The Italian luxury fashion house ZEGNA presented the Fall-Winter 2022 Outdoor Collection at the home of their societal values, Oasi Zegna:

The Italian luxury fashion house ZEGNA presented the Fall-Winter 2022 Outdoor Collection at the home of their societal values, Oasi Zegna:

Italian menswear brand ZEGNA presented the Fall Winter 2022 Outdoor Collection in Oasi Zegna, the home to the brand’s values. Envisioned by the founder for all to experience, Oasi Zegna stands as a model for societal and environmental consciousness. It is also a leader with exemplary character in creating future menswear fashion. 

The launch is a welcoming continuation of ZEGNA’S vision to blend the brand’s great heritage of developing delicate fabrics with an uptick in consumer demand for performance luxury for winter sports and day-to-day activities. 

In 1910, Oasi Zegna, the vast environmental restoration project, was born to create a sustainable territory to preserve biodiversity and a sense of community with nature. Located in the Biella Alps in Northern Italy, Oasi Zegna aims to testify to the menswear brand’s strategy for a green approach. 

The recent advertising campaign for Fall- Winter 2022 was captured in Oasi Zegna, in a natural setting of the great outdoors. Upon viewing the campaign images, I couldn’t help but think about the value of protecting this magnificent environment. 

Thankfully, today,  Millenials and Gen Z have been strong proponents in highlighting the importance of a cleaner environment. And when it comes to style, these generations above are enthusiastic about learning about a company’s history and how technological advancements used today have helped brands evolve to align with consumer needs. 

Although many menswear companies are focusing on blending modern design with archival elements this season, ZEGNA remains unique for a few reasons. You see, before founding the company, Ermenegildo Zegna’s father, Angelo, owned wool mills and loomed in the picturesque  Alps of Piedmont, Italy. Angelo was a watchmaker. * Watchmaking was so famous in the Alps because most men should have stayed indoors during the harsh winter. In 1910, Ermenegildo and his brothers, Eldorado and Mario, founded the company in Trivero ( located in the Biellese Alps) when he was eighteen years old. His comparative advantage at that time was his father’s looms and assets.

Prior to launching a clothing brand,  Zegna’s vision was to create high-quality fabrics. The journey started by sourcing wool from several countries including Australia and Mongolia. But the catalyst for the company to move forward began with the purchasing of machinery from England. Soon the company began to flourish. And by the late 1930s, employed roughly 1000 workers. 

But it wasn’t until the 1960s when Ermenegildo’s sons Aldo and Angelo entered the company and expanded into ready-to-wear suits, that the international development strategy had taken effect.

I hope that gives you a little bit of history to help you understand how  performance, technicality, and modernity are the ethos behind ZEGNA’S apparel and related categories. 

ZEGNA has a competitive advantage in technical textiles made with lightweight fabrics and attention to detail – allowing comfort and ease for the wearer. Make no bones about it; this collection has been developed to provide functionality for today’s explorers in the coldest temperatures. 

The re-engineered fits proudly maintain innovative textiles and construction methods that are ready and able to take on the winter weather. Product offerings include outerwear, knitwear, jersey underpinnings, technical sweaters, and trousers- making it a one-stop solution for your outdoor living adventures. 

The collection will be available in Zegna’s international retail network, on, and at selected wholesalers.

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