Earth Day 2024: The Most Popular Sustainable Brands Where Planet Vs Plastic

Earth Day theme— “Planet vs. Plastic”— demands a 60% reduction in the production of all plastics by 2040.

Liverpool Los Angeles, a well-known clothing designer, believes that sustainability isn't just news, it's a crucial responsibility we have towards future generations and our planet's natural resources. Their denim styles encompass the perfect Liverpool "look" while minimizing their effect on the environment.

This year, Earth Day is finally getting the recognition that it deserves. Today, younger generations are turning their focus to their wardrobes by pushing the narrative for people to make sustainable choices in their everyday lives. The commitment to using recycled materials and implementing eco-friendly technologies aligns perfectly with the spirit of Earth Day and the growing demand for sustainable fashion options.

Go organic: It is essential to buy clothing and nestle into the apparel made with organic fabrics. One should always ask a retailer where to find the sustainable apparel and accessories section. By doing so, you’ll play a small part in reducing pesticide use and keeping the earth and our water sources clean. Go natural: Buy clothing made with natural fabric fibers instead of synthetic fabrics.

Sustainable fashion is an eco-friendly practice in the fashion industry, referencing designing, producing, and consuming clothes that respect the planet, with a planned strategy to sustain the environment by looking at both the planetary and human impact. In addition, the industry’s sustainability practice helps ensure the lives of people who make the apparel through safe work conditions, living wages, and enforced child labor laws.

This Earth Month doesn’t just stop being sustainable, but shop brands supporting the environment by giving back! Whether you are shopping for ETICA jeans, a pair of sunnies or opticals by Paradigm Eyewear, or your must-have silks from LILYSILK, these brands notice the give-back aspect. The Svaki Dan brand prioritizes using biodegradable or recyclable materials like Supima cotton, Tencel lyocell, and organic cotton. Partnering with local factories and suppliers ensures high-quality, ethically produced apparel that promotes sustainable production and supports local communities.

These brands are making it simple for you and others to give back to the environment and shop smart Earth Month and beyond! Additional information on how these brands are giving back can be found below.

Reducing your environmental impact is essential to you and future generations. Our team of editors at talked to experts to determine what brands are green and what you should look for when shopping for sustainable fashion.

While the fashion industry hasn’t always been known for having the most eco-friendly practices, thankfully, today, a number of companies are putting sustainability at the forefront of their business models.

From up-cycling to using repurposed materials using less water and carbon dioxide, these eco-conscious brands are developing new ways to create, produce, package, and ship apparel and accessories that leave less of a carbon footprint and give back to the environment – all in the name of on-trend style.

You can just read on for the brands we selected below, which serve stylish looks while keeping their carbon footprint down 


Boxing Champ Brian Ceballo wears POTRO polo and hand-painted boxing gloves by @AlvinSurreal.
Image courtesy of Macrae Marran; Studio Film Manager Agata Drogowska;
Fashion Styling Ilona Woodward

POTRO commitment to sustainability is evident in product and packaging. This Spring- Summer 24 season, the pique polo shirt is made from organic cotton,a fabric derived from local farms. POTRO’s mission is to partner with Return To Freedom, a non-for profit organization dedicated to preserving the freedom, diversity, and habitat of America’s wild horses and burros through sanctuary, education, advocacy, and conservation. #somospotro

Maison Miru:

Image crediCourtesy of Maison Miru

Maison Miru ID Bracelet ($160)

Made of sustainable and durable stainless steel for 24/7 wear, the ID Bracelet features Maison Miru’s signature bubble chain with the ID plate for a genderfluid design that’s inherently inclusive; it’s a design that everyone can wear. Available in Gold and Silver, the ID Bracelet is offered in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Each size/color combination is made in a batch of 100, editioned with a unique number (1-100).

The ID Bracelet is made of recycled stainless steel, which is resistant to tarnishing. Like 14K gold, it can be affected by chemicals and high levels of minerals, but for most people, high-quality stainless steel will maintain its color. Durable and waterproof, stainless steel is hypoallergenic. Additionally, the jewelry boxes the brand uses are made of recycled paper and are recyclable.

Stone Island:


Shirt jacket made in Panama weaved fabric in 50% recycled cotton yarn from its own production chain, 50% Lyocell derived from cellulose. The finished garment is then dyed with natural mineral pigments for a treated appearance, with the addition of a PFC free anti-drop agent.

