Bellemere: High Quality And Ethical Standards Take The Lead In 2021

Bellemere high quality and ethical standards take the lead  in 2021

Bellemere SS 21 Collection

Despite that fact that the people are resurfacing in greater numbers these days, consumers have substantially changed their buying habits with regard to fashion. Perhaps the year 2021 will be remembered as a year of tremendous strength and prodigious hope. After a year that shifted daily life rituals, the inherited norm had been distanced social surroundings. It was a time where in-demand fashion trends were expressly displayed as a badge of honor for all to see. This year and thus far, has clearly withdrawn the chaos and mayhem from last year and happily replaced it with perseverance and promise.

At this time, comfort and ease are a clear indication that the fashion cognoscenti will focus on moving forward. In short, the popular demand of relaxed style is well on its way into the production lines of forthright upcoming collections now and into the future. Alas, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

In speaking of change, perhaps, a new decade calls for a fresh start. At present, disruptive rules and progressive trends are seemingly paving a pathway to adhere to newly founded consumers taste levels. For example, both tracksuits and sweatsuits focus on fresh and refined product offerings for the numerous zoom meetings that lie ahead. In fact, the fresh lineup introduces enhanced sophistication for a once discarded item– that was once worn only behind closed doors – *and for good reason at that time.

Arguably, as new collections premiered their post-quarantine product offerings, the overall trend was lending its permission to dress with an uber casual approach for remote daily meetings. Essentially, luxury fashion brands were reading the room as to what route society would be projecting forward as electronic communications were taking control.

In my opinion, when in search for the latest on-trend cozy apparel that embodies a nouveau-chic amplification, look no further than the ultimate go-to brand, Bellemere. The New York born and bred Bellemere has segued onto a current fashion platform that has been gaining tremendous territory in the cashmere and merino wool marketplace.

Bellemere high quality and ethical standards take the lead  in 2021
Bellemere SS 21 Collection

The creation of the brand stemmed from not only a consumer need for value, quality and ethics but rather a laser-focus on comfort for sensitive skin that could easily meet today’s ethical standards which in fact many consumers demand. You see, aesthetic rules have changed with concern to product manufacturing standards. Many times garments that are not pure cashmere can be itchy and even cause skin to rash. Moreover, educated consumers many times make their purchasing decisions based on a precedent of sustainable options and social impact for our environment.

Focusing on cashmere and merino wool products, the brand is adamant about sourcing quality materials at the best price for the consumer. In addition, Bellemere maintains a strong focus on lessening the carbon footprint in doing business. In speaking of social impact, sustainability has been a key factor for the brand as it prides itself in executing a 100% natural result in goods and ultimate satisfaction.

Bellemere high quality and ethical standards take the lead  in 2021
Bellmere SS 2021 Collection

Founder Samantha Honstetter has high ambition for expanding the company stating, “Our goal is to make sustainable clothing available to the wider society”. Offering a range of ready to wear products as well as the vast range of casual attire, cashmere zip up hoodies and lush winter scarves are the perfect contribution to further extend your staple “go to” items in your closet.

Samantha comments further on that economic awareness the company is harnessing saying, “Before starting the business, I thoroughly researched manufacturers that would meet my selection criteria. It was of outmost importance to me that the factory is transparent, works according to high standard quality control measures and strict hygienic rules,” she insures us. “We produce by demand. Doing so, lessens the chances of overproduction and energy waste.”

Bellemere high quality and ethical standards take the lead  in 2021
Bellemere SS 2021 Collection

Today, various luxury fashion houses have produced apparel that focus on comfort and ease thus incorporating a new sense of assorted style into the customers wardrobe. The days of flying-high on international flights –where one would sport their Sunday’s best had already embarked on a diversion to a less polished ensemble, and desirable cashmere sets were joining the spotlight of the sophisticated traveller.

At an approachable price point and guaranteed superior quality, Bellemere has discovered the accurate technique of nonchalant poise at its finest, and no need to search any further as it says it in its name with “belle” meaning “beauty”, and beauty it is indeed. 

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