Berluti Aims To Forge Ahead In 2021

Berluti aims to forge ahead in 2021

Looking ahead to the third quarter of the year, Berluti promises a lineage of brightening color palates carried into the winter months displayed in their FW 2021 collection titled “Living Apart Together”. Founded in 1895 in Paris, the historic house conquered the craftsmanship of mens shoes before the determined expansion into leather goods and apparel that entered the company’s repertoire, marking them as a luxury fashion house in full fruition of lifestyle living by 2011. Loyal customers did not shy away from the lengthened arenas of products and Berluti continues to rise in the ascending mens market that holds its own adjacent to the women’s sector. 

During the course of 2020’s pandemic, a halt in growth of sales was to be expected though detailed observation proved that men were still interested in purchasing luxury items, particularly accessories such as ties and leather goods. The denounced fear of demise in the industry was a reality that Berluti did not succumb to with mystical online presentations that gave hope that the glory of luxury fashion would not be mislaid. 

Berluti aims to forge ahead in 2021

Casting silhouettes of angelic purified sartorial supereminence, presented as a performance art installation that was cast out of Paris on April 8th, Artistic Director Kris Van Assche injected a solitary lifeline beat to the collection that the company expresses it is ‘driven to deny the constraints of our time’. Collaborating with renowned abstract artist Lev Khesin, his work is inherently transported into the garments from canvas to clothing projecting a head to toe ensemble of complete fluidity.  

Berluti aims to forge ahead in 2021
Berluti FW 2021

With an intuitive hybrid of causal and formal wear, the marriage between the two is a forefront focus with the consumers demand of the in vogue style. Comfort and ease is a pleasing factor, though it is essential that deep rooted classic luxury companies such as Berluti do not misplace their mastered touch of a sophisticated artisan aesthetic. This collection masters a hybrid balance of just that embracing fashion forward excitement and homage to their classic nature. 

It is a promising year ahead for the industry as one observes the paths being taken to gain back the full stride of where it left off. With in person attendance already on the climb, the excitement brews as there is a light at the end of the tunnel with Berluti passionately leading the way. 

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