador

French footballer Kylian Mbappé has been named the new face of Hublot watches.

In 2022, athletes are more than just players on the field. The skills and characteristics embodied by athletes are largely admired and respected by consumers from all walks of life. For youth, an athlete is a role-model. And for the fashion and watch industry, the right athlete can be a trendsetter, tastemaker and social influencer. Sport ignites passion. It is a source of commitment, positivity and entertainment, and at the certain level, sport accelerates a fan phenomenon that other sectors of society are hard pushed to match. In fact, athletes sell products by creating connections between a brand and a consumer that are so important to long-term commercial success in modern business.

French football icon kylian mbappe scores as hublots new ambassador

At the young age of 23, Kylian Mbappé was already accelerating the sport to new heights as the player of his generation. And more importantly on the subject of time, the Paris Saint-Germain winger’s PSG contract is up this summer 2022 which has an abundant number of team owners very interested.

Throughout the brands history, Hublot has pioneered relationships on the sports field with top-athletes from Novak Djokovic to Usain Bolt to Pelé. Photographed by Ezra Petonio, the campaign conveys its message through an images series of contemporary portraits– wearing the Swiss watch company’s latest timepieces.

When a brand’s culture aligns well with an athlete, it creates a direct path to reach the consumer audience. Nowadays, social media has allowed athletes to engage with consumers outside of the traditional platforms. Athletes are increasingly operating as social media influencers due to their direct line of communication with fans and followers. There is a tremendous amount of interest and curiosity from consumers around an athlete’s life. That message of perseverance and unlocking potential is one which resonates with all ages, including the consumers of tomorrow.

To succeed as a soccer player today, you have to complex blend of traits. While soccer is an extremely active sport, requiring an agile physique able to move quickly and easily. But, you also have to be proficient with the ball. Beyond these areas, though, are several more, including your mental fortitude and team commitment. More to the point, players must have excellent technique including ball mastery and control. They must exhibit enough endurance and strength while demonstrating a strong mental state.

Considered one of the world’s best footballers, Kylian Mbappé is in the prime of his life, a living embodiment of passion, success and the power of dreams. Founded in Switzerland in 1980, HUBLOT is defined by its innovation, which began with the highly original combination of gold and rubber. The brand captures the player’s excellence, applying a fresh contemporary aesthetic in the latest Hublot gloabal advertising campaign. Mbappé, renowned for his sporting intelligence, charismatic spirit and solid dedication, is an icon and inspiration of world football on and off the field.

“It was an honour to work on this project, to address the relationship we have with time. I love simplicity, and the beauty of lasting things that have soul.” KYLIAN MBAPPÉ INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALLER

French football icon kylian mbappe scores as hublots new ambassador

Mbappé, and Hublot are united by shared values including a long-standing respect for creativity, work, integrity and the quest for perfection. Understanding the physiological weight imposed on soccer players body energy systems and the muscles involved is necessary to develop training protocol. Especially in elite athletes, the most important form of training is that which matches energy use and biomechanics of an intended competitive performance. Therefore, you can see the alignment of the match-analysis between Hublots brand culture and the athleticism of Kylian Mbappé. In a sense, Hublots precise timing expertise relates well to the physiological conditions imposed by the game.

“One of the brand’s ambassadors, Kylian is universally respected for his excellence on the pitch and his humility off it. Ezra is a seeker of perfection whose unique signature is a creative vision that finds inspiration in all areas of the creative arts. Their shared ethos reflects the Hublot philosophy, and we were delighted to bring them together for this campaign.” RICARDO GUADALUPE Hublot CEO

French football icon kylian mbappe scores as hublots new ambassador

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