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Crossing the Red River Series Curtis Wallin

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Crossing the Red River Series Curtis Wallin

Curtis Wallin: Crossing the Red River Series – Acrylic on Canvas – 36″x 24″ – 2022 – $6,800 

Photo of Art by:  Matt Martini – Imaginary Wave Photos.

When it comes to the art world, New York City is truly the creative haven for aspiring young artists from all over the world. And from an art-dealer’s perspective, NYC is a cutting edge place for art-dealers to pioneer great talent. But due to the exorbitant costs of gallery representation, an abundant number of gallerists have taken the safe-route by focusing on well-known established artist. More to my point, emerging artists are not yet considered well-established professionally by indicators such as major gallery representation, extensive exhibition history and awards. Art dealers are seeking artists who sustain an income derived solely from art sales and commissions. However, this safeguard can sometimes hurt the relationship between artists and dealers- one of the dynamics that power the art world forward.

In short, emerging artists are those who are early in their artistic careers but gaining momentum. Or, an artist who is well-known but having a rebirth of notable creativity. More to my point, there is no age requirement to become an emerging artist but the method of communication I am referring to typically holds true for younger millennials and Generation Z.

In fact, It is a critical juncture in their career to be able to showcase their work to be most impactful at present. The good news is that certain gallerists have shown an ability to spot on-trend talent and a willingness to take risks to display new work. One such art dealer is highlighting the new key players of the developing art scene by implementing both an online and physical business strategy which illustrates the evolving future of a vertical business model.

Since its inception, E.D. Enterprises, LLC. has been committed to encourage emerging artists who share their admiration for new ideas that range from enthusiastic enjoyment of a particular interest or activity to strong attraction in excitement or emotions towards current events and topics of our time. The company’s cutting edge program features all ages of emerging talent representing the beginning of a unique program that will encourage dialogue between art enthusiasts and artists alike by harnessing the power of their of strategic curatorial choices.

Founder Debbie Dickinson has been committed to a single mission: to encourage the new generation of artists and designers a chance to showcase their art by mixing age unknown artists with tremendous talent and museum artists. “I curated from artists that deserve attention in this industry showcasing top talent. I have multiple missions” explains Dickinson. The business strategy supports emerging artists of all ages by getting them the recognition factor while allowing new artists to debut their work alongside established professionals, think tanks and public speaking forums. In addition, each gallery opening will have a philanthropic purpose aligned to it.

As for the new generation on the horizon, Dickinson believes that the creativity of younger millennials and Gen Z (zoomers) holds immense power to express passion and sentiment for which words cannot describe. Upon viewing the opening with art curator Agata Drogowska, the fresh outlook of the selected artists peaked our interests. We couldn’t help but observe the youthful proposal and visions through their unique perspectives that passionately disrupt conventional thought. The group exhibition of seven artists of mixed ages, focuses on modern times as well as thoughts about the future.

Bryan LeBoeuf

Bryan LeBoeuf – Drawing is Love – Oil on Canvas – 49″ x 57″ – 2008 – $14,000 

E.D Enterprises supports young contemporary artists and allows them a platform to open minds to the voice of a new generation, one that is often rejected by most established galleries for various reasons. Dickinson aims to allow art collectors to purchase original works from abstract canvases to figurative paintings in a variety of styles and techniques. The international selection of work aims to help emerging artists by providing them the opportunity to showcase and sell their work.

Bryan LeBoeuf – Training Exercise – Oil on Linen – 60″ x 52″ – 2011 – $20,000 

Founded in 1997, E.D. Enterprises was formed by renowned fashion and beauty model Debbie Dickinson. Although the company specializes in gallery exhibitions and curation, it is Dickinson’s strong skill set in marketing and public relations coupled with her charming charismatic personality, that makes her openings tailor-made to the new guard in the art world. Gone are the days of stuffy gallery openings with redundant artwork and celebrity artists, the true excitement is accelerating around the voice of the younger generations and their unique representation of the modern world. A world transitioning into a point of no return.

