David Dobrik Wants To Show You The Power Of Perfume

David Dobrik​ and lady friend - giving piggyback ride.#DavidsPerfume COURTESY OF DAVID’S PERFUME/FLOWER SHOP PERFUMES CO.


When it comes to perfumes, marketers tend to focus on female consumers. You see, female consumers not only purchase for themselves but rather quite often, buy for the men in their life. It is said that women have better sensory signals than men – so try and remember that on date night. There is a certain form of pleasure when someone says that you smell nice. It not only gives a boost to your confidence but can be pleasing to the people around you.

In short, when it comes to selecting the right perfume, American men grow shy and defer to women for the seal of approval. After all, it can be a difficult choice to make.

I often have discourse with brands claiming to be unisex. Allow me to be clear here; the greater majority of American men do not feel comfortable wearing unisex fragrance – so we can end that conversation right here and now – even though there happen to be a handful of gender-all colognes and perfumes. And I should also note, that on the contrary, women many times enjoy wearing men’s fragrance.

In a word, a good fragrance must address a need. In fact, one of the reasons men wear a scent is because it smells great while attracting the opposite sex- or the same sex to be fair. Men’s perfume is clearly less dainty than women’s fragrance. The scents are strong. Each day, during office hours, I wear a light scent. However, in the evening, I have no fragrance etiquette. I not only pour it on, I have been known to keep a stash in the car for when the dinner is over, I put on another splash for the next venue. I love the smell of a nice fragrance.

A new generations of perfumes are now hitting the market. Millennials and Gen Z have different taste levels and those taste levels can be seen today more than ever before. When it comes to choosing a perfume, it may not be so easy. Currently, the market place is flooded with so many choices to choose from. Having your favorite celebrity create a fragrance and be the face of that perfume, can make it a whole lot easier for you or the person you are buying for. And in speaking of celebrities, many of you are aware who You Tube personality David Dobrik is and if you don’t, allow me to shed some light on the subject. Dobrik found early success on the video sharing platform Vine prior to starting his much talked about vlog on You Tube. He is most-widely known for being the leader of the YouTube ensemble The Vlog Squad.

Fast-forward to 2020, and Dobrik’s vlog has grown to the tune of 18 million subscribers and a whopping 7.7 billion views making it the fifth-most viewed creator channel on YouTube. In October 2020, Dobrik brought his signature brand to the world of fragrances with ​David’s Perfume by David Dobrik​. The D2C fragrance collection launches with two scents. David’s Perfume #01​: Amber & Cashmere, packaged in a semi-opaque black bottle, is blend of subtle spice and woody notes. ​David’s Perfume #02​: Grapefruit & Sandalwood, is more of a warm, seductive scent with notes of grapefruit, violet leaf, amber, and sandalwood.


Known for his high-energy videos, his YouTube channel has gained 18.4 million subscribers and 7.8 billion views since its launch in 2015, and was the fifth-most viewed creator channel on YouTube in 2019. Not bad for a young chap who People magazine named the “Sexiest Heartthrob of 2019,”

David Dobrik​ and lady friend running on cliffs overlooking the sea. #DavidsPerfume
David Dobrik​ and lady friend running on cliffs overlooking the sea. #DavidsPerfume COURTESY OF DAVID’S PERFUME/FLOWER SHOP PERFUMES CO.

One of the first things I notice in a person when I first meet them is their scent. And I have always wanted to create the perfect smell that feels elegant and unexpected that everyone can use as their signature scent,” said Dobrik.

“David’s enthusiasm for life and magnetic personality makes him a perfect candidate for this product category. Working with him on designing the packaging and finding olfactive notes reflective of his spirit was a singular and entirely pleasurable experience—one his fans, and fans of fragrance, will appreciate,” said Isaac Lekach, Founder and CEO of Flower​ Shop Perfumes.

David Dobrik​ and lady friend. #DavidsPerfume
David Dobrik​ and lady friend. #DavidsPerfume COURTESY OF DAVID’S PERFUME/FLOWER SHOP PERFUMES CO.

Established in September 2019, Flower Shop Perfumes Co. is a boutique, direct-to-consumer perfume company.

I recently had the privilege to speak with David Dobrik about what inspired him to create hid first-ever perfume, when he knew he had reached great popularity and why he’s a big fan of living in the moment!

David Dobrik- You Tube Sensation. #DavidsPerfume
David Dobrik​ – You Tube Sensation. #DavidsPerfume COURTESY OF DAVID’S PERFUME/FLOWER SHOP PERFUMES CO.

Joseph DeAcetis: David tell us what was the thought process of having a perfume as opposed to any other type of product?

David Dobrik: I’m a really big fan of scents, it’s one of the first things I notice in a person. And I wanted to make something people can wear everyday that makes them feel clean and confident. 

David Dobrik​. #DavidsPerfume

Joseph DeAcetis: Why did you develop the two different scents? What was the inspiration behind each one?

David Dobrik: My inspiration was actually someone I met. I fell in love with her scent and was bummed more people didn’t know about it so I wanted to bring the scent to a different demographic.  

I wanted to make two scents that anybody could wear. Firstly, one that is more bold and captivating (#1) and secondly, one that is more subtle and seductive (#2) 

Joseph DeAcetis: Given that you are one of the most famous YouTube stars in the world, was there a moment where you realized that you had reached celebrity status on a global level?

David Dobrik: The moment I realized how much of an impact I had and the volume of my fanbase was at a Pop-Up I did in New York for my merch. Over 10,000 people showed up on the first day, it was nuts!!!! 

David Dobrik​ and lady friend - giving piggyback ride.#DavidsPerfume
David Dobrik​ and lady friend – giving piggyback ride.#DavidsPerfume COURTESY OF DAVID’S PERFUME/FLOWER SHOP PERFUMES CO.

Joseph DeAcetis: Talk to Forbes more about your mobile camera app-David’s Disposables?

David Dobrik: I am super-excited about this app we are creating. I’m a big fan of living in the moment. I think it’s an important part of life that social media sometimes takes away. And I want to create something that lets you live in the moment but also capture that moment to have forever and ever!

 Joseph DeAcetis: What is up next for David Dobrik?

David Dobrik: I wish I knew the answer to that— but everyday there seems to be something new on the horizon. I just hope to keep having fun and enjoying life to the fullest!

David Dobrik​ and lady friend - giving piggyback ride.#DavidsPerfume
#DavidsPerfume Dobrik​ and lady friend – giving piggyback ride. COURTESY OF FLOWER SHOP PERFUMES CO.

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