Cad & The Dandy Redefines New Codes Of Dressing For Success That Rouse Millennials and Zoomers In 2024

Gen Z Influence Redefines Traditional Suiting

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It might come as an astonishment, but professional office attire is rising among American men. When men Dress for Success it empowers them to achieve a positive corporate identity. Although there are several reasons for the fresh, professional look, corporate identity and leading for impact stands out as the number one reason ushering in the catalyst for change. Well-fitted clothing, polished shoes, and well-groomed personal hygiene may seem like minor details, but they can significantly impact the way others perceive you. These details demonstrate your commitment to excellence.

The luxury menswear industry is now seeing a shift back to a more traditional, but updated fit that is more flattering and enhances the best aspects of any mans physique. In a word, a perfectly fit suit or jacket whether it is worn “corporately” or “casually” makes the wearer feel and look great while representing his company in the best way possible. The business world is evolving, and so is the concept of dressing for success.

In general, well-dressed men are perceived as leaders. And, even though corporate America today gives men the freedom to dress with unlimited choices, tailored clothing is increasing in popularity. More importantly, millennials and zoomers are the market segments that are pushing the trend forward, with the most growth in tailored clothing ranging from 25-34-year-old men; these young professionals are imperious at sharing trends on social media and all too often share content with others -within their social platform reach. *It is important to note that Gen Z consumers are driven by influencers, which can often lead to abrupt change. 

Cad & The Dandy Photographer: Mitchell Vito Helson

What I find intriguing is that new data suggests that millennials and zoomers alike don’t always put choice first, with an abundant number of American men wanting an enforced dress code at the office. The benefits of these policies are clear: A new global ethos is emerging to express their deeply held beliefs. And, as humanity moves into the future, this culture’s spirit will surely gain momentum. Every generation has evolved forward with new trends, but Gen Z became the first generation ever to define cool in the era of TikTok when trends move at an accelerated pace. Commissioning bespoke tailoring is by nature “slow fashion”. In addition, by using sustainable cloths such as 100% wool, cotton and even bamboo helps to create degradable cloths with a low carbon footprint. More importantly, Gen Z is currently the largest generation on the planet, which means they’re entering the workforce with new ideas and values that will incite change. 

Despite relaxed dress codes at most companies today, the younger generation understands the benefits of choosing to dress smart. This market segmentation represents roughly $350 billion of spending power in the United States alone (approximately $150 billion spent by Gen Z and around $200 billion by millennials). Luxury menswear companies respond by integrating social and environmental themes into their products and services, tailoring (pun-intended) their decision to the situation.

Navy Safari Jacket-Five buttons with a drawstring waist, 4 patch pockets with flaps. 96% wool, 4% silk “Anniversary Twill” by Loro Piana exclusively for Cad & The Dandy. Natural horn buttons. $2,080.00. Striped Button -Down Collar Shirt Single two button cuffs, double placket. Light blue and white “Bengal” stripe. $260.00. White Cotton Twill Trousers. Flat-front, adjustable side tab trousers. $750.00.

Cad & The Dandy was founded by Ian Meiers and James Sleater in 2008 and is the youngest tailoring house on Savile Row in London. Their approach to designing and crafting British bespoke suits and a more fitted and contemporary house style than traditional Savile Row has garnered a loyal following from sartorial enthusiasts, including The Royal Family and Hollywood elite. With intermediate toile fittings, a full-floating canvassed suit jacket, intelligent fabrics, and the finest construction with detailed hand finishings, it is the custom suit that every man wants.  

Cad & The Dandy NYC Photographer: Mitchell Vito Helson

With spring and summer around the corner and mercury rising, it’s time to spice up warm-weather wardrobes with a more fabulous vibe…a more casual, laid-back style. “We suggest a madras jacket with everything from plain button-downs and cotton trousers to polos, denim, and even shorts, says Knorsch“Madras is one of the most versatile cloths ever made for spring and summer because it can be worn up to be smart but also cooled down to be casual“.

Not only can the tailoring be more loosely constructed (think lightweight suits and sportscoats or slouchy trousers with safari-style jackets), but the clothes that perform well in the heat, such as Solaro, Seersucker, Bamboo, and Madras, help keep styles cool and collected.   

According to a recent study, only 31% of workers are in the office full-time. Leaders must adapt their strategies and policies to foster optimal productivity and collaboration in remote work environments.

Jennifer Schielke is the author of Leading For Impact: The CEO’s Guide To Influencing With Integrity and the CEO/co-founder of Summit Group Solutions, LLC.

As a leadership and recruiting expert Jennifer Schielke says working from home negatively affects employee engagement, trust, and accountability. She says leaders should establish a structured remote work policy to address these challenges. This policy should include clear communication channels, regular check-ins, and defined performance metrics. In my opinion, Ms Schielke’s advice aligns very well with the the abundant amount of young American men aiming to dress for corporate ascension.

Cad & The Dandy NYC provides samples of all clothes at the Penthouse, and as first commissions take between 8 and 10 weeks from consultation to final fitting, NOW is the time to start thinking about getting ready for summer.

