Black History Month 2024: Black-Owned Brands Celebrate History With Fresh Innovation

Model is pictured wearing Eternal White Frames, Endless Necklace, and Endless Bracelet from Eternal Blue.

Black History Month 2024 is a great time to celebrate fresh innovations of Black Owned brands. When we think about contemporary culture today, it is important to understand the origins of the creative design. It is a time to support the community helmed by today’s tastemakers in the business world today.

For most of the brands, celebrating their heritage as seen in their collections, is a feeling of triumph. has a reputation of featuring some of the best known fashion brands in the industry, while the newcomers are accelerating at a rapid pace.

Whether it’s established labels or startups, supporting black entrepreneurs helps raise awareness and funds for communities all over the USA.

Below, we’ve selected Black owned brands spanning from apparel to grooming and beauty and a wide variation of other categories.

To support Black Americans in business truly means supporting the community.

Eternal Blue:

Model is pictured wearing Eternal White Frames, Endless Necklace, and Endless Bracelet from Eternal Blue.

Model is pictured wearing Eternal White FramesEndless Necklace, and Endless Bracelet from Eternal Blue.

Eternal Blue

Eternal Blue is a Black-owned brand that creates exceptional accessories.  Born in California, every piece from Eternal Blue allows individuals the chance to showcase unparalleled style. The upcoming product range promises even more avenues for expressing individuality, ensuring Eternal Blue’s place at the forefront of cutting-edge fashion.


Unisex Fragrance “Arrivals” Price: $112 USD
The fragrance holds a warm base note, fresh middle notes and a sweet top note.

The Lip Bar:

The Lip Bar 

Launched in 2012 by The Lip Bar Founder and CEO Melissa Butler, The Lip Bar is a pioneering vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic and intentionally inclusive maximum impact, minimal effort beauty brand. Developed in Butler’s kitchen while working on Wall Street with just one bold collection of lipsticks, today The Lip Bar offers 26+ SKUs of products and tools, all individually developed to perfection. The Lip Bar continues to develop easy to apply, solution-oriented products. Tapping into its customer needs and on the forefront of representation for all, the brand has created a niche for itself with its popular ‘Fast Face’ product bundles. In January 2023, TLB launched TLB Skincare, a four-piece collection formulated with nourishing ingredients that cleanse, hydrate and soothe, to reveal naturally balanced, dewy skin. Today TLB is available in the brand’s flagship TLB Store in Detroit, on and Target stores, and in September 2023, TLB launched on and over 3,000 CVS stores nationwide. 

G’Juan Xavier:

February is the perfect time to make that extra push to uplift the Black fashion community– especially through your shopping! This BHM, get your hands on G’Juan Xavier– the CA-inspired handbag brand your accessories closet is missing!

Founded from a dream, the brand is a black-owned, family-run business that offers something for everyone and every occasion. The brand boasts a collection of various-sized bags and 3 different colorways (with more on the way!) whether you like to keep it neutral, masculine or girly. Shop your heart out and support Black creatives at the same time this February!

Oyin Handmade:

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Oyin Handmade was co-founded by mixtress Jamyla Bennu in 2001 after discovering that many of the products she was using were made with harmful preservatives and non-nourishing fillers. Determined to find a better way to care for her hair and skin, she began experimenting with formulations and testing them, until her passion developed into a business. Jamyla leads Oyin Handmade with a savvy business philosophy of slow and steady growth to ensure quality and emphasize care. Each Oyin Handmade product is cruelty-free, non-toxic, made with eco-friendly sensibilities and handmade using only the finest food-grade ingredients. Oyin Handmade now offers a full range of nourishing hair, skin, and body care products for women, men, and children, and are available on, the company’s flagship boutique in Baltimore and select Whole Foods stores. 



