Art Review: Cerebral Exhibit NYC Ranking 10 Artists And What Big Art Buyers Can Learn From A Celebration of Human Spirit

A glimpse into 10 of America’s diverse and alternative artists perspectives

MARY REID: Temperance - 36" x 24" - Oil on Canvas - 2023 

One of my favorite activities in NYC is checking out the most extraordinary art gallery exhibitions. A successful art gallery opening night requires excellent art as well as a stellar event. Finding the perfect location and space enhances the artwork and invites an eager audience to engage with the art and the crowd. And once you add the right music and great wine, it’ll complete the recipe for a splendid time indeed.

So, where and how did it all start? The first art exhibitions opened in France and England in the 18th century. These galleries created the expectations for art and artists of the time. The most famous of these early exhibitions include The Paris Salon, which opened in 1737, and the Royal Academy in London, which opened in 1769.

Soon thereafter, smaller exhibitions began opening to display artwork. By the early 19th century, many cities housed art exhibitions. Today, the exciting events allow artists to deliver a message to their audience, teach people, raise awareness, or share new thoughts. In short, art exhibitions are vital tools used for exposure and, ultimately, sales. 

Today, the world’s biggest companies invest enormous amounts of time and funds in reputation management. The global art market has reached sales at over $30 billion. The United States is the leading art market worldwide, accounting for 42% of sales by value. Astonishingly, an estimated 90% of sales occurred in New York. That being stated, NYC galleries indeed play a crucial role since 76% of collectors use NYC galleries to purchase art. That’s why getting represented by a NYC gallery can be a life-changing experience for an artist.

There are many elements that make a grand opening. Still, the curators have stellar reputations, because they have purpose-driven strategies rooted in a tradition of serving their customers. While the authenticity of a gallery’s purpose alone improves public perception and trust – what they offer elevates their users in a way that companies may find hard to replicate – and this can drastically improve a gallery’s reputation that this is evident at opening night.

Despite art critics’ best efforts, an excellent opening demonstrates that we have much to learn from how an exhibition is put together. Equally important is how many ideologies would be represented. In short, a well-curated collection is indispensable for any successful gallery. But, producing and curating a gallery opening takes tremendous skill and creativity- not to mention physical labor. Nevertheless, it sets the stage for visual excitement and interconnectivity while helping foster relationships with art critics, bloggers, and the press. 

If you aim to attend one of the most captivating art exhibitions in NYC, one art gallery that truly stands out in terms of interest and uniqueness. The “Cerebral” art exhibition, curated by Debbie Dickinson, CEO at Debbie Dickinson Gallery, offers an exploration into the intricate depths of the human psyche, presenting the diverse and profound insights of ten visionary artists while highlighting a spectrum of perspectives from the whimsical unraveling of life’s complexities. 

As the curator of the “Cerebral” art exhibition, I am immersed in the profound and diverse reflections of ten extraordinary artists, each offering a deeply personal exploration of the human mind. From the depths of solitude to the complexities of perception, their works resonate with a shared humanity that transcends boundaries and invites introspection.” –Debbie Dickinson – Curator / Director

In the heart of Manhattan, the Cerebral Curation by Debbie Dickinson represents a diverse selection of 10 artists, including famous writer and cartoonist Anthony Haden-Guest. This expansion underscores Dickenson’s commitment to showcasing the richness and diversity of contemporary art on a global stage-online and fluid traveling exhibitions.

Joseph DeAcetis: A well-curated collection is indispensable for any successful gallery. As curator of the exhibit; explain how you brought your vision to the exhibition space? 

Debbie Dickinson: “As curator of the exhibit, I brought my vision to the exhibition space through a meticulous process that integrated my passion for science, my understanding of art, and my appreciation for innovation. Drawing from my childhood experiences and fascination with the brain, I envisioned a curated collection that would not only showcase scientific marvels but also provoke thought and inspire creativity. I carefully selected pieces that exemplified the intersection of science, art, and humanity, drawing inspiration from artists like Damian Hirst and Kenny Scharf, whose work explores the unknown and challenges perceptions. Additionally, I sought out innovative contributions from professionals like Dr. Kamran Fallanpour PhD and Dr. Lee Gause DDS, founder of the Smile Gallery. NYC , whose inventions and reinventions exemplify the transformative power of science, creativity and exploration.

In curating the exhibition, I focused on creating a cohesive narrative that guides visitors through a journey of discovery. From the layout of the space to the selection of artists and the methodology of their artworks, every aspect was thoughtfully considered to evoke curiosity and engagement. Yet give back to those in need for mental wellness and dental care for this exhibition. Each of my Exhibitions are deeply thematic of which inspiration flows through experiential situations. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, I ensured that the exhibition space not only showcased the curated collection but also provided opportunities for dialogue, education, and inspiration. Whether through guided tours, special event conversations, or inviting guest lecturers, I aimed to create an enriching and memorable experience to support all ages and backgrounds.

In essence, my role as curator was to translate my passion for science and art into a compelling and thought-provoking exhibition that transcends traditional boundaries and sparks imagination. By bringing together diverse perspectives and innovative ideas, I sought to create a space where viewers can explore, learn, and be inspired to interpret the world in new ways.