Overstitched collar with small buttoned strap. Two slightly slanting pockets on chest, one with zip fastening, the other with buttoned flap. Hand pockets on seam. White Stone Island fabric research badge on the left sleeve. Buttoned strap at cuffs. Yoke on back. Button fastening hidden by placket.

Liverpool Los Angeles:

Liverpool Los Angeles, a well-known clothing designer, believes that sustainability isn't just news, it's a crucial responsibility we have towards future generations and our planet's natural resources. Their denim styles encompass the perfect Liverpool "look" while minimizing their effect on the environment.

Liverpool Los Angeles, a well-known clothing designer, believes that sustainability isn’t just news, it’s a crucial responsibility we have towards future generations and our planet’s natural resources. Their denim styles encompass the perfect Liverpool “look” while minimizing their effect on the environment.



Credit: Rocksbox

The Pre-Owned Jared 1/2ct Diamond Pendant Necklace in 10k Solid Gold is a rock-solid, elegant choice for special occasions. Featuring real diamonds set in 10k solid gold, this pendant necklace is part of the Pre-Owned Luxury by Rocksbox fine jewelry collection.

It’s now easier for consumers to access coveted fine jewelry from jewelry from Kay, Zales, and Jared. Not only does buying pre-owned accessories contribute to the positive impacts of the circular economy, but it also allows the shoppers to access must-have higher-priced items at a more accessible price point. By purchasing pre-owned jewelry from Pre-Owned Luxury from Rocksbox, we can reduce waste and environmental impacts. At Rocksbox, they are seeing an uptick of shoppers opting for pre-owned fine jewelry, with the Pre-Owned Luxury by Rocksbox collection. With a 200% increase in pre-owned fine jewelry sales in the first 3 months of 2024, Rocksbox anticipates this shopping trend to continue to grow through 2024 and beyond.

One Golden Thread:

Dress, Evening Dress, Face, Fashion, Female, Formal Wear, Head, Long Sleeve, Person, Photography, Portrait, Sleeve, Suit, Woman, Adult

The Little Black Dress

The elevated essentials brand goes beyond sustainability with reforestation and eco-conscious threads. With every purchase, a tree is planted through their reforestation partner, One Tree Planted. With over 88,000 trees planted, the conscious collective brand is devoted to reforestation through comfort threads fashioned by nature. 

“Divine Collection,” a collection exclusively honoring the female form, fierceness, and feminine spirit. The first piece of this collection, the Little Black Dress


Kellix LA is a new fashion brand emphasizing their Eco waste and eco-technology for their denim collection with a mission of providing reliability and sustainability while aiming at continuity in quality and design with quality, ethics, and environmental responsibility.

One Golden Thread:

One Golden Thread uses a blend of two of the most luxurious and ethical natural elements from nature –  Lenzing Micro-Modal and Supima Cotton. One Golden Thread designs with the end in mind – materials that will naturally biodegrade back to Earth.


SIDIA, clean body care and fine fragrance inspired by the secrets of our matriarchs. Founded by Erin Kleinberg, in celebration of her late grandmother, SIDIA handcrafts luxuriously decadent body care and intoxicating scents intended to invoke a feeling of ease and liberation, setting out to build upon and redefine what luxury actually means for today. 

Anne Klein:

Make both a style and environmental impact with this solar-powered watch. The bracelet links are made from sustainable recycled plastics removed from the ocean. Functional up to four months when fully charged by any type of light. All Photos Courtesy of Anne Klein

Consider It solar power watch made from recycled Ocean Plastic 

Made from Recycled Ocean Plastics! Sea Watches differently! Anne Klein is cleaning up the ocean, one watch at a time. Anne Klein has teamed up with Oceanworks®, a trailblazing leader in removal of ocean plastics worldwide, to design a sustainable collection created from plastic waste that has been transformed into new recycled materials.

Gelato Pique:

Gelato Pique combines style and sustainability, offering environmentally conscious pajamas made from eco-friendly polyester derived from recycled plastic bottles. Their “recycled gelato” fabric not only reduces waste but also supports environmental preservation. 


Sprayground, the globally recognized streetwear superbrand, has just launched the Earth Day Every Day Glow Shark Backpack, made from 100% recycled polyester and featuring glow-in-the-dark printing.