Since its launch in 2013, Bevel, a Walker & Company brand, has become renowned for delivering premium haircare and body care products and tools for men with curly/textured hair, and melanin-rich skin. Today, the award-winning men’s grooming brand offers 30+ SKUs and remains committed to developing innovative and solution-orientated products and tools, to continue revolutionizing the standard of male self-care “for Him”. Bevel is available on GetBevel.comAmazon,Target and Target stores, Walmart and Walmart stores, ULTA Beauty and ULTA stores nationwide, alongside additional regional retailers. 

Wales Bonner:

Actor Micheal Ward wears bespoke Wales Bonner SS24 to the Bob Marley: One Love premier in London. (Photo by Jo Hale/WireImage)

Wearing bespoke Wales Bonner tailoring in horsehair canvas from Marathon, the Spring Summer 2024 collection.  Michael Ward attends the UK Premiere of “Bob Marley: One Love” at on January 30, 2024 in London, England.

Houston White:

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Houston White 

Created by successful barber, designer and cultural curator, Houston White, created a line of vibrant clothes, a personal care brand for all, and a variety of coffee flavors. The high-vibes, personal care brand FRESH by Houston White has the goal to bridge cultural divides in the beauty aisle. The collection is formulated for people of all races, genders, and hair types and provides effective routines and 11 solution-oriented products ($9 – $12) ranging in hair, skin, and body care, and offers vibrant packaging and fresh ingredients. Using his love for style and design, Houston White launched a line of vibrant and preppy clothes designed for all people to wear. After noticing that there was not a diverse coffee brand in a variety of flavors, Houston White not only created the Get Down Coffee Co. but he also created different flavors that are available in Target and online.  

Be Rooted:

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Be Rooted 

Recognizing that there was a gap in the market for a brand that spoke to her, Be RootedFounder Jasmin Foster launched Be Rooted, an inclusive stationery and homeware brand in 2020, with a mission to empower women of color and create a space for them to see themselves in the stationery they love. Leaning into her passion of inclusivity and desire to live a purpose-filled life, Foster with a lineup of colorful journals, planners and writing instruments designed by Black and Brown artists, by 2021 Be Rooted became the first and only Black-owned stationery brand available at retail giant Target and


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Tween-focused feminine care brand RedDrop was created by Teacher and Doctor duo Dana Roberts and Dr. Monica Williams to empower Tweens/Teens and their families better prepare and understanding their periods by offering products that fit their bodies at affordable prices and without harmful ingredients. When Roberts noticed that half of the girls in her 5th grade class were beginning their periods while at school and with no resources, she began to understand the seriousness of the young girls not being prepared for the life changing moment. Partnering with her friend Dr. Williams, who was also a Mom, the idea to develop period kits, educational resources and affordable products to address the needs of Tween girls’ bodies. RedDrop is on a mission to empower young girls and their families about proper period care, creating generations of leaders that will be ready to tackle the world.RedDrop is available on and


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Created with your baby’s comfort and protection in mind, TinkyPoo is the woman-owned New Jersey based company launched in 2022 with a line of baby wipes and diapers made with 100% organic cotton, featuring a double-leakage barrier, an anti-bacterial layer and boasting up to 12 hours of leakage protection. As the first intentionally diverse diaper company with inclusive art showcasing babies who are Black, Brown, and Asian American and Pacific Islander, TinkyPoo is on a mission is to create opportunities where children can see their own beauty reflected to them and to experience diversity and inclusion as a standard. TinkyPoo’s CEO and Founder of Nadiyah Spencer utilized her 20 years of experience in retail manufacturing to design diapers and baby wipes that not only look good, but more importantly, are of the highest quality. The pioneering baby brand announced its first retail partnership with the newly reinvented buybuy Baby in January 2024, and today, TinkyPoo’s products are available on and buybuy Baby stores.  


LALAIS – The first luxury skincare & wellness brand dedicated to oily & combination skin of all tones. Lalais is a bespoke, science-backed formulas are clinically proven to address oily skin, hyperpigmentation, and aging skin concerns delivering unmatched visible results on all skin tones, without irritation. The launch assortment consisted of 4 targeted products that provide comprehensive “outside, inside and instant” solutions to streamline the regimen for all those with oily and combination skin.