ANTHONY HADEN-GUEST: AIEEE_ 7.5 by 6.5 Ink on paper-2024

The CEREBRAL journey begins with cartoonist Anthony Haden-Guest offering a whimsical take on life’s complexities, infusing their creations with humor and imagination. Beneath the surface lies a depth of thought and insight that speaks to the universal truths of the human experience, offering moments of levity amidst the exhibition’s introspective journey.



The abstract painter Bill Buchman’s work celebrates the universal language of visual art, inviting viewers to engage with their interpretations and emotions. Each piece is a testament to the boundless creativity that resides within us all and to the power of art to transcend barriers and unite humanity.


COSMO MULLICAN: Split brain – 60″ x 48″ – Oil on Wood Panel – 2024 

New to the gallery, Cosmo Mullican delves into the complexities of the human psyche, unveiling the hidden facets of self in works like “3 Faces” and “Scream.” Drawing from personal experiences, they confront the isolating nature of consciousness and the enigmatic phenomenon of split-brain syndrome. Through their art, these paintings seek to break down the barriers surrounding mental health, fostering empathy and understanding.


DAVID RICHARDSON: Milk Jar with Spring Flowers – 30″ x 20″ – Oil on Canvas – 2023

Meanwhile, the surreal floral still life series by David Richardson captivates viewers with compositions that straddle the line between symmetry and chaos. Through vibrant hues and intricate forms, they explore the interplay of light and shape, inviting contemplation of the conceptual asymmetry of the world.



The abstract work by Evan Sebastian Lagache features Bishop 1 and Bishop 2, named from moves by the chess pieces. Starting with two, black or white, both pieces move the same way but never make the same moves. Apex is a primal expression of a mental fight for survival. It was created in one sitting to release bottled emotions after losing a close friend.


FRANK MANN: Light Vehicle, 34 x 30, Oil on Canvas, 2020, $14,000

In contrast, the visionary artist Frank Mann embarks on a visual exploration of perception in their “Oculus” series. Drawing from scientific understanding and imaginative interpretation, they externalize the abstract processes of the mind, challenging viewers to reconsider their sense of reality.


MARC BOUWER: Look What You Did – 36 x 36 inches – Oil on Canvas – 2023

The portrait painter Marc Bouwer eschews realism to capture expressions that evoke unique emotional responses. Through his “Facial Recognition” series, he invites viewers to create their own stories and scenarios, engaging intellect and emotion equally. The surreal still-life painter enters the conversation, challenging viewers with compositions that disrupt traditional notions of symmetry. His works, characterized by “just-awkward-enough” asymmetry, stimulate the brain and invite contemplation of the conceptual asymmetry of the world.


MARY REID: Temperance – 36″ x 24″ – Oil on Canvas – 2023 –“Virtues” series.

Next, we encounter Mary Reid, whose “Virtues” series offers a contemporary reinterpretation of timeless concepts. Inspired by Botticelli’s masterpieces, her vibrant paintings challenge societal norms and empower viewers to question the status quo. Through her exploration of virtues, she sparks conversations about mental wellness and self-care, fostering a deeper understanding of the human experience.


RICK SECEN: Light in the City – 42″ x 32″ – Oil on Canvas – 2024 – 

Brooklyn-based artist Rick Secen whose transition from film to oil painting infuses his figurative works with a cinematic quality. Through scenes bathed in light, he navigates the dichotomy of solitude and privilege, inviting viewers to contemplate the intricacies of their existence. His narrative-driven approach serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of mental health awareness, a theme that resonates throughout the exhibition.


TINA SALVESEN: State of Becoming Conscious 22 x28

Finally, we encounter the meditator Tina Salvesen, whose works exist in a realm between consciousness and dreamlike state. Through ethereal forms and fluid imagery, they capture the ongoing dance of reality, inviting viewers to lose themselves in the beauty of the present moment.

Gallery openings are one of the art world’s most essential and characteristic elements. You want people to be talking about your show, and you want them to be excited to see it. The foremost way to do this is to ensure that your venue is judicious and that your artwork is extraordinary and rare. The best approach to making an art exhibit successful is to raise interest so that people will attend the opening event. At any great exhibition, the energy is upbeat, and the artwork is thrilling and new. Everyone has high hopes for successful sales and favorable evaluations from the artist to people in the gallery world. 

Today, many collectors seek artists with a new perspective – especially when buying art for the most well-regarded businesses in the world. 

As visitors navigate the exhibition, they are invited to embark on a journey of self-discovery guided by the diverse perspectives of ten visionary artists. Together, their works illuminate the complexities of the human mind and offer glimpses of beauty and truth in an ever-changing world.

Cerebral” is more than just an exhibition—it’s a celebration of the human spirit and a call to action for a brighter, healthier future. As visitors step back out into the world, they carry with them the memories of the artworks they have encountered and a deeper understanding of the importance of mental and dental wellness for us all.“-Debbie Dickinson – Curator / Director

This show is in alliance with Dr. Lee Gause, DDS founder of Smile Gallery NYC. in support of those in need of Dental Care and also benefits brian rehabilitation and treatment at the Brian Fitness Foundation with Dr. Kamran Fallenpour PHD.

©Cerebral Curation by Debbie Dickinson

Debbie Dickinson Gallery – Curator / Director

Email: edentpr@gmail.comCell: 917-622-8136

©Curation by Debbie Dickinson

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