This innovative backpack is not only sustainable but also fashion-forward, making it a must-have for anyone looking to make a statement. 

Sprayground has a reputation for pushing boundaries and promoting creative self-expression, and this backpack is no exception. With its focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness, this story is perfect for Earth Day and beyond.

Here are some key highlights of the backpack:

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles from the ocean.
  • Features glow-in-the-dark printing with a captivating image of the earth.
  • Multiple compartments for optimal organization.
  • Available online and in exclusive boutiques worldwide,
  • Price: $65 USD

Svaki Dan:

Svaki Dan Supima Cotton T-Shirt. Courtesy of Noel McGrath

Svaki Dan Supima Cotton T-Shirt

Svaki Dan T-shirts elevate your every day with sustainable comfort. They are made from 100% Supima Cotton, which means their T-shirts are made fully in the United States, as Supima is exclusively grown on family-owned farms in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Further, their entire production process is localized, as they work with a fabric mill in North Carolina and their T-shirts are produced in a small factory in Pennsylvania. 

Going a step further, Svaki Dan encourages their customers to recycle their old clothes via their Swap model. In a nutshell, Svaki Dan allows their customers to swap out old products for new ones. As a customer, you get a discount on the new product with each swap, and Svaki Dan takes care of the recycling, keeping old products away from landfill.



Date: Year Round

CharityOne Tree Planted & 1% for the planet

How does the brand give back?: ETICA Denim partners with key organizations committed to environmental causes and workers’ rights initiatives around the world. ETICA is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, a global alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet and support environmental solutions. Every purchase made on plants a tree through One Tree Planted, a nonprofit focused on global reforestation.



Date: Year-round
CharityOne Tree Planted

How does the brand give back?: LILYSILK continues to push their commitment to environmental sustainability by collaborating with One Tree Planted. Since November of 2023, the rband has planted a total of 35,000 trees.



Date: Year Round

Charity: The Nature Conservancy

How does the brand give back?: Emeralds and Sapphires reflect the colors of the earth. Support the Nature Conservancy, a global environmental nonprofit working to create a world where people and nature can thrive. 10% of the purchase price for Terra is donated to The Nature Conservancy.


SHERRY Oversized Dress Shirt. Courtesy of Chris Niu

SHERRY Oversized Dress Shirt

SUPESU’s new addition to our eco friendly capsule! Experience lightweight freedom with this sophisticated piece.Made with 100% Lyocell.  Extra soft, smooth and ultra breathable.  Perfect ultra lightweight vacation piece.From enjoying a relaxing Sherry after work to your go-to travel piece, this piece is sure to be your best friend for the years to come.

SUPESU’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their fully biodegradable product, the Sunflower Maxi Dress, made from 100% lyocell, a fabric derived from wood pulp. SUPESU’s mission is for their clothes to not end up in a landfill, but to be worn for a long time

Paradigm Eyewear:

Paradigm Eyewear

Date: Year-round

CharityNational Forest Foundation + Cool Earth

How does the brand give back?: For the fourth year in a row, Paradigm Eyewear partnered wit the National Forest Foundation on their 50 Million for Our Forests tree planting campaign. Additionally, they’ve partnered up with Cool Earth for the second time this year in helping to aid in the fight against the climate crisis for purchases of Sid in Ginkgo.

Donald Pliner:

Although not yet classified as sustainable, Donald Pliner is excited to announce a new sustainable partnership

Donald Pliner, a premier lifestyle brand renowned for its luxurious footwear, is proud to announce a partnership with One Tree Planted, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to global reforestation efforts. This collaboration signifies a shared dedication to environmental conservation and offers a unique opportunity for customers to contribute to the planet’s well-being.

As stewards of our planet, Donald Pliner and One Tree Planted unite to address the pressing need for reforestation in regions devastated by wildfires and natural calamities.

Wild Rose and Sparrow:

Photo Courtesy of Wild Rose and Sparrow

This fairytale started with two girls, one gentle and romantic and the other daring and brave, the inspiration that led to the name: Wild Rose & Sparrow. Based in Montréal (the closest thing to Paris on this side of the Atlantic), our brand has been daydreaming up little bits of romance for the everyday. A Wild Rose & Sparrow piece is yours to treasure forever and is meant to be worn in all your main character moments, whether that’s riding your bike through a meadow on a sunny day, sipping rosé champagne on the French Riviera, or shopping for tulips at the flower market. Our European heritage is at the heart of our brand. Drawing inspiration from Pre-Raphaelite and Impressionist art, each piece is designed thoughtfully with ultra-romantic details, that truly make it feel like a fairytale you can wear.