THE WHITNEY COLLECTION – an eco-friendly, luxury candle company that was founded during the height of Covid by LA native, Whitney Brooks. Always heavily influenced by her back heritage and home of Jamaica, she designed the collection to honor the beautiful and unique scents from her life there and travels abroad. The brand’s intention, with its affordable pricing, sustainable packaging, and chic black and white glassware, is to bring a sense of travel and comfort into our homes

  • THE PERFECTING SERUM- $115-$225– A breakthrough exfoliating treatment proven to visibly improve all oily skin concerns with 100% of testers reporting skin looks and feels less oily
  • THE RETINOL RENEW- $125-$250– First of its kind anti-aging powerhouse utilizing three retinoids for total complexion correction. 100% of testers reported significant visible improvement in at least 2 skin concerns
  • THE SKIN PERFECTING COMPLEX- $50-$60– The first daily supplement uniquely designed to target triggers for oily skin with 94% reporting positive changes in their skin in 8 weeks
  • THE BLOTTING COMPACT- $38-$48– Ultra Hygienic touchless blotting sheets to minimize transfer of dirt to face



  • THE HEAT OF OUR YOUTH– $39.00Summer can escape you, but never have to escape it. This fruity combo of red and black currants will keep you remembering back to the days of a young and vibrant summer love. Scent Notes: Red & Black Currant Berries
  • DESERT GYPSY– $39.00- It’s the feeling you get showering after a beautiful beach tan. This is the soulful fragrance that catches the hot desert wind and linger a little while longer. Scent Notes: Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Vanilla, Cedarwood, Cardamom
  • ROSE PEPPER-$39.00- A classic rose aroma with a bit of a bite.  Imagine yourself strolling through Jardins des Tuileries in Paris in the 1920s, but then make it more vintage. Fresh rose petals combined with a cozy, peppercorn spice will keep you dreaming well into the night. Scent Notes: Rose Petals & Peppercorns
  • CUBAN TOBACCO-$39.00- A sexy, leathery scent grounded in rich tobacco with a touch of patchouli. Scent Notes: Tobacco, Moss, Rum, Bergamot, Clove, Oakwood, Patchouli, Labdanum, Leather, Amber 
  • BIRNAM WOOD-$39.00- Inspired by Shakespeare’s forest of the same name, this intoxicating fragrance holds a powerfully warm, woodsy scent reminiscent of the crackling and flickering flames of a chimney fire. Scent Notes: Birch, Juniper, Cade, Cedar
  • GARDEN FIG-$39.00- Rooted beneath the sun-baked terracotta tiles and towering cypress trees lies, a captivating blend of sweet, ripe fig infused with earthy notes of tonka and vanilla. It’s a scent that captures the essence of a backyard dinner in Tuscany with an Aperol Spritz in hand. Scent Notes: Fig, Hyacinth, Tuberose, Violet, Cedarwood, Tonka, Amber, Vanilla
  • MONTAUK LINEN-$39.00- (Currently Sold Out!): This calming scent containing notes of French lavender and oakmoss will transport you to those crisp hot summer days walking along the beach in Montauk in your best linen. Scent Notes: French Lavender, Sand Musk, White Amber, Oakmoss, Driftwood

Ada & Edith:

Newly launched collection Ada & Edith is the brand to know this Black History Month. Founder Ukonwa Ojo, is an award-winning entrepreneur who’s held roles at Amazon, M.A.C Cosmetics, Coty, COVERGIRL and has just launched her brand in time for Black History Month.  Ukonwa Ojo is passionate about creating products and services for communities that have been largely ignored by the mainstream. Her frustration with a male dominated fashion industry creating clothes for women that didn’t always fit the lives we actually lived, gave her the courage to create her collection.  Ada & Edith is a Black-Owned and Female Led (the line is ran with Ojo’s sisters) brand focusing on silhouettes for all women who believe style should be easy and effortless, a fun way to celebrate the memory of Ojo’s mom, Adaora Edith Orizu, a London trained Fashion Designer, who shared the same belief. Ada & Edith’s launch includes kimonos, dresses, sets, shirts and maxi skirts in sizing XS – XXL under $400.

