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This season, COS has unveiled its  Fall/Winter 2022  advertising campaign. The inspiration is inspired by city living in the modern era and all it has to offer to people worldwide.

The creative vision behind the campaign comes to life by using multigenerational actors, models and dancers including Harvey Keitel, Natasha Lyonne, Alton Mason, Paloma Elsesser, Greta Lee, José Miguel Lapaz-Rodriguez, Isaac Powell, Grace Elizabeth and Dede Mansro.

COS has been on a determined path to highlight the importance of greenwashing practices and great concern for the environment. Fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti shot the talent wearing the FW 22 styles including turtleneck sweaters, suits, overcoats, pants and button-down shirts. In fact, the new collection updates staple pieces with supple yet strong leather jackets that seem just right for a walk in the park and a night on the town.

Inspired by dynamic cities around the world, the COS Autumn Winter 2022 campaign champions creativity, positivity, and imagination by highlighting elevated collections for women and men. The brand aims to inspire its community through optimism as mankind heads into an uncertain future.

Inspired by the places and people that challenge society, the campaign is intended to encourage free conversation and promote individualized thought. COS states that the cast embodies cross-generational diversity, timelessness, and individuality. Although that may sound encouraging, it seems to me that the selected talent for the campaign all have the same agenda with respect to political and social issues. Henceforth, I personally find it difficult to notice the individuality of free thought with regard to the chosen subjects. I am sure that they have individual thought but there is no one chosen in the campaign to challenge those thoughts.

More to my point, I would think if you placed them all in one room, that they would pretty much agree on all topics discussed. There can be no discourse if everybody agrees. In my opinion, an example of true and free thought would be to have hired talent with different points of view. Sadly, today, people seem to be given a platform, if it pleases the overall agenda.

Alton Mason

Nevertheless, the beauty of the campaign captures New York’s distinctive architecture and unique energy through carefully defined portraits –a celebration of city life. Continuing its focus on craftsmanship and design, COS’ elevated essentials aimed at developing a modern wardrobe, are complemented by the powerful personalities and stellar styling team who helped to convey the modern take on the visuals.

For example, grunge is revived through multi-layered combinations in mixed proportions, while color and nature-inspired prints aim to create a feeling of positivity as mankind steps in the uncertain future. With inflation at a forty year high, a slowing economy, a war and a divided nation, it’s most certainly a turbulent time for most Americans. Therefore, I agree with COS in focusing on the positive aspects such as unity and camaraderie in lieu of appeasing the leaders who got us into this mess in the first place. 

Rich in texture, classic autumnal icons in corduroy, leather, and chunky knits are reinterpreted, while quality and the art of making endure the test of time.  

Inspired by contemporary culture, the London-based fashion brand is known for elevated essentials, and on-trend designs. Dedicated to quality and sustainability, COS takes a bespoke approach to design, creating unique collections that combine function with timeless style. 

Harvey Keitel.

Experimental design details and material innovation are frequently revisited to include the latest sartorial advances and ensure the considered use of fibres whether they be recycled, renewed, or sustainably sourced.  COS has 267-store portfolio, spanning 47 physical markets and 38 markets online. 

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