At Wild Rose & Sparrow, we believe that every fairytale we ship out should make the Earth a more magical place too. Every Wild Rose & Sparrow order shipped out is carbon neutral: for every package shipment, we pay out of pocket for the Shopify Planet program in which the carbon emissions are calculated and are neutralized with grasslands carbon storage and grasslands restoration and with ecosystem recovery and reforestation initiatives after wildfires. 


Photo Courtesy of Stello

Inspired by the youthful spirit and centered around the unconventional, STELLO is sensuality in its most luxurious form. STELLO gowns are designed and handcrafted in our shop in Los Angeles, CA, using only high quality materials, sourced in the USA. All gowns are custom / made-to-order and ship within a 3 week time frame. We can tweak any of our designs to make your gown perfect for your event.

As a brand, Stello embraces sustainability as all of their pieces are custom allowing for no waste in production. Also, as all items are made in the USA, there is minimal waste caused during the creation of products. 

Amani SAAB:

Photo Courtesy of Amani Saab

AMANI SAAB is a luxury fashion label redefining women’s evening wear, offering contemporary and innovative selections for special occasions that blend sustainability with style, and versatility. Our curated collections range from cocktail dresses to statement separates, and high-impact gowns that empower the wearer to shine through.

Our commitment to create responsible and uniquely beautiful pieces extends to our carefully curated material mix. We repurpose deadstock fabrics sourced from world-renowned designer brands and incorporate low-impact, recycled and recyclable fabrics of exceptional quality.

Jamil by MD:

Jamil by MD is a hybrid of South Asian & American culture and fashion, curated into a capsule collection. Jamil is designed by fashion and lifestyle content creator, Madiha Dhanani. Photo Courtesy of Jamil by MD.

The founder once struggled with what felt like a dual identity of being both Pakistani and American. It often felt like she wasn’t “Pakistani enough” or “American enough,” but eventually, she learned to embrace being a blend of two cultures, which she showcases through the Modern Muse Collection.

Jamil by MD values sustainability. They limit waste in their production efforts as they only create minimal items in each collection allowing for no products to be unused. Also, they use sustainable fabrics as a part of their product creation.


Mustela’s latest eco-innovation, the NEW Home Compostable Wipes. Strong enough to remove makeup but gentle enough to be used on babies, these soft wipes are made of plant-based and plastic-free fibers—both the formula and the wipes themselves are biodegradable and disintegrate within 6 months.

Most wipes are made of microplastics and they often end up in landfills. When flushed, they end up in our oceans and can be very damaging to plumping. With this launch, Mustela is doing their part to help reduce waste, while offering an eco-friendly solution to those who use and rely on wipes.

Better Natured:

Courtesy of Better Natured

Better Natured is a salon-quality, vegan hair color and hair care brand that recently launched at Sally Beauty stores nationwide. Better Natured’s Liquid-Creme Hair Color shades range between 87%-92% naturally-derived, depending on the shade. Better Natured also uses the Global ISO Standard 16128 which defines naturally-derived as a plant or mineral derived material and water which is found in nature and has undergone limited processing. This sustainable hair color is perfect for both men and women that are looking to improve their hair routines in 2024 – and now, Better Natured is available for purchase (both in-store and online) at 2,500 Sally Beauty stores nationwide, increasing the retailer’s cleaner product offerings with more naturally-derived ingredients.

Lawful London:

Lawful London, a brand dedicated to providing ethical, minimal, and practical essentials tailored to the dynamic lifestyle of today’s working woman.

Lawful London’s ethos revolves around the concept of being “practically beautiful” in every aspect. From design to materials and craftsmanship, their minimalist, cruelty-free bags embody both compassion and elegance. Each Lawful London piece is proudly designed in the fashion capital of London and meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and quality. The Classic Collection features fully functional women’s laptop bags, tote bags, and backpacks designed to accompany the modern woman on her journey, whether it’s in the office or on the go.

Lawful London is sold directly on their website with the collection ranging from $115 – $317 and is available in black, camel & navy.

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