Alexander McQueen Launches The Curve Bag In 2021

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Alexander mcqueen launches the curve bag in 2021

For the launch of Alexander McQueen’s S/S 2021 collection, the rapidly growing company presents a new design of a desired accessory, The Curve Bag. As a sector which fashion houses rely on for firm financial existence, it is essential to produce designs that take a position of residence with the sight of permanent longevity. Forcing the creative expertise to reach new heights, accessories are a fundamental avenue to obtain expansion and growth.

Continuously in keeping with the houses pride of holding court in London where it was founded in 1992, the construction of The Curve Bag mocks the notions of the River Thames which is a focal point in the houses newly launched collection. This is displayed in the haunting film that was released in the recent months titled First Light, expressing a gripping and visceral narrative honoring the eerie essence of McQueen himself.

Alexander mcqueen launches the curve bag in 2021
Alexander McQueen Launches The Curved Bag In 2021

With a 360-degree peripheral assembly, the product exhibits an array of inspired elements that complete the bags lyrical depth of design. On a tangent from the choppy waves of the flighty river, the harness silhouette is a reminiscent motif that was inherited from the early days of the company and a noble stance of character that is continually endorsed over the years. Available in an eclectic range of colors varying from red, green and blue, it provides a universal palate of options.

Parallel to the use of eccentric colors, the house keeps in tune with the fitting use of black throughout all products, seemly representing Alexander’s apparent fascination with a darker world. Striking and bold, their display of textures with a monochromatic color elevate Sarah Burtons designs that devise an intricate manipulation of materials elevating her skills to further lengths.

Alexander mcqueen launches the curve bag in 2021
Alexander McQueen Launches The Curved Bag In 2021

McQueen truly proves its creative worth in the world of luxury fashion with a clear trajectory to break limits of not only pure simplistic designs, but engages with the consumer to make elaborate creations with a point of difference.

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