I recently had the privilege to speak with Steve Knorsch, Managing Director USA, Cad & The Dandy about designing and crafting British bespoke suits, the importance their client’s own specific tastes and desires and why Cad & The Dandy thinks “success” is being redefined for the new generations.

Steve Knorsch, Managing Director USA, Cad & The Dandy
Photographer/Mitchell Vito Helson

Joseph DeAcetis: Talk to stylelujo about the legacy of Cad & Dandy?

Steve Knorsch, Managing Director USA: Cad & The Dandy is one of youngest tailoring houses on Savile Row in London. Their uncompromising approach to designing and crafting British bespoke suits, highly competitive pricing, and a house style more fitted and contemporary than traditional Savile Row, has garnered a loyal following from sartorial enthusiasts, including The Royal Family and Hollywood elite. With intermediate toile fittings, a full-floating canvassed suit jacket, smart fabrics, and the finest construction with detailed hand finishings, it is the custom suit that every man wants.  Locations in New York, London and Stockholm, and trunk shows frequently in Boston and Washington D.C provide unparalleled service anywhere in the world. 

Cad & The Dandy.Photographer: Mitchell Vito Helson

JD: In your words, what is your competitive advantage in the luxury fashion marketplace?

SK: We offer a unique take on “Modern British Tailoring” with plenty of room for flexibility concerning a client’s own specific tastes and desires. Additionally, because we own our own workshops, we have complete control of the creative and construction process which not only assures the best quality but also the best price. Luxury clients are now, more than ever, looking for a level of individualism and customization in fashion, as opposed to “cookie cutter” brands and designers that are seen everywhere on everyone. Commissioning a bespoke suit is a unique experience that yields a truly unique and one-of-a-kind garment.

Olive Seersucker Suit-2-piece single-breasted, 2 button suit with patch pockets, plain front trousers with side adjusters in olive seersucker from Solbiati.  $3,100.00. Striped Linen Shirt “Butcher” stripe shirt in olive and white linen with a point collar and 2 button cuffs. 100% linen by Caccioppoli. $390.00. Photographer: Mitchell Vito Helson

JD: Speak to my readers about the current collection- fabrics, colors, textures, design 

SK: Because we work directly with clients to create garments unique to them, there really isn’t a “collection” per season like a designer brand. That said we do work with the very best British and Italian cloth mills to curate an extensive selection of offerings every several months. Because our timeline for new orders is 8-10 weeks (5-6 weeks for a repeat client) even though we are only entering the spring months, we are already looking ahead to fall/winter cloth selections. For summer we are seeing a lot of traditional navys and brighter blues, but also a great selection of cloths in the green ranges. Patterns ranging from solid, to stripe to checks and plaids. Beautiful seersuckers in non-traditional colors such as green and brown, lightweight wool and linen and cotton in solids as well as madras, give clients a wide range to choose from.

Bespoke Mackintosh Raincoat-Rubberized cotton in olive green. 5 button front with “storm” collar and natural horn buttons. Select archival cloths available exclusively through Cad & The Dandy, handmade for our clients in the Mackintosh workshops. $1,960.00 “Madras” Jacket. Authentic cotton madras by Harrison’s in Khaki, green, blue and pink. 2-button single-breasted jacket with notched lapels and patch pockets. $2,470.00. Button-Down CollarShirt in light blue pinpoint cotton with a button down collar and 2 button cuffs. $260.00. Khaki Cotton Trousers. Plain front, cotton khaki trousers. Cloth by Fox Brothers. $750. Photographer: Mitchell Vito Helson

JD: What is your inspiration for the 2024 collection? 

SK: Classic summer holidays whether on the Amalfi coast, the French Riviera or the Greek Islands. The look is definitely “dressed” but casual.

  • Moving forward, what is the business strategy concerning:
  • Sustainable efforts – Commissioning bespoke tailoring is by nature “slow fashion”. We find clients looking to buy less but better. Garments that will stand the test of time and last. Also, literally using sustainable cloths such as 100% wool, cotton and even bamboo helps to create degradable cloths with a low carbon footprint.
  • Dressing for success – We think “success” is being redefined for the new generations. While “climbing the corporate ladder” in a 3-piece suit is no longer the usual track, men still want to look good for certain occasions in their life whether in work or personal life. The quality and fit of a unique bespoke garment speaks to this idea better than anything. A perfectly fit suit or jacket whether it is worn “corporately” or “casually” makes any man look better.

Educating Gen Z and younger Millennials the importance of corporate identity – Many men in their 20’s and early 30’s have never worn or even been exposed to a properly fitting suit. Fashion styles over the last 2 decades have focused on short-cropped, tight-fitting suits. We are now seeing a shift back to a more traditional, but updated fit that is more flattering and enhances the best aspects of any mans physique. Clients at their final fittings are amazed (and very pleasantly surprised) at how great they look in a suit that fits properly, many of them for the first time in their lives

For more information on warm weather tailoring or to schedule a consultation, prospective clients can contact

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