The collection is available to shop now at

Je Mérite:

Black-owned, female-founded brand Je Mérite was founded by Tamara Charese in 2020 when she sought solace at home working to curate a new life with all the new realities everyone was faced with. Inspired by her grandmother and mother who were seamstresses and many of her other muses comes this collection of luxury silk slips, robes and sets. Je Mérite is created to flatter a wide range of body shapes with superior comfort and finishing sustainably sourced domestically in New York City.

Kente Cones:

Ashley Marrero and Charles Asante Co-Founders of homemade ice cream brand Kente Cones are from Brooklyn, NY and have been best friends since they met on the first day of high school. Charles came up with the amazing business idea of Kente Cones and shared it with Ashley in 2020. She fell in love with the idea and they agreed to partner on the road of entrepreneurship and add a cultural flavor to the ice cream business! Ashley is Afro-Latina with roots from Puerto Rico and Nigeria and Charles is Ghanaian and Afro-American. Together they’ve combined their creative abilities, talents and skills to manifest Kente Cones. Their goal is to bring high quality desserts to communities and a great appreciation for our cultural contributions and Black Excellence. Kente Cones is proud to use Fairtrade ingredients from Africa and local farms in their products! Some ingredients include raw unsweetened Ghanaian cocoa powder, Madagascar vanilla beans, fresh fruit and dairy products from local farms. They also use Black-Owned alcoholic brands for our alcohol-infused flavors such as D’usse, Deleon tequila, Black Girl Magic rose and more!


 is the first U.S.-made plant-based hair extension brand, on a mission to provide more comfort and less waste through plant-based braiding hair. Founded by Ciara Imani May in 2019, Rebundle uses revolutionary technology to dramatically reduce the health and environmental disparities in the hair extensions industry. 

  • Take your edges to the next level with this inseparable duo! This unbeatable set is guaranteed to tame & style your edges and flyaways.  This duo features laidbetter, Rebundle’s plant-based edge gel infused with aloe vera and banana extract, and the cult-favorite Baby Tress x Rebundle Edge Brush you don’t want to be caught without—this 3-in-1 beauty tool pairs perfectly with the edge gel to give you the ultimate polished look.

Flawless by Gabrielle Union:

Flawless by Gabrielle Union aims to provide product knowledge and style education to everyone with its versatile collection of oils, cleansers, and conditioners for every hair type. Co-founded by Gabrielle Union and Larry Sims, Flawless aims to help individuals find their custom routine to hydrate, define, repair, and protect. 

  • Product Spotlight: The Styling Glaze ($8.99)
    • The Flawless Styling Glaze adds a firm, touchable hold for sleek updos, smooth ponytails, and defined edges. Also works great for braiding and twisting. Infused with Bacuri Butter, Rice Oil Complex, Pequi Oil, and Lilac Leaf Extract to add shine & definition to natural or relaxed hair.
    • Also, retails at Amazon

Black Radiance:

Black Radiance is the #1 Black beauty brand on a mission to empower women of color worldwide, celebrating the beauty of self-acceptance and inner strength of black women today with an inspiring portfolio of luxurious, yet affordable, formulas. Through its dedication to community, representation, and uplifting black voices, Black Radiance is a proven leader in inclusive beauty. 

  • Product Spotlight: Bold & Sexy Palette (15.49)
    • This multi-purpose, 18-shade palette features eye shadow, blush, highlight, and contour shades for people of all skin tones. Create a variety of eye looks with 12 shadow shades that range from earth tones to bold colors or shapes. The all-in-one palette allows you to contour your face to perfection with two chiseling contour powders, warm your face with the two pigmented shades of blush, and add highlight to every eye with two illuminators. 
    • Also retails at Amazon, Target, CVS, and Rite Aid

Danessa Myricks Beauty:



Founder: Dr. Anne Beal, Medical researcher, public health and skin expert

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