Bentley and famed shoemaker ‘The Surgeon’ collaborate on a multi-faceted project – bespoke adidas Forum Low sneakers 

Bentley and famed shoemaker ‘The Surgeon’ collaborate on a multi-faceted project – bespoke adidas Forum Low sneakers:

Lest you believe that sneaker style is purely an American concern, let’s take a moment to look at England, where, Bentley Motors evolves by pushing a more liberated marketing strategy. It is clear that in the early 2020s sneakers are not merely a commodity, but transitioning to a highly segmented one. The global economy is a diverse one. Luxury automotive brands find themselves leaning on trustworthy fashion brands as diligently as an entrepreneur clings to investment. This is a territory where fashion and automotive operate in an interestingly similar manner.

In 2022, style itself is scaling up and becoming a commodity. It’s no coincidence that  Bentley Motors is today announcing its collaboration with Dominic Ciambrone, known as The Surgeon, to create a limited-edition line of Bentley-inspired sneakers, reserved by Mulliner clients and collectors. It should be noted that the collaboration brings together design from two creative viewpoints- each known for their own blend of craftsmanship and style.

Bentley Motors is the most sought-after luxury car brand in the world. It is also an example of high-value British manufacturing at its best. Founded by Dominic Ciambrone, The Surgeon is a Los Angeles-based collective of creatives in custom shoe making and design. The Bentley Motors bespoke customization division, Mulliner and Dominic have worked over the last year to design bespoke sneakers and an accompanying 1-of-1 Bentley.  Today marks the collaboration unveiling of 10 bespoke pairs of sneakers –  each inspired by Bentley’s brand pillars, Speed, Azure, and Mulliner. Bentley will unveil the 1-of-1 Bentley x The Surgeon vehicle next month during design week at Art Basel Miami to illustrate the collaboration. Alongside the car, one buyer will receive a matching pair of 1-of-1 sneakers – the ‘Bentley x The Surgeon adidas Forum Low.’

Christophe Georges, President & CEO, Bentley Americas, comments:

Creativity and bespoke design is consistently woven into our DNA and has been since 1919, especially as it relates to our private coachbuilding division of Mulliner. Connecting and producing with a likeminded creative like The Surgeon is not only rewarding but also exciting to watch as we support the next generation of diverse craftspeople who share similar brand values.”

Stepping into ritzier territory, Dominic Ciambrone found a new way to elevate the an image by beaming into Bentley’s star power. Yet, the craftsmanship skills and design sensibilities focus on the ability to combine high fashion with street culture.

Growing up, I was building, painting, sewing and not just shoes, it was anything I could get my hands on. This is a very special moment for The Surgeon brand and to showcase our creativity in a new light collaborating with Bentley. They are at the top of their craft and understand luxury and craftsmanship at the highest level as we do— it’s very exciting to partner with them and bring these visions to life.” says Dominic Ciambrone

There’s a compelling case that the intersection of staid marketing and pop-culture will create rambunctious characters of interest. In short, the merging of Bentley Motors and The Surgeon does away with brand predictability. In utilizing the intersection of these two worlds, Ciambrone has successfully pioneered a unique shoe category. Similar to Bentley’s ability to merge sustainability and innovation, Dominic reimagines and fuses sneakers with ultra-premium materials, creating his own inimitable style. 

The Bentley x The Surgeon collaboration began in early 2022 when Dominic visited the Bentley campus in Crewe to immerse himself in the luxury British brand and explore the variety of materials, finishes and bespoke elements used for each and every Bentley. Each of the limited-edition, handcrafted sneakers boasts unique facets including, Bentley’s signature diamond quilting, cross-stitching found on the steering wheel, and premium hides identical to those used to trim Bentley’s interior designs.

Dominic and the Bentley Mulliner team worked to create pairs of sneakers to embody the variety in the Bentley model range. Harnessing the characteristics of three families of cars, the identifying sneakers showcase special colors unique to their core values: 

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