Journalist Agata Drogowska talked to E.D Enterprises Founder Debbie Dickinson about the rewards of getting in on the ground floor, how her business strategy benefits a population of artists beyond the sphere of harsh guidelines and providing artists with an exhibition that can lead to opportunities to grow their confidence as an exhibiting artist!

Debbie Dickinson www.DickinsonGallery.com – Photo by Lomi Photography

Agata Drogowska: What is your modified strategy for gallery openings today?

E.D Enterprises Founder Debbie Dickinson: My Opening was on May 7th and will move online at Dickinson Gallery.com. On July 16th, 2022, I will be traveling to Nantucket Opening at the Hostetler

AD: In your words, what makes your gallery openings unique from the competition?

DD: I’ve come from an extensive background in Art, Fashion and Entertainment and have promoted thousands of brands. Therefore, my gallery openings operate on a vertical business strategy. In addition, what separates E.D Enterprises is that I will continue to support the artists with an e-comm model online. Unlike others galleries, I work hand-in-hand with my artists on a weekly basis. My aim is to showcase the exhibitions in Europe and exhibiting to a wider-audience. I have great passion in my work and I truly feel that this makes for a unique business model.

Tatiana Lisovskaya

Tatiana Lisovskaya – Marijuana – Acrylic on Canvas – 24″ x 24″ – 2020 – $5,000 

AD:  Having held over seventy art exhibitions, might you be able to give Style Lujo viewers here some insight on which were the most captivating exhibitions and why?

DD: Buddy Warren – Brian Morris Gallery shows were my first public relations work for Galleries and opened my eyes to curation work as I was doing that all along with special events and did not realize it. I’ve been at it for 45 years and have always had a discerning eye working with the greatest masters in film, fashion, and photography. 

I lived in Paris and often visited the Museums. In my opinion, Paris is a Museum. The first group show to launch artist Evan Sebastian Lagache at Marc Borghi and his painting was the only one that sold among contemporary greats.

X Contemporary Art Fair at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach taught me to handle major Fairs as well as Sylvia Wald Po Kim Gallery and Art on Paper Fair working with Korean Masters. The favorite I did was from soup to nuts a duo show in Palm Beach and returned to my roots as I spent many earlier years there with my family.

AD: Are all of your selected artist showcased in art galleries?

DD: Mainly half the artists in the show,  I built their careers on the business side. The others are new and I hope for them to have a great future with the gallery along with the ones that I represent.

Iran Issa Khan

Iran Issa Khan – Whirlwind – Archival Pigment Print – 36″ x 72″ – 2018 – $11,000 

AD: How did the painting titled “Training Exercise” inspire your exhibition?

DD: When I saw this painting, it captivated me because I originally thought of it as a photograph. The painter Bryan LeBoeuf is not only a unique artist but a prolific, figurative oil painter, and one of the best in the industry. He’s shown in northern Florida Museums and not recognized in the Northeast.

I chose it as the base for Influence because I realized that this painting inspires thinking that would influence beauty. I curated this because all  of the  artists have developed deep spiritual, emotional, and technical creations that have been reflected and realized through this crisis period

AD:  What inspires you as a curator?

DD: Supporting artists, sharing culture and inspiring people to create and choose to live with art and beauty instead of crisis. 

AD:  Talk for Style Lujo about why you titles this exhibition’ “Influence”

The influence is a contemporary artists point of view. It is their mind’s ability to realize the unforeseen current events during these this transitional time. The exhibition showcases artworks by working and emerging Painters, Sculptors, Art Photographers, and Mixed Media Artists in a group exhibition to demonstrate how art reflects and responds during times of dramatic social influences. You will view the compelling forces of contemporary history, it will repeat itself and there will be artists to record it in the future. On the intellectual narrative, the featured artists have been curated to show their personal art theory, observations on societal influences, and techniques in their artworks. 

Evan Sebastian Lagache

Evan Sebastian Lagache – Combustion in the Clouds – Acrylic on Canvas – 48″ x 60″ – 2019 – $16,000 

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